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Welcome to Day Trading The Financial Markets – Strategies & Secrets Revealed! I hope that you are excited to discover the secrets that the successful traders are using every day to build portfolios that even the most seasoned trader would be proud to own. After finishing this book, you will be armed with the information that you need to build your own successful portfolio. I have laid it out in a simple to understand format that is easy to follow.

In the following chapters you will learn the difference between the traditional Stock Market and the Forex Market. You will begin the process of understanding the market trends and statistics. I say begin to understand them because it will be constantly changing and something that you will be continuously learning and developing as you become more experienced in the process. You will discover why technical analysis is so important and how to use it to make the best trading decisions that you possibly can. 

This eBook will show you the best ways to determine your strategy and allow you to manage your risks by showing you ways to manage your money. I am also going to show you why 90% of traders lose their shirts, and how the other 10% WIN consistently. This information alone is worth triple the price of what could have been charged for this eBook! I highly recommend that you grab your favorite drink, sit back and read this book thoroughly. Then read it again and take notes. You may even want to print it out for future reference it is that good and well worth the ink and paper.   

Let's get down to business!