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Aedie Caltern Ph.D.


Aedie Caltern did her undergraduate degree in Economics but became increasingly disillusioned with typical assumptions that people were rational beings that always made the best possible decisions.  All that ever seemed to change to alter the outcome was the environment.  That just did not seem right. 

After college, she worked for  a few years in a major investment firm and became more convinced than ever that the academic models just did not fit with reality.  It was not just that people differ, but that people are different at different times.  And sometimes they make much better decisions than at other times.  If not, why would trading firms have so many rules and routines that must be followed?

Behavioural economists have long known this and so after taking foundation courses in Psychology she completed a Ph.D. on the impact of mental processes on economic decisions.  It was soon clear that some mental states were much more conducive than others.  But how to get to these places?  Which was when she came across mindfulness. 


With this background and approach, Aedie has been much in demand by top firms who recognise that good decision making at every level is a vital competitive weapon.  Nowhere is this more true than in trading.  And the same principles and processes can now be put to good use by private financial traders.