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Terms and Conditions


The Publisher has strived to be as accurate and complete as possible

in the creation of this report, notwithstanding the fact that he does

not warrant or represent at any time that the contents within are

accurate due to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet.

While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in

this publication, the Publisher assumes no responsibility for errors,

omissions, or contrary interpretation of the subject matter herein.

Any perceived slights of specific persons, peoples, or organizations

are unintentional.

In practical advice books, like anything else in life, there are no

guarantees of income made. Readers are cautioned to reply on their

own judgment about their individual circumstances to act


This book is not intended for use as a source of legal, business,

accounting or financial advice. All readers are advised to seek services

of competent professionals in legal, business, accounting and finance


You are encouraged to print this book for easy reading.

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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1:

Owning Your Own Business Basics

Chapter 2:

How To Maximize Passive Income Earnings

Chapter 3:

Earn More The Freelance Way

Chapter 4:

Run Your Business Like A Money Tool

Chapter 5:

Ways To Earn More But Work Less

Chapter 6:

Home Based Business Challenges

Chapter 7:

Why Am I Not Seeing The Money

Wrapping Up

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Striking out to be the boss of your own business may seem like an

adventure with its own excitements attached to it. And for the less

experienced and excited individuals jumping in head on, thinking

that all will work itself out for the best is to be expected. Get all the

info you need here.

Earning Equilibrium

Getting The Most Out Of Your Business Venture

- 6 -


Chapter 1:

Owning Your Own Business Basics


For the discerning few who are really serious about making a success

of the business foray, understanding the importance of planning and

studying the matter, before actually making the commitment is

something they diligently practice.

- 7 -

The Basics

The following are some of the tips that the discerning individual

usually takes note of before entering into his or her own business:

Having some experience in the field chosen for the business foray

would be an advantage that will always prove to be useful. Some

prior knowledge of the ins and outs of the intended business styles

will allow the individual to best asses and evaluate all the

components that will be part of the business exercise. Going in

blind and “winging it” will most definitely produce disastrous

results. Prior knowledge and experience will also allow the

individual to make changes and incorporate new styles and tactics

that could produce better results.

Drawing up a few business plans and then going over each one

separately and with an open mind, is another exercise that will

help the individual make the best choices for the business. Using

as much information as possible from sources that have tried and

true successful formulas should eventually bring forth a suitably

successful business plan.

Raising money for the business can be a rather tricky and

exhausting exercise to go through. However with a good business

plan to show, the individual would not only seem confident but

would also be respected for the views and initiatives shown.

- 8 -


Chapter 2:

How To Maximize Passive Income Earnings


Firstly there are several ways to create a passive income but learning

to get most out of this style of income can sometimes be challenging

or not totally explored at all. These incomes are mainly derived from

sources where there is limited or no work put in, on the individual’s


The following are some ways of creating passive income and how to

get the best out of them:

- 9 -


Stocks and bonds are a popular way to invest and can be considered

as passive income. If there is capital available, without incurring any

interests, such funds should be diverted to the purchase of suitable

and strongly featured stocks and bonds. Some of these may pay out

dividends periodically while for others using them as an investment

where the eventual said stocks or bonds are sold at profitable prices.

There is very little hands on requirements especially when there are

appointed parties acting on the stock owner’s behalf.

Inventing something that is useful can also be one way of generating

passive income. This is even more lucrative if the invention catches

the interest of bigger established companies, who may consider

paying huge sums of money to acquire the rights to such inventions.

There is also the other revenue earning possibility where the

individual would be able to get a percentage of every sale made of the

said invention. The passive income here however would depend

largely on how effectively the invention was advertised and sold.

Passive income from property rentals is also another good area to tap

into. Owning property and collecting rentals have long been a very

viable means of creating healthy incomes. Even though in some cases

the rentals generated may not be of the desired amount, the income

nonetheless is something that does not have to be worked for.

- 10 -


Chapter 3:

Earn More The Freelance Way


Using the freelance platform to earn money can be a very profitable

exercise if it is properly managed. There are several ways to increase

the earning of the freelance revenue earning capacity.

The following are some of these ways that should be considered for

the earning merits:

- 11 -

Get More

Increasing the levels of productivity would be one of the more obvious

ways that can be exercised to garner more income. The attractive

feature that often draws people to the freelance way of generating

income would be in terms of the time frame commitment, which is

supposed to be non committal.

However most would soon learn that putting in more time eventually

means enjoying more earnings. Thus the myth of little time invested

brings huge income is definitely furthest from the truth for most


Another way to earn more is to increase the skills capabilities of the

individual. With increased skill the individual is able to offer an even

more attractive package to the potential client thus effectively

elimination the competition.

This will also impress the prospective client enough to consider

awarding the contract to the said freelance individual. One of the

most important ways is to stay relevant and knowledgeable and be

constantly updating and keeping abreast with the latest technologies,

tools and information pertaining to the services offered.

Learning how to outsource work to others is something that should be

considered as this will not only allow the individual to enjoy passive

income but will also allow the individual to take on more work thus

- 12 -


effectively generating more income. However if this style is utilized

the individual would have to ensure the quality of the work

outsourced is always up to the standards required by the client.

Failing to ensure this could cost the freelancer the account and effect

his or her credibility status in the market.

