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I wish to dedicate this e-book, and much more, to my editor and good friend Pat, without whose belief in me and constant encouragement this book would never have been published.

Thank you Pat


I also give my thanks and appreciation to the different alien species and spirit communicators who have, over the decades, given me information and opportunities to experience and see for myself there is a vast range of other realities, existences, interpenetrating our present, third dimension existence.

There are a number of images in this book that have been sourced from the internet and I am thankful to those who shared these images for all the world to see, and who have unknowingly contributed to this book.

Annette de Jonge



Part One

What Empirical Evidence is there of Alien Visitations 7

Ancient Flying Machines 11

Out-of-place-artifacts (Ooparts) 13

Chandelier of the Andes, An Anomalous Curiosity 16

Part Two

Personal Experiences of Extraterrestrial Species

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words 17

Space Craft in Religious Art 20


The Three Men in Black 25

The Lioness 27

Space Travelers Over Brampton Island, Great Barrier Reef 29

Journeyman 30

Piggybacking an Extraterrestrial 31

Out and About with my Extraterrestrial Friend 32

A Dangerous Visit 34

Going Home 35

The Nexus Conference of 2007 36

The 'Smelly' Extraterrestrial 38

Have You Had an Encounter with an Extraterrestrial? 39

Personal Experiences with Alien Implants 42

Astonishing Information 47

In A Spaceship 'Hospital?' 50

Part Three

Our Gordian Knot 51

Appendix 1

The Case of Adam’s Alien Genes by Zecharia Sitchin 52


To tempt the reader, the first section of this book deals with information researched from the Internet or by studying over many years a long list of books, including those covering the various religions and cultures of our world. Also studied are assorted art forms from ancient, primitive rock drawings to religious paintings depicting what many have interpreted as evidence of alien visitations. My focus is on any recorded evidence that alien species have visited Earth; by what means they arrived here, from where did they come and for what purpose were they on our planet.

While looking for valid evidence of alien visitations my searching took me in unexpected directions; out-of-place artifacts (Ooparts) in the wrong timeline and strata; tools and manufactured jewellery far more advanced than any primitive humans would have had the ability to produce; human and dinosaur footsteps side by side at a time when no reptilians or mammals were known to exist. These and many other anomalous, out-of-place artifacts are problematic for scientists yet credible evidence is there to see.

The experiences recounted in the second part are some of my personal extraterrestrial encounters. What I learned and now understand is that extraterrestrials are not restricted by time lines as we are on our third dimensional plane. My knowledge gained is that they can follow a blood line, family, from generation to generation, lifetimes to lifetimes and members of my family are only one aspect of their agenda for observation and research.

A long time ago, how long was never stated, an ancestor of mine was chosen to be observed by an extraterrestrial race. No reason was ever given but perhaps we had something that stood out from others at the time; some distinguishing mark, unusual colour, an impediment that made it easy for my forebearers to be identified when in a group.

Just as we now have various animals chipped and monitored for research, so we, the human species, are treated the same way by some extraterrestrial researchers.

Most of my extraterrestrial interactions were done when out of my third dimension physical body - but not all. My experiences are, to the best of my memory, factual accounts of what transpired.

Some of my experiences might jog your memory to something that happened to you and has been suppressed by your consciousness. I am assuming those remembered by me, and it may be all of my experiences, have taken place so that they can be shared with others.

For those who do not simply believe but instead 'know' they have been abducted, this section should help you to recognize that you are not alone and your experiences remembered are more than likely as equally valid as mine.

Of the extraterrestrial species encountered and remember are the tall, thin, praying mantis type referred to as the insect race, the smaller ones with the large heads and dark eyes commonly referred to as the grays, a member of the reptilian species, a female who stated she was from Orion, a friendly extraterrestrial who did not have the big head or dark eyes as portrayed in pictures and an unseen but 'smelly' extraterrestrial.

It's possible that what we see as the large, dark eyes of the of the grays are some form of eye protectors being worn. As sunglasses protect us from harsh sunlight so they, the grays, may well need a protective eye covering too from the light here on planet Earth.

