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I wish to dedicate this e-book, and much more, to my editor and good friend Pat, without whose belief in me and constant encouragement this book would never have been published.

Thank you Pat


I also give my thanks and appreciation to the different alien species and spirit communicators who have, over the decades, given me information and opportunities to experience and see for myself there is a vast range of other realities, existences, interpenetrating our present, third dimension existence.

There are a number of images in this book that have been sourced from the internet and I am thankful to those who shared these images for all the world to see, and who have unknowingly contributed to this book.

Annette de Jonge



Part One

What Empirical Evidence is there of Alien Visitations 7

Ancient Flying Machines 11

Out-of-place-artifacts (Ooparts) 13

Chandelier of the Andes, An Anomalous Curiosity 16

Part Two

Personal Experiences of Extraterrestrial Species

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words 17

Space Craft in Religious Art 20


The Three Men in Black 25

The Lioness 27

Space Travelers Over Brampton Island, Great Barrier Reef 29

Journeyman 30

Piggybacking an Extraterrestrial 31

Out and About with my Extraterrestrial Friend 32

A Dangerous Visit 34

Going Home 35

The Nexus Conference of 2007 36

The 'Smelly' Extraterrestrial 38

Have You Had an Encounter with an Extraterrestrial? 39

Personal Experiences with Alien Implants 42

Astonishing Information 47

In A Spaceship 'Hospital?' 50

Part Three

Our Gordian Knot 51

Appendix 1

The Case of Adam’s Alien Genes by Zecharia Sitchin 52


To tempt the reader, the first section of this book deals with information researched from the Internet or by studying over many years a long list of books, including those covering the various religions and cultures of our world. Also studied are assorted art forms from ancient, primitive rock drawings to religious paintings depicting what many have interpreted as evidence of alien visitations. My focus is on any recorded evidence that alien species have visited Earth; by what means they arrived here, from where did they come and for what purpose were they on our planet.

While looking for valid evidence of alien visitations my searching took me in unexpected directions; out-of-place artifacts (Ooparts) in the wrong timeline and strata; tools and manufactured jewellery far more advanced than any primitive humans would have had the ability to produce; human and dinosaur footsteps side by side at a time when no reptilians or mammals were known to exist. These and many other anomalous, out-of-place artifacts are problematic for scientists yet credible evidence is there to see.

The experiences recounted in the second part are some of my personal extraterrestrial encounters. What I learned and now understand is that extraterrestrials are not restricted by time lines as we are on our third dimensional plane. My knowledge gained is that they can follow a blood line, family, from generation to generation, lifetimes to lifetimes and members of my family are only one aspect of their agenda for observation and research.

A long time ago, how long was never stated, an ancestor of mine was chosen to be observed by an extraterrestrial race. No reason was ever given but perhaps we had something that stood out from others at the time; some distinguishing mark, unusual colour, an impediment that made it easy for my forebearers to be identified when in a group.

Just as we now have various animals chipped and monitored for research, so we, the human species, are treated the same way by some extraterrestrial researchers.

Most of my extraterrestrial interactions were done when out of my third dimension physical body - but not all. My experiences are, to the best of my memory, factual accounts of what transpired.

Some of my experiences might jog your memory to something that happened to you and has been suppressed by your consciousness. I am assuming those remembered by me, and it may be all of my experiences, have taken place so that they can be shared with others.

For those who do not simply believe but instead 'know' they have been abducted, this section should help you to recognize that you are not alone and your experiences remembered are more than likely as equally valid as mine.

Of the extraterrestrial species encountered and remember are the tall, thin, praying mantis type referred to as the insect race, the smaller ones with the large heads and dark eyes commonly referred to as the grays, a member of the reptilian species, a female who stated she was from Orion, a friendly extraterrestrial who did not have the big head or dark eyes as portrayed in pictures and an unseen but 'smelly' extraterrestrial.

It's possible that what we see as the large, dark eyes of the of the grays are some form of eye protectors being worn. As sunglasses protect us from harsh sunlight so they, the grays, may well need a protective eye covering too from the light here on planet Earth.

In any encounter, no species have appeared to me like an octopus with waving arms going in all directions as was once seen portrayed in a magazine, no doubt dreamed up by someone with an overactive imagination. However, as mentioned, there are species that are physically unlike us. There is the insect species, or praying mantis type and in their presence I've heard a sound like dry, crackly paper. I have no idea if it was a form of communication or electrical static coming from their bodies. Communication with other species such as the grays has been by some form of telepathy.

The reptile encountered did look like a large lizard. The one seen on two different occasions had a body like a tall, upright, green iguana. The sound it made is harder to describe than the praying mantis type. The nearest I can identify it to would be something like heavy drawn out breathing, a slow frog croak and a soft lizard’s hiss heard all at the same time.

The more I thought about my experiences the more I began to wonder: perhaps these large reptiles were the basis for the different dragon mythologies and fairy stories passed down through generations? What if what is thought of as fantasy or myth is actually based on fact?

The 'three men in black' who suddenly appeared one night in my bedroom are also included here because it's possible they might also be extraterrestrials.

All Internet sites quoted are still active at time of this e-book 'going to press'.

Part One

What Empirical Evidence is there of Alien Visitations?

'Myth is history in disguise.'

Euphemerus, 4th century philosopher.

Is there any historical evidence that Earth was visited by extraterrestrials in the past? Actually quite a lot when we take the time to investigate. The myths of ancient cultures passed down by word of mouth, cave paintings, petroglyphs as well as the writings in holy books of different civilizations refer to interactions with beings not from planet Earth.

Zecharia Sitchin, America author and scholar, has written a collection of books called The Earth Chronicles (2007 Publisher: Harper; Reprint edition March 27, 2007). These chronicles detail Sitchin's research on ancient Babylonian, Sumerian and Akkadian texts. In his books he states there are inscriptions on clay tablets in which the role of the Elohim mentioned in Genesis is the same race as the Anunnaki. A translated copy of the tablets can be found at

The Anunnaki, states Sitchin, came to Earth some 450,000 years ago from the planet Nibiru. Nibiru, according to Sitchin, is a member of our solar system but because of its wide elliptical orbit only returns to our part of the heavens every 3,600 years. According to Sitchin, the reason the Anunnaki were here was to mine our planet's gold, much needed on their planet.

However, their workers found the work exhausting and complained about it so their chief scientist, Enki, decided to genetically engineer the people, the hominids who, through natural evolution, were already here on Earth. They were to become the workers instead of the Anunnaki and do the exhausting work of mining for gold, especially the large deposits found in Africa.

By adding this genomic science, known and understood by the more advanced Anunnaki race, and using a mixture of the hominid genes and Anunnaki genes, Enki genetically engineered the two race's genes and in doing so vastly increased the evolution of the people already existing on Earth. According to Sitchin the words in Genesis 'Let us fashion the Adam' refers to this.

But not all academics agree with Sitchin. Mike Heiser, another scholar well versed in ancient cultures and religions, is one who disagrees with Zecharia Sitchin's research and states that he, Sitchin, has it wrong with his conclusions.

Heiser gives his reasons as to why he believes there is no basis to what has been written by Sitchin and, on his website, has written "I have challenged him [Sitchin] and other ancient astronaut researchers to produce one line of one cuneiform text that demonstrates his ideas about the Anunnaki are really in the Sumerian texts. I want to see one line of one text that says things like the Anunnaki inhabit a planet or inhabit Nibiru, or that the term "Anunnaki" means "people of the fiery rockets, that sort of thing".

