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Life as an Expat in the UAE can be very hectic, juggling work responsibilities, family activities, coping with frustrating traffic, overflowing To-do lists, planning for this and arranging for that....

Amongst all this do you get time to think about retirement? When was the last time you thought about it?

If you haven't thought about retirement, now is the right time, and this book by Damodhar Mata will give you all the necessary tools and motivation to plan and achieve financial independence.

In the following chapters Damodhar endeavors to simplify various financial aspects, making it easy for everyone to understand and, more importantly, put the concepts into action.

While there are many self-help books on financial success, this book is unique because it is written with a UAE resident’s financial planning needs in mind.

This excellent book is the essence of Damodhar’s experience as a Financial Advisor helping residents of the UAE to achieve their financial goals.

I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who is keen to improve their financial situation – especially if they live and work in the UAE!

All the best,

Nick Henderson
Financial Services Training & Development Director