- 13 -


Chapter 4:

Run Your Business Like A Money Tool


Anyone starting a business usually does so with the intention of

generating a sizeable income that can be enjoyed over a long period of

time. Ideally after the initial effort and nurturing of the business

entity, it should automatically continue to generate the desired

income for the business owner.

In order to ensure the business generated the intended revenue there

are several steps that should be taken and the following are some

recommendations to achieve this:

- 14 -

Running Your Business

Constantly sourcing for newer and more innovative tools that will

enhance the business in anyway should be explored. This will help

to ensure the business is kept relevant and updated all the time

which in turn will impress both existing clients and new

prospective clients. However all this should be done with minimal

investing costs so as not to incur possible debts which would then

defeat the purpose of trying to garner more profits.

Exploring all tax reliefs and exemptions will also contribute to less

money going out of the company and more money directed to the

profits. There are a lot of tax incentive programs and all the

business owner would have to do, would either be to make an

effort to acquire such information or to hire someone who will be

able to provide informed and expert advice on such tax saving


Keeping proper records and following budgeting plans and

business plans formulated, that were carefully designed to garner

optimum profits would not only eventually bring about such

desired results but may also get noticed by those who may be

looking for businesses to invest in or to buy out. Thus by having a

well run and profitable business entity the possibilities of being

approached for buy outs or partial investing opportunities should

be one of the factors that motivates the business owner.

- 15 -


Chapter 5:

Ways To Earn More But Work Less


This basically means letting the money work for the individual rather

than the individual chasing the money by working ridiculously long

hours for little income possibilities.

The following are some tips on how to earn more through less work:

- 16 -

Less Work

Outsourcing work is always a popular choice when it comes to

earning money with less effort put in. The idea here is to get

someone else to do the bulk of the work for a smaller fee while

taking the main fee and credit for the job.

However the individual would have to keep close tabs on the

quality of the work out sourced to ensure the client eventually

receives what they initially commissioned for.

Setting up a business with low financial commitments and getting

others to be involved in the daily running of it would be another

way of generating income without actually having to put in the

hours or effort to make the business a success.

Occasional monitoring would be the only commitment the

individual would have to make. This investment style is very

popular and often referred to as the “sleeping partner”.

However in most cases the relevant basic research would have

been done in order to establish the viability of the business

endeavor before actually committing to such a business style.

Making use of internet tools to create visibility for blogging sites

and other interactive platforms will also garner revenue earning

- 17 -


interest in the site. These earnings can come from different

sources, most of which would be from those interested in

advertising their own sites as links to high traffic volume sites.

There are also tools available on the internet that can generate

continued income for the individual once the initial set up and

visibility is effectively created. For those who are internet savvy

this platform of earning with less work is an attractive feature to


- 18 -


Chapter 6:

Home Based Business Challenges


Starting a home based business for some, may be a very attractive

option and worth exploring. However without the right tools and

mindset, this can actually turn into a debt riddle nightmare instead of

the money churning entity desired.

The following are some of the more common challenges most home

based businesses are faced with:

- 19 -

Great Info

If the business is a internet based one then the home business owner

may experience difficulties in getting his or her site visible enough to

be recognized by the search engines.

If the keywords that ensure this recognition exercise are not used,

then the individual faces the prospect of not being able to acquire

ideal rankings, thus resulting in poor traffic interest in the site.

Working from home sometimes does not provide the ideal platform

for interaction with other business individuals. This can become a

negative factor as this lack of interaction could eventually result in the

individual becoming less informed and socially capable.

Issues such as self confidence and conversational skills can be

severely compromised thus leaving the individual feeling quite inapt.

Working from home can be quite distracting and this will leave the

individual with little time and energy to actually focus on the tasks

that pertain to the actual business progress if any.

Although in some cases conscious efforts are made to separate the

home environment from that of the business entity, it is usually easier

said than done. Most often the individual is automatically called on

without hesitation when home related emergencies come up thus not

really respecting the hone business boundaries supposedly in place.

Concentration issues are also another area that is constantly a

challenge, for the individual with the home based business. With so

- 20 -


many distractions like leisure activities, outdoor interest, children,

chores and any other non work related activities prevalent, the lack of

disciple would not be able to prevent the individual from occasional

indulgences which may eventually evolve into habits.:

- 21 -


Chapter 7:

Why Am I Not Seeing The Money


The following are some recorded popular reasons why most home

business owner attest to never actually making significant money:

- 22 -

What’s Happening

Starting a home based business for the wrong reasons is one of the

most popular laments that will eventually procure failure. Most

people think or idolize the home business set up and don’t really

understand the complexities it entails, thus eventually designing a

structure that is not only incompatible but also not conducive for

business purposes. This would be the first step towards the eventual

downfall of the business.

Without positive attitudes such as physical fitness, passion and love

for the concept the intended business entity is built around, drive,

determination to succeed, the ability to thrive on independence and

individuality and of course not forgetting the very important element

of skill, the future of a perceived successful and thriving business

entity is unlike to unfold.

Poor management is also another reason why real money is not seen

through the home business venture. Not having proper budget plans

and business plans can be very destructive, as it would mean that the

individual is operating the business without any proper structure and

discipline, both of which are essential tools for successful businesses.

Insufficient capital is also another contributing feature to the lack of

revenue realization. This is why there is a need for proper finances

and budgeting plans to be in place before the business actually

launches. Starting without proper budgeting will create chaotic and


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