Nonetheless, there are numerous instances mentioned in Genesis and other sections of the Old Testament which appear to be references to visitations to Earth by alien races. As an example, in Genesis, The Beginning of History, Lord God is referred to as a singular; while over the page 3:22 it states 'The man has become like one of us, knowing good and evil....' (underlining mine). (The New English Bible Oxford University Press. 1970) Who were the others referred to in this passage and where did they come from?

Still with the same Bible but further along in Genesis, 6:2 it states 'When mankind began to increase and to spread all over the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of the gods saw the daughters of men were beautiful; so they took for themselves such women as they chose.'

Following on in 6,4, 'In those days, when the sons of the gods had intercourse with the daughters of men and got children by them the Nephilim were on earth. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.'

Then who were the Nephilim and if we accept the information in Genesis about them, were they the sons of gods? If so, it is not inconceivable to perceive the children born from the mating between the daughters of man and the Nephilim being those that myths refer to? Could the myths we have of the Roman and Greek gods arise from the actual offspring of these matings? Was Euphemerus right when he stated 'Myth is history in disguise'?

Sitchin also mentions dragons in his chronicles and speaks about ancient Sumerian records on clay tablets referring to a great battle being fought between different alien species to lay claim to Earth and, one of the races, the dragon race, being vanquished. To my mind the dragon race sounds as if it could also be known as the reptilian race others have also mentioned. If my assumption is correct are they also known as the naga?

Dragons, reptilians, naga, are all mentioned in legends and recorded in many of the world's ancient holy literature as well as their images being carved in stone. Some of these images have depicted serpents as top half human, lower half snake, winged or as dragons. These are portrayed as beneficial serpent gods protecting the temples and are to be seen in many of the shrines and monuments of the Middle and Far East and the early Americas/Mesoamerica.

As well as the ancient temples in parts of our globe showing carvings and statues, the Internet has pictures of ancient lizard/humanoid figurines, some of which are on display in our great museums of the world. One of several said to be in the British Museum is of two women. One woman is minus her head, presumably damaged and lost over time. She is breast feeding a baby who has an elongated head. The other female's head, still intact, has a distinct lizard shape and features.

Also said to be in the same museum is a male figurine artifact found at Al Ubaid, an archaeological site in Iraq. Dating around 5900-4000BCE, that culture is understood to predate the Sumerian civilization. The male figurine appears to be wearing an elongated reptilian looking mask. In part the information provided states ',,,,, there is no explanation for the figurine intriguing (mask like) shape'….,'The object seem to express a humanoid head enclosed in a headgear which may be best characterized as a helmet'.

It seems though that there was another group, not so beneficial to humans, that has also been recorded. An ancient legend from South Africa speaks of reptilian-like gods coming from the skies in huge spacecraft and overwhelming the local tribes. Members of the tribes were trained by these extraterrestrials to be great warriors 'and make terrible wars'.

The naga do fit the description of the reptilian race who are said to be a race of non-human reptilian-type beings able to shape shift to take on either serpentine or human appearance as it suited them. They, like us, members of the human race, are understood to have their beneficial and non beneficial types.

David Ike, in several of his books and media discussions refers to the reptilian race but I don't recall hearing him refer to them as naga. However, ancient literature refer to both the naga and the reptilian race as having the same shape shifting abilities so it seems reasonable to assume the reptilians are the same as the naga.

Ike does mention the reptilians as being still amongst us but in their human form. He speaks of them being in the bloodline of monarchies and in high places of authority in numerous societies. It all sounds very far-fetched until reading elsewhere part of the information about the naga ....'The  dynasties  of Manipur in northeastern India, the Pallavas in southern India, and the ruling family of Funan (ancient Indochina) each claimed an origin in the union of a human being and a nagi'. A nagi is understood to be a female shape shifting reptilian and, in human form, is said to be very beautiful.

It seems to me we are back to Euphemerus, our 4th century philosopher and his 'Myth is history in disguise.'

Andrew Tomas is another researcher who draws our attention to the naga. In his book We Are Not The First (1972. First Sphere Books Great Britain) he speaks of serpent gods living in the Himalayas in underground cities illuminated by diamonds. This then poses a question: what if these underground cities, or Bhogawati, of folklore were space bases? The lighting, referred to as diamonds, may have been interpreted in that way by the population of a much earlier era who knew nothing of electricity.


The information mentioned has primarily dealt with the reptilian species who are said to come from Draco, Latin for dragon, a constellation in the far northern sky but there are stories, fables, from other cultures of our world who speak of seeing and interacting with different forms of aliens.

As one example, the Dogon tribal people of Mali, West Africa, have a belief, alleged to be thousands of years old about the nommo or nommos. The Dogon claim the nommo are not from Earth but instead come from one of the stars in the Sirius constellation. Nommo are said to very wise and have helped advance the Dogon with much knowledge including agriculture and about the cosmos.

Andrew Tomas, in his book The Home of the Gods, (1972 Berkley Medallion Books, New York) mentions that Berosus, a Chaldean priest, living at the time of Alexander the Great, wrote about the ancient Babylonians and referred to them at the time as a primitive culture until strange amphibious creatures emerged from out of the water each day and instructed the Babylonians on such things as agriculture, how to construct cities, infrastructure, educated them on laws to live by and the sciences and arts.

The physical appearance of these amphibious creatures as recorded by Berosus fits the description of the nommo as depicted on ancient Sumerian clay tablets. The images show solid framed men with long chin beards and, strangely, in some illustrations they carry what appears to be handbags. It seems reasonable for us to assume that these handbags could, in some way, serve as an energy source or for their needs while here. Over their body and head is a mantle, like a large scaly fish skin cape and hood while their feet were portrayed joined like a fish's tail.

As the nommo are said to be amphibious extraterrestrials what was being seen by the locals may have been a space being in their protective space suit. A space suit would have enabled the nommo to function in our dryer atmosphere just as our space men need protective covering when they are in an area dissimilar to their familiar environment.

Similar aliens described as looking like the nommo have been mentioned in other ancient civilizations -- Sumerian culture refers to Oannes, a fish-like being who taught their early peoples farming, crop growing, mathematics and the arts.

But what if not all extraterrestrials come from outer space? My understanding is that there are dimensions interpenetrating our third world dimension and some alien species have the ability to come and go at will. They also have the advantage of being able to see us at any time but we can’t normally see them unless they choose to be seen or if we are vibrating to their particular resonance.

As previously mentioned, I have had contact with one of the reptilians but have no personal evidence that they are able to shape shift as others have stated. It is possible that the reptilians’ dimension is inter-dimensional and may not even be from the universe our astronomers are familiar with. It seems that their dimension is also different to the places we normally go when asleep, experiencing a consciousness shift or an out-of-our-physical body incident.

I say 'normally' because there are more people now becoming aware of having experiences in other dimensions and on space craft. Those who undergo these experiences, like me, are quite aware they are not dreaming, not hallucinating, and what they are seeing and participating in is as real as the third world reality they normally inhabit.

Ancient Flying Machines

In 1903 the Wright Brothers, Wilbur and Orville made what is considered by western cultures to be the first controlled flight in an engine powered aircraft. It was a great achievement and was the start of the present aviation industry in its various forms. However, there are other, much earlier records of powered craft recorded in ancient manuscripts as well a primitive art work depicting different styles of craft. Small models depicting some of these earlier flying machines are to be found in various museums of the world.

In his previously mentioned book, We Are Not The First, Tomas provides photos from some of these different museums around the world showing a technology far more advanced than we previously thought possible for those times; a knowledge only relatively recently acquired by our modern cultures. He speaks of many ancient holy books containing information of flying machines and, like Sitchin and others, refers to them as vimanas. But vimanas weren't the only space craft spoken about in the ancient texts of different cultures.

