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Jerry Byler

FREE BONUS! Kicking Your Income Into Overdrive

Thus far, I have been discussing giving away Vacation Certificates directly to consumers and also marketing Vacation Certificates to various businesses.

The Vacation Certificates each have a processing fee of $24.95 that consumers mail in with their Certificate in order to receive their Hotel Reservation Form. You earn $10.00 for each Certificate redeemed. We print checks twice per month on the 15th and the last day of the month. They are put into the mail on the next day.

NOW, I want to share with you about how YOU can earn a lot of money on the BACK-END. Here is how this back-end program works:

When a consumer redeems a Vacation Certificate, we send them their Hotel Reservation Form, their two free bonuses ($1,000.00 Restaurant Coupons Certificate and $1,000.00 Supermarket Coupons Certificate) and a thank you letter.

Along with the items above, we also enclose FIVE ADDITIONAL VACATION CERTIFICATES FREE WITH YOUR DISTRIBUTOR NUMBER ON THEM!! This gives YOU an excellent opportunity to earn an additional $50.00!!

Let me explain.

A person that redeems their Vacation Certificate is excited about receiving their information and reward. They have probably told OTHER PEOPLE about it. This works in your favor.

The letter tells the consumer to give the five Vacation Certificates away to their relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. And the truth is... most of them will do just that (because they are EXCITED about their reward)!

Then, many of those people will redeem their Vacation Certificate too (because the person who gave it to them REDEEMED theirs and basically ENDORSED it) and YOU earn $10.00 for every one of those Certificates redeemed too!

There is NO work and NO expense for you to benefit from this Bonus Program. We print the five Vacation Certificates free, we print your Distributor Number on each one free and we pay the postage in mailing them. You reap the benefit by earning $10.00 on each one of these Certificates redeemed also!

And everyone who redeems their Vacation Certificate (given to them by your customer) we simply REPEAT the process!! They also receive a thank you letter with five additional Vacation Certificates with your Distributor Number on them. This makes the program self-perpetuating... it keeps going and going, with your income going higher and higher!
For example, if 100 Vacation Certificates are redeemed with your Distributor Number on them, in addition to paying you $1,000.00 in commissions… we will send out 5 new Vacation Certificates for each one redeemed (5 x 100 = 500). Now you have 500 additional Vacation Certificates with your Distributor Number printed on all of them without you doing anything. And you will be paid $10.00 on each one redeemed as well.

If 200 Vacation Certificates are redeemed, you will have an additional 1000 Certificates in circulation for you free of charge. If only 20% are redeemed, that means 200 are redeemed and 5 new Certificates goes out or another 1000 total. Another 20% are redeemed and another 1000 go out, over and over, again and again!

All you have to do is take the first step… order a supply of Vacation Certificates… and get going! Order and distribute your first order of Vacation Certificates with your Distributor Number on them. You may order as few as 100 but 1000 Certificates will get you going fast.

In this manual, I have given you everything you need to begin an exciting part time business on a shoestring, working from the comfort of your home that could quickly and easily blossom into a very large income, and making all your financial dreams come true! There’s only one thing left for you to do... GO FOR IT!!

Company Policies and Procedures

1. A Distributor is not an agent, employee or legal representative of Info Now. A Distributor is an Independent Contractor or Agent and as such, agrees to pay any and all local, state and federal taxes incurred in the course of his/her business as a Distributor for Info Now. Distributors may not use the proprietary trade name or trademarks of Info Now.

2. Distributors agree to make no statements, claims, representations or warranties regarding Info Now, which are not contained in promotional materials or products offered by Info Now.

3. Info Now is a national company dedicated to serving the needs of its Distributors and its customers.


4. Info Now assigns no exclusive territories or rights to any Distributor. Distributors are free to distribute Certificates anywhere in the United States of America.


5. Info Now agrees to pay to Distributors in the amount of $10.00 for each Certificate redeemed.

6. Distributors agree not to copy, sell or reveal any of the marketing information contained in the Distributors Manual to any person or company that may compete with Info Now in any way. To do so would violate the copyright of Info Now and violators would be subject to prosecution.

7. The income of an Info Now Distributor is solely determined upon his/her own effort and no representation of guaranteed earnings has been made, expressed or implied.

8. Info Now reserves the right to increase or decrease the prices for Vacation Certificate Redemptions, or any other material with a 30 day notice to active Distributors.

9. Info Now will give first notice to active Distributors of new Certificates to distribute. An active Distributor is defined as someone who generates Certificate Redemptions of $100.00 per month or more.

10. Info Now’s Distributors agree to conduct themselves in a professional and dignified manner at all times using sound business and accounting practices. Distributors further agree to undertake no transactions that do not benefit all whom it affects.

11. Info Now reserves the right to terminate the Distributorship of any person or persons without further compensation if he, she or they send Spam over the Internet using Company materials or claiming to represent Info Now. 12. Understanding of and adherence to these policies and procedures is a requirement to act as an Info Now Distributor. Failure to follow these polices and procedures would result in the termination of the Distributors Distributorship and without further compensation.

By implementing your Distributorship, you agree that you have read and will comply with Info Now’s policies and procedures.
To order an initial supply of Vacation Certificates with your Distributor Number printed on them, please print out and use the order form on the last page in this Manual. Camera-ready copies of all letters and forms are sent free of charge with your first order.
Letters And Forms

Here, you will find samples of all the letters and forms you will need in conducting your business.


“Want More Customers” Sales Letter - Form A


“Want More Sales” Sales Letter - From B


“Need More Money” Sales Letter - Form C


“Want More Subscribers” Sales Letter - Form D


“Want More Members” Sales Letter - Form E


“How Does The Vacation Certificate Program Work” Brochure - Form Z


“Here Is What Our Current Clients Use The Certificates For” Brochure - Form P Vacation Certificates Order Form - Form O

Want More Customers” Sales Letter - Form A

You will find this letter on the next 2 pages. It is also Form A.

You may send this letter and solicit orders from businesses anywhere in the United States! You may choose to target specific business categories such as car dealers or target all types of businesses.

When you print this letter, sign your name in blue ink on the second page. Then fold in thirds with the headline out (showing).