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A Practical Guide to Best Practice for Business-to-Business (B2B) Customer Satisfaction Surveys by John Coldwell & Howard Plomann - HTML preview

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Best Practice in B2B Customer Satisfaction Surveys A Practical Guide


1. Definition of B2B

2. Budgeting for a B2B Customer Satisfaction Survey

3. Best Practice for Obtaining Feedback

4. Skewed and Balanced Response Options

5. “Totally Satisfied” - Defined

6. How to Increase Response Rates

7. Choosing Your Most Important Customers

8. Deciding What to Ask

9. Getting Your Senior Team Involved – Manager's Predictions

10. Benchmarks and Your Results

11. Selling More to Existing Customers – Increased Share of Wallet

12. Using the Feedback – Prioritising Action Plans & To Do Lists

13. NPS – The Net Promoter Score

14. Dealer Surveys

15. Appendix

A) Question Library

B) Comparison of Different Survey Methods