According to Rene Noorbergen in his book, Secrets of the Lost Races, (1977. The Bobbs-Merrill Company Inc. Indianapolis New York) one of the earliest preserved records of flights came from Babylonia where one of the laws in their Halkatha speaks of it being a great privilege to operate a flying machine.'….Knowledge of flying is most ancient, a gift of the gods of old for saving lives.' (Noorbergen, p.121).

If, as Euphemerus stated, 'Myth is history in disguise' then legends can often be interpreted as fanciful records of actual happenings. In that case the Babylonian myth of Etana could then fit this criteria. The story, written sometime between 3000 and 2400 BC, and mentioned by Noorbergen in his Secrets of the Lost Races refers to a prehistoric flight of Etana, an impoverished shepherd on the back of an eagle.

The story describes Etana's interaction and communication with an eagle as they soar, the eagle pointing out different changing landscapes during their ascension. From the patchwork of the lands, the continents, the curvature of the Earth until all merges into a blue-white haze - a description modern humanity has witnessed from images of present day astronauts’ trips into outer space - images we humans only saw during the latter part of the twentieth century onwards when space flights were made. (p. 121/122)

Fact or fiction, the myth, written on ancient cuneiform clay tablets, does accurately portray how it looks leaving Earth and heading skyward. We are left then to interpret what was meant by an eagle's portrayal. What, for example, if the eagle was the primitive culture's interpretation of some form of aircraft?

Another possibility to consider is the Lyran Race of extraterrestrials who were said to be represented by the eagle and they were also said to be frequent visitors to Earth. Could the fable have become changed over time and Etana went into a spacecraft with the Lyra or another alien species for his trip into space?

Noorbergen also refers to other ancient writings from different parts of our globe who have witnessed and recorded flight. Some are noted as giving detailed instructions on how to build and operate these aircraft.

From Chaldean work to the Sifr'ala dating back over 5000 years, early Egyptian recordings, Chinese Chronicles, Nepalese writings, to the folklore of Polynesians of the South Pacific, South America and Mexico, these are only some of the ancient cultures who have referred to different flying machines. It can also be thought that our modern knowledge, while making enormous advancements in technology, is still not as advanced in some instances as what is written about with the ancient flying machines.

Perhaps the two great epics of Indian mythology, the Ramayana and Mahabharata help shed more light on the space craft they call vimanas. These are said to contain many references to four types of vimanas. As well as transporting people the craft were alleged to be used in great battles between opposing forces.

The Ramayana describes a vimana as a double-deck, circular (cylindrical) aircraft. It flew with the speed of the wind and could do amazing turns, elevations, descents in an instant.

That description sounds remarkably similar to the alien craft people have spoken of seeing at different times down the centuries and well into our present era. Craft that have been recorded for posterity in petroglyphs, cave drawings, and portrayed in famous paintings that now hang on walls in monasteries and museums of the world. A few of the religious painting will be shown and discussed later in this book.


Information from Wikipedia states 'An out-of-place artifact (OOPArt) is an artifact of historical, archaeological, or of palaeontology interest found in an unusual context, that challenges conventional historical chronology by being "too advanced" for the level of civilization that existed at the time, or showing "human presence" before humans were known' .

There are two different ways used to determine the age of stratum and artifacts - archaeological and geological. Archaeologists normally determine the age of artifacts by the strata or rock they are found in. The most recent artifacts are near to the surface while digging deeper uncovers older items embedded towards or on the bottom strata. Periods of time are also judged this way.

To find out how old artifacts are, geologists determine the age by use of two methods, radiometric dating and relative dating. Radiometric dating measures the decay of isotopes within the fossil or the rocks connected to or around the fossil. Relative dating determines the approximate age by comparisons with the records of already known ages of similar rocks and fossils

But can findings support what we are being taught as the history of the early civilizations of humanity? Evidence suggests not all objects discovered and uncovered fit with our previous understanding of the origins of the human race. The finding of tools and early human skeletal remains in the wrong strata era seems to infer that we go back millions of years further than our current evolutionary scale suggests.

Then there are some curious discoveries. For example, we have strange man-made artifacts that, to our modern thinking, just don't make sense. The rock formations these out-of-place-artifacts were discovered in go back some millions of years.

An instance of one of many Ooparts examples recorded: on June 11th 1891, The Morrisonville Times ran a story on a Mrs C. W. Culp of Morrisonville, Illinois. A few days earlier to the paper's publication, the report read, Mrs Culp had been shoveling coal into her kitchen stove. A lump of coal dropped and broke in two exposing a gold chain inside. Both ends of the chain remained attached in the coal while the middle of the chain loosened free. The geologists called in to examine the coal and gold chain were at a loss to explain it. The coal sample was judged to be from the Carboniferous period. Noorenberg pp41/42.

Not all artifacts discovered have proven to be genuine but those judged to be authentic have challenged our evolution and timeline perceptions, leaving many scientists scratching their heads. However while the more skeptical of scientists have rejected them as being too anomalous, the evidence is there to see.

These artifacts can be the highlighting of fossils in rocks dating back millennia, skeletons seen to be in the wrong period of rock stratum or manufactured pieces of jewelry, tools, etc., far beyond any understanding we have of what was achievable by the people of the time and the metals available.

The Klerksdorp Spheres of South Africa, so named for the area of the mine they were discovered in are one example of artifacts out-of-place and time. Removed from Precambrian strata, miners unearthed hundreds of mainly small spheres 30 to 50 mm in diameter.

Some spheres have a thin outer metal covering with three parallel grooves running around their middle. They appear as if man-made but the rock strata they were found in suggests different because for that age period no human life is known to have existed. When opened some spheres were found to have contents of a spongy substance and others a charcoal type of core that disintegrated when exposed to the air. To date there is no known natural occurrence for these Klerksdorp Spheres. Photos of the spheres can be found at

Dinosaur and human footprints together in the same stratum are especially problematic for scientists, paleontologists and geologists worldwide but ignoring the evidence does not make it go away. In an Internet search for evidence and photos of out-of-place artifacts this site, has what is said to be examples of accredited reports of human footprints side by side with dinosaur prints.

The Mesozoic Era, popularly known as the Age of Reptiles, is when the dinosaurs flourished. The geological period is believed to have spanned a time-frame from 248 to 65 million years and is divided into three periods, Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. The era is considered in scientific circles to be too early for mammals to have made their way up the evolutionary ladder but some evidence suggests differently.

Photographic evidence has been taken of early human footprints in ancient strata. In each photo the footprints are similar in appearance to what most people would see of their own imprint if they walked onto something soft, like sand or mud or even when leaving a damp imprint on getting out of a bath or shower.

Some footprints have the right stride distance and left, right, left, right way of walking as we, modern humans would make. However, what we don't see with our imprints are the clear tracks of dinosaurs that appear to have made their impressions in the soft strata the same time as the early human did.

In 1983 Professor Amanniyazov, Director of Turkmenia's Institute of Geology, had this to say about the footprints in Mesozoic strata. "If we speak of the human footprint, it was made by a human or a human-like animal. Incredibly, this footprint is on the same plateau where there are dinosaur tracks. We can say the age of this footprint is not 5 or 10, but at least 150 million years old. It is 26cm long, that is Russian size 43 EEE [9.5 American], and we consider that whoever left the footprint was taller than we are...this would create a revolution in the science of man." (Amanniyazov, Kurban, Science in the USSR T 986, "Old Friends Dinosaurs," p. 103-107.)