In any encounter, no species have appeared to me like an octopus with waving arms going in all directions as was once seen portrayed in a magazine, no doubt dreamed up by someone with an overactive imagination. However, as mentioned, there are species that are physically unlike us. There is the insect species, or praying mantis type and in their presence I've heard a sound like dry, crackly paper. I have no idea if it was a form of communication or electrical static coming from their bodies. Communication with other species such as the grays has been by some form of telepathy.

The reptile encountered did look like a large lizard. The one seen on two different occasions had a body like a tall, upright, green iguana. The sound it made is harder to describe than the praying mantis type. The nearest I can identify it to would be something like heavy drawn out breathing, a slow frog croak and a soft lizard’s hiss heard all at the same time.

The more I thought about my experiences the more I began to wonder: perhaps these large reptiles were the basis for the different dragon mythologies and fairy stories passed down through generations? What if what is thought of as fantasy or myth is actually based on fact?

The 'three men in black' who suddenly appeared one night in my bedroom are also included here because it's possible they might also be extraterrestrials.

All Internet sites quoted are still active at time of this e-book 'going to press'.

Part One

What Empirical Evidence is there of Alien Visitations?

'Myth is history in disguise.'

Euphemerus, 4th century philosopher.

Is there any historical evidence that Earth was visited by extraterrestrials in the past? Actually quite a lot when we take the time to investigate. The myths of ancient cultures passed down by word of mouth, cave paintings, petroglyphs as well as the writings in holy books of different civilizations refer to interactions with beings not from planet Earth.

Zecharia Sitchin, America author and scholar, has written a collection of books called The Earth Chronicles (2007 Publisher: Harper; Reprint edition March 27, 2007). These chronicles detail Sitchin's research on ancient Babylonian, Sumerian and Akkadian texts. In his books he states there are inscriptions on clay tablets in which the role of the Elohim mentioned in Genesis is the same race as the Anunnaki. A translated copy of the tablets can be found at

The Anunnaki, states Sitchin, came to Earth some 450,000 years ago from the planet Nibiru. Nibiru, according to Sitchin, is a member of our solar system but because of its wide elliptical orbit only returns to our part of the heavens every 3,600 years. According to Sitchin, the reason the Anunnaki were here was to mine our planet's gold, much needed on their planet.

However, their workers found the work exhausting and complained about it so their chief scientist, Enki, decided to genetically engineer the people, the hominids who, through natural evolution, were already here on Earth. They were to become the workers instead of the Anunnaki and do the exhausting work of mining for gold, especially the large deposits found in Africa.

By adding this genomic science, known and understood by the more advanced Anunnaki race, and using a mixture of the hominid genes and Anunnaki genes, Enki genetically engineered the two race's genes and in doing so vastly increased the evolution of the people already existing on Earth. According to Sitchin the words in Genesis 'Let us fashion the Adam' refers to this.

But not all academics agree with Sitchin. Mike Heiser, another scholar well versed in ancient cultures and religions, is one who disagrees with Zecharia Sitchin's research and states that he, Sitchin, has it wrong with his conclusions.

Heiser gives his reasons as to why he believes there is no basis to what has been written by Sitchin and, on his website, has written "I have challenged him [Sitchin] and other ancient astronaut researchers to produce one line of one cuneiform text that demonstrates his ideas about the Anunnaki are really in the Sumerian texts. I want to see one line of one text that says things like the Anunnaki inhabit a planet or inhabit Nibiru, or that the term "Anunnaki" means "people of the fiery rockets, that sort of thing".

Nonetheless, there are numerous instances mentioned in Genesis and other sections of the Old Testament which appear to be references to visitations to Earth by alien races. As an example, in Genesis, The Beginning of History, Lord God is referred to as a singular; while over the page 3:22 it states 'The man has become like one of us, knowing good and evil....' (underlining mine). (The New English Bible Oxford University Press. 1970) Who were the others referred to in this passage and where did they come from?

Still with the same Bible but further along in Genesis, 6:2 it states 'When mankind began to increase and to spread all over the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of the gods saw the daughters of men were beautiful; so they took for themselves such women as they chose.'

