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How to

Quickly Get Visitors

to your Validation landing Page


it out. For any other info and requests regarding this

This ebook was written exclusively for the App Idea

license just contact and

Validation course, but it’s licensed under the Creative

check here for updates.

Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives

4.0 International License. That means that it can be freely shared, but never for monetary compensation and

only as-is (can’t be modified). So you can send it to your email subscribers, neighbours, moms, and imaginary

friends as long as it’s free of charge. If you want to be

super-nice however, please direct people to this page

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If you’re looking to add this ebook to your digital

product as, say, a bonus please contact me and we’ll sort


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About the Author

Heidi Pungartnik is a designer, speaker, and an online

entrepreneur. She started working in the design industry

5 years ago. In 2013, she final y decided to follow her

other passion, entrepreneurship, and attended her first

Startup Weekend. Her team had no developers on board,

but they still won the first prize with ThoughtProvoker


Since then, she’s determined to teach and inspire

more people to start their own businesses, as well

as demonstrate the value of design in innovation,

marketing, and sales.

Follow her on Twitter and check out Design for



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About Design for Founders

About App idea Validation course

Design for Founders promotes a different approach This ebook constantly refers to the The App Idea

to business – a design-driven approach. We explore

Validation course. In case you’re not yet a student there: conversions, marketing, idea validation, and even

it teaches how to refine, present, and even sell a mobile

building a product without writing code.

or web app - or even another digital product, like an

ebook or a course, before even producing it.

Solopreneurs, internet marketers, bootstrapping startup

founders, app and web developers, ebook authors, and

Within a single weekend, students learn to design a

‘side-projecteers’ are all invited to a startup party where MVP (minimal viable product), build a landing page,

development takes second place and is being replaced by

and start collecting pre-orders for their ideas. This way, lean business methodologies.

people with app ideas can avoid wasting time and money

on ideas that don’t work. For more info click here.


page: 4


So you’ve finished the App Idea Validation course and

products. In fact, you might waste a lot of money paying

you’ve ideal y ended up with a landing page. But your

advertisements for landing pages in newsletters. As I

work is not done yet! This ebook will list the best ways

always point out, you’ll need to test what works for you -

to quickly drive traffic to your validation landing page,

and this ebook will guide you through ideas.

all of which I’ve personal y used. They are sorted into


free and paid ones, but you’ll notice that paid methods

are much more effective. I think it will prove itself that Let’s refocus. What is the purpose of a validation landing investing a $100 into advertising can be of great help in


accelerating the validation process. You can even lower

Wel , first of all it is used to determine if there’s enough this investment with AdWords and Facebook coupons demand for the particular app idea to start developing

(just search the web!).

it. As I’ve discussed in the course, exactly how many

Mind you, not all of the methods described in this

pre-orders you need to collect will vary by the app’s

ebook are suitable for normal landing pages of

characteristics like its price and end development costs.


page: 5

General y, there is no golden rule about this - but if

audience. That means that first of al , you need to define during the validation period you only make 3 sales of a

your target market. Think about who your customers $.99 app that’s a pretty good indicator that the idea is not are. Are they male or female (or neither)? How old? How

going to work.

tech-savy? What sites do they use? etc.

But we have not yet discussed another purpose of these

With these assumptions, it will become a lot easier

landing pages and that is - to get worded feedback.

to find and select the best social networks, sites, and

Friends have already given you their opinions, but you’ll

newsletters to advertise or guest post in.

need to reach further - and internet will definitely help

So before we continue, please take 10 minutes to

you out (whether you like it or not). See chapter Posting

elaborate on who exactly is your ideal customer. Draw

in Online Communities for more.

a picture or find a photo of him or her and list all the


relevant characteristics (here’s a list that may come in handy!).

An omnipresent idea of this ebook is targeting the right


page: 6


Keyword is a word or a phrase that internet users input into search engines to find information.

Here is a small glossary of less known words that appear

in this ebook:

Validation landing page (VLP) is a landing page built with the purpose of finding out how much demand is

Target audience is a specific group of people within there for an idea. It features the idea in the form of a

the target market at which a product or the marketing

simple minimal viable product.

message of a product is aimed at.