In 1987 a paleontologist, Jerry MacDonald, discovered preserved human fossil footprints in Permian limestone strata in New Mexico. Problematic, apart from the footprint, is the age of the rock because the Permian Period had a span from 299 to 251 million years and the period was before birds, dinosaurs and mammals, humans, were understood to have existed.

But even more intriguing than the finding of dinosaur and human footprints side by side is a fossilized finger found in limestone rock said to be over 135 million years old. The digit has a nail and cuticle in what was classed as a humanoid shape but the image presented is remarkably like what most present day humans would see by observing their own index finger.

Dr Dale Petersen, MD, has the fossilized finger in his collection of anomalous artifacts. A cat-scan was done on the fossil and the results banished any doubt in Dr Petersen's mind that it could be anything else but a fossilized index finger. In a video interview and using the image of the scan side by side with the fossil the doctor was able to show viewers the shape of the finger, the tissues beneath the finger, the bone, the joints and the ligament. The Mysterious Origins of Man, Rewriting Human History (DVD Video hosted by Charlton Heston. www.flashbackentertainment. com).

It was not stated if the digit was from a primate or human and it is open to conjecture as to how the finger was detached. It may have been through an accident, an attack of some sort either from another or a hungry predator. The fossil showed no signs of damage or decomposition so we are left wondering what fate befell its original owner.

Another example of a problem for science is the Guadeloupe Woman, said to be a well-authenticated discovery of a human skeleton found in 1812 on the French Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe. The skeleton of a female minus her head and feet is estimated to have been 5 foot 2 inches tall when intact. She was discovered in limestone that modern geological dating has it to be 28 million years old. This is said to predate any knowledge of humanity's appearance by millions of years.

The skeleton, still in its two-ton limestone block, was exhibited at the British Museum in 1812 as proof of the Genesis Flood. However, in 1881 the exhibit no longer fitted the newer evolutionary theory of life so the exhibit was quietly removed to the basement and is said to remain there to this day.

As Rene Noorbergen points out in his book 'There is another way to interpret history - the Ooparts have proven that. The major assumption of orthodox historians - that our civilization is the result of gradual development from primitive beginnings - can now seriously be challenged. Ooparts, Biblical history, archaeology, geology, paleontology, and ordinary level-headed thinking have guided us in that direction.' p.205.

Chandelier of the Andes, An Anomalous Curiosity

 In the Bay of Pisco, Lima, Peru, is this curiosity impressed into a hillside. The 810 ft high engraving, said to be visible for miles, is done in rock and, like the Nasca Lines, has an unknown creator or creators. It has been dubbed 'The Chandelier of the Andes' and was there when the conquistadors invaded the area in the 16th century. The design was understood by them to be a miraculous sign of three crosses, seen as an approval by God for their Christian invasion of the Americas. Others have suggested it is more like Neptune's trident with branches.

In Andrew Tomas' book The Home of the Gods (Berkley Medallion Books, New York 1974) he offers a more plausible meaning. He states that Beltran Garcia, the Spanish scientist gives the theory that the trident in rock was used by the Incas or their predecessors as a gigantic seismograph and a pendulum with pulleys and cords to register earthquakes.p.76.

However, it appears to defy logic that a primitive culture, without known reading or writing ability was able to understand and initiate such a task.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words.

Ancient clay tablets are not the only suggestion of alien visitation. There is also primitive art drawn on rock faces, in caves and etched on rocks as petroglyphs. These images were done at different periods of time by Earth's diverse cultures. Many have drawings of figures looking remarkably like aliens and their craft.

One petroglyph done by ancient American Southwest Indians and dating back thousands of years seems to show two space craft. The images are simple, but detailed enough to show a familiar saucer shape craft with dome on top. Underneath the outline there are lines angling from it as if representational of a force. According to an Indian myth the two objects collided in the sky and one, damaged in the collision, crash-landed in the region of Death Valley.

Local Indians watched as another ship landed and repaired the damaged craft. One of the two images showed structural damage to its edge and base and it is suggested that it is possibly depicting the one that crashed. The images are stills taken from an old TV series entitled "In search of..." hosted by Leonard Nimoy.


Many of the artworks, in their different forms, depict aliens as stick figures with large heads. Other images have what is seen to be as space beings in space suits and helmets. The artwork has been done over a period of millennia by different cultures from diverse parts of our globe.

A cave painting from Kolo is one of several from the Tanzania area in Africa. An approximate age dates the art work up to 29,000 years. It shows what appears to be several stick figures with large heads surrounding and restraining or abducting someone, thought to be a woman.

An interesting fact is the similarity of the subject matter done in different parts of the world and over time. However, as with other things in life, interpretation can be open to speculation. It is always wise to keep in mind what is seen to be in this more modern age may not necessarily be what the artist of the time was portraying. The mindset of the beholder at any time will also have an influence on the interpretation of what is being observed.

As an example, in sections of Kimberley Region of Western Australia and sheltering under overhanging rocks is a vast tapestry of ancient primitive rock art. It has been said that some indigenous people believe the artwork was created by unknown others who preceded them. To the majority of aboriginal people the artwork was done some time after the Aboriginal Dreamtime, the time of the creation, the beginning of existence. The scientific community accept that the indigenous tribes have been inhabiting Australia for over 60,000 years.

There are varying styles of artwork defined in the different areas along the Kimberly coast. Possibly though the most well known are the Bradshaw rock paintings, so named after the white pastoralist who discovered them.

Many drawings illustrate the animals and marine creatures familiar to the areas the local aborigines would have hunted. Intermingled with the depictions of the natives' food supply are human shapes. Some of the figures drawn are stick-like, immobile, their images suspended in time while others are portrayed as moving and dancing.

Most are drawn with ornate headgear and some interpretations have the head coverings as helmets worn by aliens. Another possible explanation suggests they could be turbans worn by early traders who plied the coast in their boats and traded with the local tribes.

However, these stick like figures are in contrast to another type of figure drawings also in the Kimberley areas.

High in the cliff face these human shaped figures are fuller, rounder and are represented as having a circular shape like a corona around their head. The shape is either painted in or left as an outline. Some have rays spreading outward from the corona. Like the Tasseli artwork of northern Africa, the Wandjina are without noses and mouths and are referred to by some as the mouthless ones.

Caucasians have sometimes taken the images to be spacemen in a spacesuit and from the waist up they could be interpreted that way. However, in some instances when the full figure is shown male genitalia is also drawn outside of the 'suit' making the interpretation dubious. To the local Australian aboriginal tribes the images represent the spirits of the clouds, the rainmaker creation spirits.

And what is to be made, if anything, with this rock art on a sandstone wall? The drawing on the left hand upper side shows an 'animated' figure, but is there an interpretation to be made with the middle shape with its nearby bowl in the centre of the same rock face?

Even more puzzling is the outline to the right of the larger outline. It appears to have a large head, big eyes and long thin neck. And still more mystifying is the hand, seen with three digits to the front and presumably one to the back, is holding what appears to be a fan .

Space Craft in Religious Art

In some of the major art galleries and cathedrals around the world are religious paintings, some done centuries apart, that have images included that are remarkably like flying saucers.

In studying art appreciation, students are taught that everything included in a painting symbolizes something relevant to the work; a mood, a season, the positioning of the subject drawn, the clothes worn etc. All these things mentioned are done to add substance to the image the artist wanted depicted. Why then would different artists, at different centuries include what appears to be flying saucers? How would they know of such an image if they hadn't seen it and why add them to their painting if it didn't mean something or add value to their work?

