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What readers, just like you, are saying about

The Ascension Papers

"With each chapter I read there is a weight lifting. I feel less nervous, less fearful. I am astounded that I actually feel my perspective expanding and opening right up. I feel my attachments to particular ideologies falling way. I just feel open and excited to continue on my journey." – Niki

"Every word and explanation from 8 is like the truth of life 101 being told to me. The answers I have been without for 42 years. A relief and such excitement to hear them. Such a warmth in my heart and knowing. Thank you both!!" – Jilly

"Thank you, for bringing Spirit into our hearts, when we most needed it." – Gertrud

"Wow, that was epic. So well worth the read. Resonates very highly with me. Thank you Zingdad." – Syme

"Zingdad, I want to thank you profusely for everything you are doing here. There are not many places out there where these topics are discussed freely, and I feel like applauding J-D and 8 for putting all of it so eloquently." – M. Powers

"As always, your understanding resonates with and mirrors my own. Your eloquence in putting it into words, however, exquisite heart-song!" – Mathew

"I feel warmth and joy reading this, the feeling spreads from my heart and into every little particle in my body, what a great feeling" – Ann

"My mind has been so irreversibly opened by these writings. I am so thankful for the wider perspective. "If you can't see the perfection you are standing to close to the picture." Plays in my mind every time I see or hear anything that displeases me or leads me to habitually label someone or something as evil. This is really powerful". – Oneness411

"When I read The Ascension Papers for the first time, my heart and soul said yes, yes ,yes... " –wolfke74

"What amazing material. Rings so true for me." – macelderry

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