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About Us

Renee Stein is a Registered HUD Home Real Estate Agent for Vestlet Realty, LLC in Georgia. She is truly passionate about educating the public on the many investment opportunities to be had with HUD Homes whether you are a First Time Home Buyer or a seasoned investor, Renee can make buying a HUD home very easy for you. The key is to have the right Registered HUD Home Estate Agent on your team. Furthermore, Renee realizes that the HUD Home Buying Process can be quite confusing so she has made the process very simple and transparent to the buyer. Due to her vast knowledge and experience in the Metro Atlanta Real Estate Market, she can easily navigate you through the process of selecting and buying the right home that you are searching for. It is important to Renee to build a relationship and learn the customer’s preferences first. You will never become just another name on her Blackberry. The end result is great customer service for YOU and your family which includes helping you with sound decisions on the Home of YOUR Dreams!! Once she gets to know you and understands exactly what type of homes you are interested in, she gets right to work. She loves what she does and it shows!!! You will find out when you meet her that she is truly passionate about the real estate business, whether it is selling a HUD Home or doing a renovation. This includes working with contractors, which has resulted in giving her the needed experience and she is more than willing to share. In conclusion, nothing is more important to Renee than creating an environment of satisfaction for her customers based on her expert knowledge and passion for her HUD & Renovation business.