As an example, look to the painting of The Madonna and Saint Giovannino. It was painted by Domenico Ghirlandaio in the 15th century and hangs in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy.

The Madonna with Saint Giovannino, 15th Century: The Getty Images

To the right and above the Madonna's shoulder is what appears to be a small space craft or UFO. A man with his dog are both painted looking up at the craft. Above the Madonna's head is a larger illuminated disc, which could be interpreted as the mother ship that the smaller UFO came from as the illumination is very much like the shape and image of this book's cover picture.

On the other hand, it could also be interpreted as light bouncing off cloud, illumination of the Holy Spirit or some other reason but what cannot be mistaken is the male figure and his dog looking up at something unusual in the sky.

Another strange image is depicted in this fresco painting in the Svetishoveil Cathedral,


Glorification of the Eucharist by Ventura Salimbeni 1600: The Getty Images

This work from the 16th century by Italian artist Ventura Salimbeni features God and Jesus presiding over the universe. The illustration shows the two images holding onto what appears to be two aerials on a large ball; a ball that looks very much like the Russian Sputnik built nearly 400 years later.

And what, if anything, are we to make of the object on the table below God and Jesus? An electrical technician friend, on examining the copy of the image on the table, suggested it could well be seen to be an old fashioned transmitter and the men were listening to something coming from it.



Svetishoveil Cathedral Fresco 1600s: Georgian Tourism Association

A fresco in the Svetishoveil Cathedral in Mtskheta, Georgia, painted sometime in the 1600s, depicts Christ on the cross. To the right and left of the arm of the cross are two images that appear to be out-of-place jellyfish. Bearing in mind that anything in a painting is meant to be portraying some image or something important the artist wanted seen, why jellyfish? Why wouldn't the artist have portrayed lambs or fish known to be symbolic representations of Christ? Is it possible that the unknown artist was painting two UFOs and the 'tentacles of the jellyfish' were thrusters from the space craft as they took off?

Others have thought they represented the moon and the sun but usually these luminaries are depicted with rays all around their form and not just underneath.

Another Crucifixion scene painted around 1350, a few centuries before the Svetishoveil Cathedral Fresco of the 1600s, is depicted in the wall fresco in the Visoki Decani Monastery in Kosova, Serbia. It is the work of an unknown artist.

Crucifixion of Christ 1350: Georgian Tourism Association

Near the top corners of the fresco are two objects. They are different shapes, vaguely similar to the previous painting of 'jellyfish' but unlike the 'jellyfish' fresco both these images show a person inside. The explanation given was, as with the first fresco, it is the moon and the sun. However if they are meant to represent the sun and moon, why are they travelling in the same direction and each with a clearly seen pilot inside? Are these vimanas, Hindu flying machines? And why does the pilot on the right appear to be looking behind, watching the object following? Is he perhaps being chased?

Part Two

Personal Encounters with Extraterrestrial Species.

A Member of the Insect Race.

My earliest memory of an extraterrestrial encounter was while I was quite young, but have no recollection now of my age at the time. My memory is not of extraterrestrials in my bedroom nor of being taken and transported home again. Instead the memory is very strong of lying on a narrow operating table in a large room or space somewhere unfamiliar to me and sensing that there were other tables with people on them nearby, but just out of my sight.

Years later when understanding more about extraterrestrial encounters, I came to realize what was done was not so much as being spirited away in my physical body but rather the experience was an out-of-body encounter. How this was able to be brought about by extraterrestrials I have no idea. Nor do know how they put me to sleep after any interaction with them.

My memory of what is assumed by me to be on a spacecraft is of a large overhead light, like those we have in hospitals back on Earth. Hovering to the side, near my left shoulder, was a very tall, thin, beige extraterrestrial who looked like a praying mantis. This insect-like extraterrestrial made crackling, static, electrical sounds which could have been caused from issuing instructions to the several fat bodied little creatures at the side of the operating table.

I speak as if these little fat bodied creatures were a species, but don't really know what they were. From memory they seemed to sort of waddle and my impression today is that they could have been small robots or something along that line. I was terrified and a memory stirred that this was not my first experience here.

I can’t remember now who pushed a long metal probe into my navel but think it was the tall one, because at the time he was hovering over me. The shock of what was happening and the fear of what might happen was all I remember of the encounter, but even to this day cannot stand to have anything touch my navel. With the benefit of hindsight, I now wonder if one of the tests being done was to check my fertility.

Now, as an adult, it is easy for me to comprehend that extraterrestrial occurrences are possible because of the advanced technology these races have, which is far superior to our present understanding. This ability seems to enable them to access other dimensions and time lines.

At different periods of my life, there has been communication between diverse types of extraterrestrials, this third dimensional me and spirit being; all interacting in communication from somewhere, possibly one of the finer spheres interpenetrating this third dimension reality.

However while the extraterrestrials may have developed the ability to access some of these finer dimensional energy areas, I have learned that without an energy body covering required for a particular dimension, they cannot stay in any area for long. The same applies to us, as spirits, presently dwelling in our third dimension reality body. We need the baser earth energies to anchor us here in what is not our normal finer domain.

The Three Men in Black.

This is possibly the scariest extraterrestrial experience I have ever encountered. However it might have been slightly beaten in the fear factor by the experience with the reptilian to be discussed later. At the time there was no knowledge that others had experienced visitations from this scary trio in black suits. As it’s not known to me who they are or where they come from, I will include them in this section.

One night I had been asleep when woken by the feeling that my husband and I we were not alone in our bedroom. Standing at the foot of our bed were three men dressed like the main characters in the movie, 'The Blues Brothers'.

They never uttered a word or touched us but the feeling coming from them was menacing, threatening, and I was terrified of what they might do to us. While my husband slept soundly next to me I lay either paralyzed by fear or immobilized in some way, I really don’t know which it was. Certainly I was too frightened to move or utter a sound.

The trio stood side by side not moving, presumably just staring at me. I had no idea then and still don't know what they wanted but prayed to God whatever it was we didn’t have it. The next recollection was it was morning and the sun was streaming in the windows. My husband had slept through the visitation and knew nothing of it until I told him.

I have since learned this is quite common where one partner experiences something the other person sleeps peacefully on. However, my experience left me with a clear understanding or knowing that whoever the trio were they were not a dream or nightmare.

As to why they were there, how they accessed our home and what they were after still puzzles me. What is known is the experience was terrifying and whoever they are, I hope they never return.

My experience happened sometime in the 1980s but in searching the Internet when writing this book found that many people have experienced visitations from men in black. Some visits have been by one or two men in black suits but mine was definitely three men.

Because my 'visitors' were in front of a large window and so in silhouette I did not see their features but could clearly see dark suits, white shirts with ties. Each man had a hat on and, from memory, one was carrying a briefcase.

They have been described by others as having very pasty pale skin, no eyebrows or any facial hair but with dark penetrating eyes. 'Creepy' is a term often used as a description. I am glad they were in silhouette because it was already scary enough just by them being there.

Based on what occurred in my home and what I've since read, others have experienced, have to discard the men in black secret government theory. Perhaps in my case it happened because of the contacts I've had with other species and dimensions. No government agency could have known about these contacts unless it was by some independent means.

Perhaps it could have something to do with alien implants mentioned later in this book. On reflection though, what if these men in black who terrorized me were inter-dimensional and could come and go at will as the reptilians are said to be able to do? That would explain how they were able to appear in our locked home and leave without a trace.

