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Sons In The Shadow

Surviving The Family Business As An SOB*

*Son Of The Boss

With Commentary by John B. Babcock

Former CEO and Executive VP of Park Communications, Inc.


Copyright © 2012 Roy H. Park, Jr.



“Congratulations on a splendid book.  We're never done with our study of people and Park has written a great one.” – P.J. O’Rourke, Author, Peterborough, NH


“The book spoke to me because of its universality.  I believe that history will remark it as unique.” - John Siegfried, retired attorney, Cleveland, OH


We readers can all reflect on it and see ourselves in it, and better understand the elusiveness of finding the truth in human relationships.” – Roger O’Neil, London, England


“If character is forged on the anvil of adversity, Roy H. Park, Jr.’s story of compassion and accomplishment is especially compelling.” – Roger Sibley, Executive Director, Franziska Racker Centers, Ithaca, NY


“The book was a trip through self awareness.” – Dr. Frank Sparks, New Canaan, CT


“When I read Sons in the Shadow I could not put the book down.”  Louis S. Gimbel, 4th, Greenwich, CT


Sons in the Shadow is a wonderful book, written with a very daring sense of honesty.  Very moving and enjoyable read!” – Roger Fernandez, Glendale, CA




For My Wife, Mother, Children and Grandchildren,

and the Father who inspired this work.

And to my good friend and co-author, John B. Babcock, who died on April 12, 2008, just before this book was published. He dedicated this work to his late wife, Nancy, and daughters, Susan, Nancy and Jeanne.


Roy H. Park, Jr.