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Written by Victoria Ring, CEO
713Training.Com, LLC
developer of the Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant field

Published by 713Training.Com, LLC


© Copyright 2009 - Fifth Version – December 2009 NOT FOR RESALE

This eBook titled is NOT FOR RESALE. The author wrote this eBook solely for the purpose of providing enough introductory information about the virtual bankruptcy assistant business to help the reader make an informed decision whether to enter this field or not. If you should have any questions concerning the legal Copyright permission in relation to the distribution of this eBook, or to report a copyright violation, please contact:


“I have researched as well as participated in many different work-athome programs. But the virtual bankruptcy assistant business is the only REAL home business I have found. It truly is a home business that has the potential to make real money, and a lot of it.

After purchasing Victoria Ring’s virtual bankruptcy assistant training materials, I started my own business and currently have three attorney clients. Thank you Victoria for all you do for the industry. I recommend your products to anyone who is looking for a real, home based business.”

JoAnn Sessom


Lakewood, Colorado


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