Alleged Men In Black Caught On Video

This picture was downloaded from the Internet. It is of two men in black entering a hotel in Canada. They started asking questions about an employee working there. Fortunately the story said the man was not working there during their visit.

According to witness accounts, the men acted suspiciously and asked strange questions. They were described as having no eyebrows or eyelashes but had strange, hypnotic eyes, bald heads and were possibly wearing wigs. The men, caught on video camera, left as mysteriously as they appeared.

Men in black are rumored to be anything from part of a secret government agency, human-alien hybrids that only target civilians who have been abducted by extraterrestrials, have seen UFOs or are actively researching alien life. They arrive out of the blue, can flash security cards and ask questions but don't give any answers. However, they demand silence about any experiences or sightings.

The Lioness.

Another species of the extraterrestrial encountered are what others who have also had contact with them and refer to as the lion people. The only one seen in my home was female, with skin the color of chamois leather. All over the surface was what I at first thought were tiny wrinkles but later thought might be very fine darker hairs. Her eyes were an amber color, similar to a lion’s but her expression was of kindness, compassion and wisdom.

Her unexpected appearance at our Friday night class took us completely by surprise and, unprepared, we didn’t know what to ask. However, my friend Kris was less startled than me and asked a few questions. As was normal practice each Friday night a tape recorder was recording our meeting for transcribing later in the week.

Watching the female and while listening to her answers I noticed something strange. There was no draught in the room yet her hair, looking like thick strands of upright rooster’s comb, was moving as if there was a breeze. My ears pricked up when I heard her say, ‘even if we wanted to we couldn’t hurt her.’ Perhaps what was meant by this statement was although she appeared as if in our room, she was someplace else and what we were seeing was a projection, maybe a holographic impression. The streaming in of this image was the reason her hair appeared to be moving as if in a breeze.

Kris asked the first question; ‘There have been media reports of five lights in formation in the sky over Surfers Paradise, Australia. Is this from your craft?’ Kris spoke normally but our answers received were telepathic.

No. There are others from Venus here at present. It might be from their craft. You will not see us. There could many of our intergalactic space craft directly overhead, yet all you will see is a clear blue sky’.

She then went on to answer Kris’ question about how they dealt with the dangers of space debris colliding with their craft. We learned there was some sort of invisible barrier surrounding their ship that protected them from any potentially dangerous debris.

Unprepared, our questions asked were not particularly intelligent but all were answered with grace and good humor. As was our practice, the next day I would transcribe the tape, understand what was raised and what might have been better questions to ask had we been prepared. At the time I asked ‘Will we see you again?’ Smiling she answered that we only had to think of her and she would be with us. Then her image faded out and we were alone in the room.

The following day we were keen to hear what had been recorded. However, on beginning to transcribe the tape into the computer were dismayed to find the new tape with the fresh batteries in the recorder had failed to pick up any sound, not even of our voices. It had wound from one side to the other in the normal way but the tape was blank. I have since learned that it is quite common for electrical apparatus to fail to work at these times.

Another explanation might be that, like the experience with the reptilian discussed later, the conversation seemed to be for our ears only before the tape was somehow wiped clean.

On researching extraterrestrial races on the Internet discovered there is more information about the lion race, called Lyrans.

The information describes them, in part, as '....ethereal beings in 4th dimension and maybe the 5th too...... The lion (Lyran) people generally were sandy in color and mainly had golden or red hair.... Their eyes are yellow, green or blue, large with cat pupils.. Their bodies are covered with fur....These feline people have long hair on their head, something like a lion's mane.'

Ancient statues, the Sphinx and other images from ancient cultures are said by some to represent the Lyran race when they were dominant on Earth.

Space Travelers Over Brampton Island, The Great Barrier Reef.

Another experience happened sometime in the mid 1980s and this is a short version of that event. Four of us, women, met just before midnight on a beach at Brampton Island, Australia. The woman who had suggested we do this was a member of the hospitality staff on the island, while the three of us were paying guests on vacation there. Our reason for being on the beach was to see and communicate with the flying saucer that this woman assured us flew over most nights about midnight.

We were skeptical, but curious. I had already formed the opinion it was going to be a satellite or something like that; whatever it was wouldn’t be a space craft because to my understanding they were not seen anywhere on a regular basis. This one, according to our friend, appeared on time every night. We three guests had discussed the probability of seeing a space craft and accepted it didn’t seem possible, however we would try to keep an open mind and wait and see.

On the beach at the designated time, our hostess told us if we flashed the torch she would lend us it was a signal for the spacecraft to stay suspended high above us. It would then flash back the exact amount of beams we flicked at it until we grew tired of the game and then it would continue on its journey.

Well, that is exactly what happened. In the sky a single light came toward us moving at, I estimated, about the height and speed of a plane. Even though midnight seemed to be an unusual hour for a plane to be flying that's what I thought we were seeing. When it was nearly overhead the woman flashed her torch beam and the light stopped and hovered.

The woman flashed the torchlight several times and the silent, stationary light overhead reciprocated. My skepticism vanished as I realized we don't have any aircraft able to silently hover motionless as this one was doing.

Joining in we all took turns with the torch and continued for a while. Every time we had the torchlight blink a number we were met with an identical light number coming back. To my mind there is absolutely no way it could have been anything else but an unknown intelligence answering us.

I don't know how long we stayed there flicking the light on and off but eventually we became bored and stopped. Whatever or whoever was in the craft waited a few minutes and then moved off, on its way.

All I can say to you about the experience is perhaps when you see something you think or believe to be a space craft try flicking a torch beam at it. You may be rewarded with a reply. It happened to us.


I became good friends with an intelligent, restless, troubled man who never felt at home on Earth. When he visited we would sit out on my balcony and gaze at the stars as we talked. Sometimes he appeared impatient to go home but where was 'home'? Neither of us knew.

At one of these meetings he asked me to speak to my spirit teachers and find out who his guide was. I complied but instead of the familiarity of my spirit people, a metallic, flat, robotic voice spoke. ‘Sath’ it said loudly, then spelt ‘S.A.T.H’. It then used the same metallic sound to spell the name of my spirit guide. Finished, this presence then seemed to wait to see if we wanted to know more. Surprised by this strange turn of events we didn’t think to ask any more questions. While we talked on other matters of interest the energy stayed behind us something like an attentive waiter or butler.

Sometime later, days, weeks, I don’t really remember, while in an altered state of consciousness I found myself in a huge space ship in an area that appeared to be some sort of a nursery or laboratory. On a long bench nearby was a row of what seemed to be large glass jars similar to bell jars. A bell jar is shaped like a large glass bell and sits over something to protect it.

My awareness was drawn to a particular bell jar. Inside it was what looked to be a healthy fetus. The other glass containers also contained fetuses, all in different stages of growth. The feeling was this is where my friend came from. Once this information was understood by me my consciousness returned to my physical body.

Thinking about this strange event left me wondering: is this what happens to fetus’ who have been reportedly taken from their human mother’s wombs during the first trimester of pregnancy? Like the Anunnaki blend Zecharia Sitchin speaks about in his books, the offspring are said to be a mix between extraterrestrial races and humanity.

I didn't think to look to see if the other fetus' were homo sapiens in appearance or some other species and, on reflection, don't think I was meant to see any more than what I did. Perhaps what I was meant to see and understand is this is or was David's home and maybe even how he came into being.

Apparently my friend was well known to different extraterrestrial identities and whenever we made altered state contact, they spoke to or of him and called him 'Journeyman.' Journeyman, or David as he was known on this dimension, has now passed from this reality but he does still visit from time to time.