Post-validation stage is the process following a

Conversion rate is the proportion of visits to a website (successful) validation - normal y marketing and

who take action (e.g. make a purchase) to go beyond a

product development.

casual content view or website visit.

Niche (market) is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused (by price point, target

audience, product quality, ...).


page: 7

PAiD metHoDs

Pros: Targeted, effective, relatively cheap

Paid search

Cons: Time to learn

Then, you can dive right in to advertising with

AdWords and other paid search channels are the

AdWords. If you’re a rookie, here’s how it works: when ultimate tool for driving traffic to your validation

a web user types a phrase into Google, such as “how to

landing page. In validation stages you want quick results, fix a computer at home”, I can target them specifical y

so it makes more sense to pay for the most targeted

and display them an ad linking to my validation landing

visitors and see where that gets you. And what is more

page. But I only pay when a user clicks on it (because of

targeted than people who are already searching for a

the PPC - Pay Per Click model)! Another great bonus is

solution to their problem?

that when visitors leaves my landing page, I can display

I suggest you set up an AdWords account and learn how

them my ads again them to bring them back and get

you can use it for free to find out how many searches of them to buy (retargeting).

your phrase are made each month. This process is called

Obviously, there is much more to it, but I’d just waste

keyword research and it’s a very useful skill to have in space here if I went into details. If you’re interested, head online marketing.

on over here for an official walkthrough with videos.

Paid Methods

page: 9

Pros: Highly targeted, PPC pricing (=cheap)

social media Ads

Cons: None that I can think of

Advertising is where social media real y makes money.

With tons of personal information users are willing to

share, targeting users by their age, gender, location, and even likes has became super-easy, rather cheap, and


Probably the best place to start SN advertising is on

Facebook since it’s so easy to set up. Other channels include Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, etc., make sure to select the right networks that your target audience

surely uses.

Apart from “go advertise on social networks” this is all I have to say about the topic.

Paid Methods

page: 10

Pros: Fixed price, ability to advertise on large sites Display Advertising

Cons: Non-targeted, can be ineffective and expensive Since I am mentioning all other advertising methods

to banner-blindness. Just guessing here, but maybe more I feel like I have to talk about display ads as wel , even design-based products would perform a little bit better

though they’re not as effective for validation landing

in banner advertising.

pages. Let me explain why.

If you’re still not discouraged to use display advertising, Display advertising is in its core very close to offline,

check out BuySel Ads and select a site.

real-world advertising. You buy an ad space on a site,

upload your small picture (a banner), and hope that

people will click through to your page. Usual y, this

advertising is paid per impression (every time your

banner is displayed) or per month (depending on

how many monthly visitors that particular site gets).

Especial y in niches frequented by more tech-savy

people, this type of marketing is highly ineffective due

Paid Methods

page: 11

Pros: Targeted if chosen wel , good quality traffic solo Ads

Cons: None that I can think of

Solo ads is just marketing jargon for advertising in

from a list of 10.000 of random people from all over the

newsletters. If carried out correctly, they can convert


very wel , but they might be more suitable for post-validation stages (building an email list and the likes).

Keep in mind however, that solo ads (just like any other

type of ads for that matter) don’t just work regardless. Be sure to do your research and find the right provider that

will actual y expose your ad to your target audience. You

will be better off finding the right sites and lists yourself instead of trusting agencies to do it.

Yet again, what you want is quality, not quantity. You will get a lot better results from a list of 500 people who are all very interested in your (app) idea or the niche than

Paid Methods

page: 12

Free metHoDs

Pros: Trust=sales, getting first-hand, worded feedback social Profiles

Cons: Needs existing following of target audience

For this method, you’ll need to have an existing

about promoting anything. But when you manage to

following. Building social profiles and attracting valuable build relationships with people, the conversion rates will followers is a complex topic that we can’t address in this go through the roof!

ebook, but for validation purposes, it wouldn’t even be

The beauty of social media lies in the direct


communication between you and your customers - not

Once you do have the right followers that might be

only will you be able to make sales, you will directly

interested in your idea, you can start careful y promoting converse with your customers and get first-hand

your landing page and collecting their responses. Mostly,

feedback on your idea.

people are happy to see that their friends have produced

something new, but be careful to avoid spamming them

with links. As Gary Vaynerchuck says in his latest book

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, your social media profiles must continual y provide tons of value before you even think

Free Methods

page: 14

Pros: Trust=sales, can be more direct, can get you referrals Word of mouth

Cons: Possible relationship damage

Friends can be a valuable source of feedback, but it

must be taken with a grain of salt. A much better way

of leveraging your friends’ enthusiasm is by asking

them to buy your product. Sure, you can give them a

small discount, but they still need to hand you the cash,

just like everyone else. An step-by-step example of this

approach can be observed in the AppSumo’s video here

and of course, in the App Idea Validation course.