Following on in 6,4, 'In those days, when the sons of the gods had intercourse with the daughters of men and got children by them the Nephilim were on earth. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.'

Then who were the Nephilim and if we accept the information in Genesis about them, were they the sons of gods? If so, it is not inconceivable to perceive the children born from the mating between the daughters of man and the Nephilim being those that myths refer to? Could the myths we have of the Roman and Greek gods arise from the actual offspring of these matings? Was Euphemerus right when he stated 'Myth is history in disguise'?

Sitchin also mentions dragons in his chronicles and speaks about ancient Sumerian records on clay tablets referring to a great battle being fought between different alien species to lay claim to Earth and, one of the races, the dragon race, being vanquished. To my mind the dragon race sounds as if it could also be known as the reptilian race others have also mentioned. If my assumption is correct are they also known as the naga?

Dragons, reptilians, naga, are all mentioned in legends and recorded in many of the world's ancient holy literature as well as their images being carved in stone. Some of these images have depicted serpents as top half human, lower half snake, winged or as dragons. These are portrayed as beneficial serpent gods protecting the temples and are to be seen in many of the shrines and monuments of the Middle and Far East and the early Americas/Mesoamerica.

As well as the ancient temples in parts of our globe showing carvings and statues, the Internet has pictures of ancient lizard/humanoid figurines, some of which are on display in our great museums of the world. One of several said to be in the British Museum is of two women. One woman is minus her head, presumably damaged and lost over time. She is breast feeding a baby who has an elongated head. The other female's head, still intact, has a distinct lizard shape and features.

Also said to be in the same museum is a male figurine artifact found at Al Ubaid, an archaeological site in Iraq. Dating around 5900-4000BCE, that culture is understood to predate the Sumerian civilization. The male figurine appears to be wearing an elongated reptilian looking mask. In part the information provided states ',,,,, there is no explanation for the figurine intriguing (mask like) shape'….,'The object seem to express a humanoid head enclosed in a headgear which may be best characterized as a helmet'.

It seems though that there was another group, not so beneficial to humans, that has also been recorded. An ancient legend from South Africa speaks of reptilian-like gods coming from the skies in huge spacecraft and overwhelming the local tribes. Members of the tribes were trained by these extraterrestrials to be great warriors 'and make terrible wars'.

The naga do fit the description of the reptilian race who are said to be a race of non-human reptilian-type beings able to shape shift to take on either serpentine or human appearance as it suited them. They, like us, members of the human race, are understood to have their beneficial and non beneficial types.

David Ike, in several of his books and media discussions refers to the reptilian race but I don't recall hearing him refer to them as naga. However, ancient literature refer to both the naga and the reptilian race as having the same shape shifting abilities so it seems reasonable to assume the reptilians are the same as the naga.

Ike does mention the reptilians as being still amongst us but in their human form. He speaks of them being in the bloodline of monarchies and in high places of authority in numerous societies. It all sounds very far-fetched until reading elsewhere part of the information about the naga ....'The  dynasties  of Manipur in northeastern India, the Pallavas in southern India, and the ruling family of Funan (ancient Indochina) each claimed an origin in the union of a human being and a nagi'. A nagi is understood to be a female shape shifting reptilian and, in human form, is said to be very beautiful.

It seems to me we are back to Euphemerus, our 4th century philosopher and his 'Myth is history in disguise.'

Andrew Tomas is another researcher who draws our attention to the naga. In his book We Are Not The First (1972. First Sphere Books Great Britain) he speaks of serpent gods living in the Himalayas in underground cities illuminated by diamonds. This then poses a question: what if these underground cities, or Bhogawati, of folklore were space bases? The lighting, referred to as diamonds, may have been interpreted in that way by the population of a much earlier era who knew nothing of electricity.


The information mentioned has primarily dealt with the reptilian species who are said to come from Draco, Latin for dragon, a constellation in the far northern sky but there are stories, fables, from other cultures of our world who speak of seeing and interacting with different forms of aliens.

As one example, the Dogon tribal people of Mali, West Africa, have a belief, alleged to be thousands of years old