David was always a seeker of knowledge and experiences and like the rest of us he chose to be born on this Earth dimension at this time to experience the different growth experiences offered. However, once here, he found life extremely difficult and confining. The knowledge that he was so much more was innate in him but his powers on Earth were severely restricted. He is now free of earthly limitations. Travel well, unfettered and free, Journeyman.

Piggybacking an Extraterrestrial.

Standing in my bathroom daydreaming one day my attention was drawn to whatever I was doing. In front of my face was my right hand and I seemed to be observing it as if for the first time. There was a bemused feeling as I first turned it back and front then opened and closed my fingers fascinated by how they worked.

It was bizarre behavior until I realized my awareness was from two perspectives. Superimposed over my physical body and seen with my inner vision was a transparent shape that seemed to be a small extraterrestrial and we were both looking with my physical sight. It was a strange sensation but not unpleasant or scary so I allowed the experience to continue. After a short time and seemingly satisfied at his or her understanding of the mechanics of a physical body, the other energy left.

A Theta Healer teacher Sandy’s negative opinion of this and some other of my experiences is recorded in her case study notes at the end of this book. I am not consciously aware this sharing my body experience with an extraterrestrial has ever happened to me at any other time.

When asked my teachers they said the extraterrestrial was well known to me and I would not have permitted such familiarity if this had not been the situation. Bearing in mind my fear of someone possessing my physical body, this would have to be true.

Out and About With My ET Friend.

At one time during an out-of-body experience I was on a planet with a small extraterrestrial. I think it was the same one who had, for a very short time, shared my energy body. There was a sense the being was trying to teach me something.

For some reason still unknown to me my vision was limited and all I could see was indistinct outlines through a rusty red atmosphere. Wherever it was seemed very bleak. Some sort of sand or dust was underfoot and I sensed small hills were in the distance.

Around me were different sized objects it seemed I was meant to learn to identify. They felt like boxes but could have been something else. The small framed extraterrestrial was sitting to one side mentally encouraging me to try harder with identifying what they were and contained. I was not assisted and it seemed important that my learning was done by encouragement only. Getting bored and frustrated I returned to my physical body.

What was achieved by this experience is understanding that our minds, like computers, need to be able to recognize whatever is encountered. If recognition isn’t there often the next closest match is selected. This choice may or may not be accurate.

When mentioning this experience to a friend he was able to tell me that wherever it was, it must have been on a dying star or planet. The reason he knew, he explained, was young stars are blue, dying ones are red. That information was something not known to me previously.

My teachers told me what I was trying to understand were containers holding radiating energy plus knowledge relating to a race from an abandoned planet. It was to show me the shapes were still active, with a history, life of their own. I don’t know why the planet was abandoned, where it is situated in the cosmos or where the inhabitants went.

When speaking about communicating with other non-earthly energies there is a limitation on how to explain what happens because most times I really don’t know myself. What is understood by me is that communication many times goes beyond mental telepathy. This type comes more as a knowing, a transference and it is received faster than I could think it myself.

I am familiar with mental messages and still get an inner voice speaking often when passing on spirit guidance. This other type transcends this and is not heard as a voice; it is just 'there' in my mind.

There have been other episodes when I have gone with my extraterrestrial teacher friend and these episodes have only reinforced my lack of understanding the reality of what was there. One time we appeared to have journeyed to another planet and it seemed as if the distance travelled was instantaneous.

Again my senses recorded that same dull red night atmosphere but this time we were at a metropolis or built-up area. My inner vision saw a street scene of strangely shaped houses like large round, old fashioned European beehives, the type that look as if made of a thick cord wound around and around on top of each level to an ever diminishing circle ending at the top. This cord composition appeared to be constructed of a muted glowing energy. Lighting or glowing energy of some sort was inside, giving the structure the appearance of being made of some soft, frosted form. I also sensed that this muted energy served as some sort of key to access the buildings. Something perhaps like our face or fingerprint recognition.

My little extraterrestrial companion was of a different build to those inside the homes. These larger ones were tall, like the stick insects previously seen on the space craft but my sensory information did not make it clear enough to say if they were the same species.

I looked for constructed roadways like we have on Earth. Instead sensed there seemed to be some sort of routes in the air. There was no sound and it seemed to be very busy on this planet but as I couldn’t see any more than just described grew bored and returned to my physical body.

A Dangerous Visit.

The next experience with this little alien took place somewhere on Earth. My little travelling companion mentally impressed on me the need for the utmost caution because wherever we were going it was extremely dangerous.

I must have satisfied her need of understanding the risk because instantaneously we were now both hiding behind a large rocky outcrop somewhere in a huge, high ceiling rock cavern. Inside this illuminated cavern were several round space craft on tripod legs. Lots of boxes, different sorts of machine equipment and other shapes unfamiliar to me were along the sides of this massive rock interior. The lighting there was adequate so there was no trouble seeing clearly.

My companion pointed. A distance ahead was a stocky man in a uniform standing guard. My knowledge of weaponry is limited, as is what country wears what uniforms but do recognize an extremely well armed soldier carrying modern weaponry. There was some sort of smaller barrel on top of the main barrel of the rifle which made me think the weapon had night vision and possibly a lethal laser beam.

The man we were watching appeared to be human, a professional, dedicated soldier. There really was no illusion with the implications I felt were there. Human or extraterrestrial, this guard meant business. From behind our vantage point we watched a few other humans and some other species moving about further into the cave. Those who appeared to be another species I took to be extraterrestrials and, from memory, were thin and their movements were jerky. I have no idea what species they were but they certainly did not appear to be human.

That these different entities were working together was quite obvious. What the agenda was not clear but my gut impression was it was not something new. After a short while I returned to my physical body but don’t know where my extraterrestrial guide went.

However, whatever the information was it seemed important and to help me understand something, so we went back again a few nights later. I don’t know if I finally got the message but was able to understand that despite governments saying the contrary, somewhere in the world there is at least one extraterrestrial base. Perhaps I was also meant to understood that the Caucasian-looking guard was a soldier from one of the world’s governments or armies. Their agenda is anyone’s guess.

Going Home.

It was a very hot night, was sleeping naked when I became aware of my little ET teacher at the side of my bed. She was very excited and put her hand out for me to grasp; we were going somewhere. I indicated to her my lack of clothes but she didn't seem to think it was a problem so in my out-of-body state, rolled out of bed, took her hand and the next moment we were somewhere unfamiliar to me.

We were in a room with what appeared to be stainless steel walls with two stainless steel sliding doors, like lift doors facing us. The area looked as if it might be a holding bay and there seemed to be dust on the stainless steel floor. The doors facing us were closed and my little friend appeared quite excited, almost jumping up and down waiting for the doors to open.

When they did I saw other little excited ETs, each holding the hand of a human, male and female. The humans seemed to be sleepy or just waking up. At the front was an elderly grey haired man in green and white striped pajamas holding the hand of his little ET.

Then realization came, if I could see these humans very soon they would become aware and see me, naked. The anticipated embarrassment had me straight back to my physical body. That was the last time I saw my friendly ET.

The Nexus Conference of 2007

I have mentioned my terrifying experience with the men in black and still wonder if this next experience surpassed it in terror. This incident happened when at my friends’ home, Brian and Alison's, in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. I was there because Brian and I were to go to a meeting together the next day and it was decided the most practical thing was for me to spend the night at their place and we would leave together to the conference the next morning.

That night we discussed extraterrestrial experiences and watched a DVD of a woman who was to be a guest speaker at the conference the following day. The DVD finished at about 10.30pm and as we had to get up early, decided to go to bed.