Just keep in mind that you’re not supposed to intimidate

your friends into buying your thing; if they don’t want to buy, at least you have a less biased feedback.

Free Methods

page: 15

Pros: Quality traffic, builds authority and relationships Guest Blogging

Cons: Takes lots of time and work

Guest blogging continues to be one of the most efficient If you’re confident that your writing will get published

ways of online marketing. While it may not get you tons

on big blogs, go pitch them. I can tell from experience

of traffic right away, this traffic will be highly targeted - if that unless you’re at least somewhat of an authority in

the blog you’re writing for is chosen careful y.

the niche, you won’t get a post published. But no worries

so, where to find blogs?

- pitching small blogs can work as wel .

One way to find these small blogs is by checking

First, simply google your niche. For my computer-fixing

comments under posts on large blogs. You’ll likely find

app from the course, I would search for “computer

owners of smaller blogs adding their two cents there -

fixing” and come up with large blogs like Lifehacker,

click through to their sites to see if your content would

MalwareTips, and TechRepublic. I’ll check those out

be a good fit.

and read posts’ headlines so I know what they’re writing

about. Chances are, if large blogs are writing about it, it The key is quality over quantity. Discover if blogs have a must be popular.

responsive audience and enough following. Also make

Free Methods

page: 16

sure to ask the owner in advance if it’s ok to promote

your landing page with the post.

Of course, you can outsource writing posts by hiring

a freelancer - I use oDesk for finding talents. It’s worth mentioning that many blogs also accept paid

submissions, meaning that your article can get published

somewhere for a fee paid on your part.

Free Methods

page: 17

Pros: Effective, but long-time strategy

Being mentioned

Cons: Takes time

Being mentioned refers to a large site or an authority in

Without personal y knowing someone from a large blog,

the niche featuring your project. It is extremely effective you’ll never stand out. That is just the cold reality of

since careful y selected authorities and blogs already

startups. Unless you have a truly revolutionary idea, that have the access to the audience you’re trying to reach,

is. But not all is lost. Here are some ideas:

and on top of that, the audience trusts them. Remember

If you happen to have the right kind of friends, ask

what we said in the Validation course about trust?

around if anyone can help you get a foot in the door.

A common mistake that noob startup owners do is

Follow the sites and editors on social media, then start

expecting to get featured on sites like Co.Design by just casual y retweeting/replying/commenting on their

emailing their editors. The thing is, they get a ton of

posts. Chances are if they see your name a couple of

emails like this every day and so you are just a drop in

times, they will be more inclined to read your email.

the ocean of requests. So, how can you stand out if you

Remember, there are real people even behind large sites.

can’t pay for expensive PR firm? The answer is, build

Make friends!


Free Methods

page: 18

Or, attend a conference and chat up somebody from the

press. You don’t need to become their best friend - just

make sure that they remember your name. Pitching

them your projects will be a whole lot easier from then


These techniques seem like a lot of work, but if you’re

looking to be an entrepreneur, making connections with

the press will definitely help you in the future. If you’re interested in modern-day PR, I recommend you read the

book Trust Me, I’m Lying.

Free Methods

page: 19

Pros: Easy, instant, can be targeted

online communities

Cons: Shor-term, traffic can be low-quality

If I needed to pick the best free method from this ebook,

useful content there. If someone has a question you

posting in online communities would be it. Even though

can answer, do it. If you can add to a blog post that has

it’s a short-term strategy, it’s probably the easiest way to been written, write a comment. Blog owners, forum

get traffic relatively fast and so it’s perfect for validation administrators, and community members will quickly

landing pages.

pick up on the fact

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