The interior design of Brian and Alison’s family home is open living with the master bedroom on one wing and the children’s two bedrooms on the opposite side wing. The kitchen, dining and lounge areas are situated in the middle. I was to sleep in one of the children’s rooms. Alison and the two children had a commitment in Brisbane, leaving Brian and myself in the home. The house is in a country area and when the lights go out it is really dark and quiet.

Brian put a new tape into the machine, pressed the record button, adjusted the sound and spoke briefly into the machine. He rewound the tape and we listened expecting to briefly hear his voice. What we heard sent shivers up my spine. The sound was not human. At the same time I saw with my inner vision the exact reptilian shape from the night before and he

I had turned off the bedroom light and just settled down when all my senses went onto red alert. Something had entered the bedroom through the only doorway. I couldn’t see a thing in the darkness but my inner vision showed quite clearly and terrifyingly the solid form of a man-size greenish upright lizard. As it moved closer one of its arms was extended toward me and I knew intuitively its splayed fingers were going to make contact with my face.

My life didn’t exactly flash before me but in a space of a nanosecond other thoughts rocketed through my mind. Quick, turn the light on. No, don’t do it. You might upset it. My heart was pounding so fast and hard I wondered how it could still keep beating without leaping out of my chest. The creature was between me and the doorway so there was no chance of escape. The only thing I could think to do was silently repeat The Twenty-third Psalm.

If this all sounds overly melodramatic be assured, I sincerely felt death was near, either from my heart stopping or from whatever this creature was going to do to me. However I only managed to mentally say the first line of the prayer before the being moved to one side. Apparently it could read my mind or energy body and didn’t want to frighten me any more than it already had.

The next thing it was morning. I had slept soundly through the night. Impatiently I waited for Brian to wake up and come out and hear what happened. ‘I had a visitor last night”. I told him. ‘So did I’ he replied.

When we compared experiences they were similar. In Brian’s case he said he was lying in bed in the darkened room when he sensed something had entered his room. He didn’t see what it was but mentally said to himself, Brian you are an adult male. You don’t need to open your eyes but one of his eyes flicked open of its own accord. The next thing he remembered it was morning and time to get out of bed – but that wasn’t the end of our extraterrestrial visitation.

We attended the conference and, with the permission of the organizer, I intended taping certain speakers who were talking on subjects of interest to me. The machine was new and as I was not sure if the tape deck was recording as it should and, so as not to disturb the speakers, had to wait for the lunchtime break to check it out. Where we were having our picnic lunch was at the resort's nearby small beach and we were the only people there. As I prepared our picnic lunch asked Brian to check if the machine was functioning properly.

was now standing at the waterline.

Brian walked with the aid of two walking sticks and was not able to move fast. I thought about running, it was certainly tempting, but couldn’t leave my friend. Until I told him Brian was unaware of the reptile at the shoreline. He didn’t have inner vision and his interest was taken with the tape recorder and trying to identify the sounds that had been recorded

Both of us described a deep, heavy, slow breathing but that is where our interpretation differed. Brian thought it sounded as if it was heavy breathing with a soft overlay of a lion panting and something else he could not identify. I thought it sounded like a slow frog croak and a soft lizard’s hiss. Like I had ever heard that combination before! However, to me, that is what it seemed it could be. Strangely each time we played the tape the recording extended from what had been about ten or fifteen seconds to nearly five minutes of this strange sound. We couldn't understand it.

Alison had returned from Brisbane and that night, when the children were in bed, we played the tape for her. She could not identify the sound either but we decided the next day when we all attended the conference, we would go to the same little secluded beach and see if the creature returned or if we could record any other strange sounds. This we did and set the tape for the recording to follow on. This time nothing out of the ordinary was recorded and the creature did not appear either.

Brian asked me to channel my spirit teachers to find out what had happened. Before I did Brian prepared the tape. Then he pressed the record button.

My teachers started to tell us not to be frightened of this creature and proceeded to explain why we had the visitation. Then Brian spoke. Surprised at his intrusion I stopped communication to listen to what he had to say. In some mysterious way my simple, basic tape recorder rewound itself while in the record mode and wiped everything we had previously recorded.

Not understanding how it could have happened I thought Brian had made some sort of mistake and wiped the sound off leaving us with just a blank tape. However, Brian’s training was in sound recording and electronics so that was highly unlikely. Not giving up that something might be heard, Brian put the tape into his more sophisticated equipment at home. The result was the tape was then irretrievably chewed up with no hope of ever resurrecting anything. We were left to conclude that the three of us were permitted to hear the sounds but no-one else

The "Smelly'' Extraterrestrial.

One night in 2008 I awoke with a start. Something or someone was in my room with me. In the corner of my bedroom was a strong, unmistakable pungent odor of insect repellent. While my physical sight saw nothing out of the ordinary my inner vision showed me an indistinct large brown outline silhouetted against one of the pale-colored walls. Previous experiences had taught me - whatever was now in my room did not come from this dimension.

I knew there were extraterrestrials about because for several nights had caught fleeting glimpses of the more familiar ones called 'the grays', but had never smelt any odor from them. Nor from any other close encounter experience. What I did know was whatever was there should not be there and needed to go. Using a learned technique, I altered my third dimensional awareness to the finer energy of theta and commanded all elementals and extraterrestrials be removed from my energy bodies and taken to universal love and light. The smell receded, and then went away. Satisfied, I settled down but slept poorly.

In the morning, the fly-spray smell was again in the corner but somewhat fainter now. I knew whatever was creating the odor was still around. A friend was holidaying with me but could not smell anything unusual. However, she kept sneezing as if she was allergic to something in my apartment.

It was Thursday, the day of the week when I met with a group of people for meditation and theta healing. Most of the people who attended are aware of and communicate with some of the other normally unseen inhabitants on this and other levels in our multidimensional reality. Our gathering also attracted spirit teachers who guided us. I knew one or the other of these people would be able to tell me whatever it was still in my room and how to remove it.

A spirit teacher answered my question and said the odor did come from an extraterrestrial but not what we refer to as 'a gray'. This other entity had been attracted to the quanta energy light emitted by me and had come to investigate. He was studying the earthly conditions, thought they were very strange and had no desire to get involved in them. He also apologized for scaring me.

Unfortunately, he was trapped in our earth dimension and could not break free. We were instructed to use sound to help release him. Those who could tone were guided to the particular vibrational sound to use. They first heard it by their inner senses and then copied the sound out loud.

We knew we were successful when told by one of the teachers that the toning had created an energy pathway that the entity had zipped along into another dimension. I didn't think to ask but perhaps to his own dimension. I never smelt the fly spray again. It was also my only experience of smelling any extraterrestrial.

In this account about the trapped extraterrestrial you may have wondered why I accepted so readily the experience of the unknown presence in my bedroom. Why did I, like the others in my Thursday group, accept the information from unseen spirit energy on how to help the extraterrestrial escape the pull of the earth dimension? Why were we successful in our endeavors? Where did he go? Well, we never thought to ask my spirit teachers any of those questions so really don’t know.

Have You Had an Encounter with an Extraterrestrial?

If it crosses your mind to question if you have had or continue to have any sort of extraterrestrial contact, you might be interested in an article Unidentified Fortunate Objects written by Sheryl Gottschall in issue 26 of the magazine Spheres, The Spirit Guide, (p. 56, Métier Media Pty Ltd, Michelson Australia. 2009). Gottschall states in the article her long research has brought her to the conclusion that there are people on Earth who are what she refers to as having 'encounter-prone personalities'.