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The 12 Secret Keys to a Fulfil ed Life

ISBN: 978-‐0-‐9870693-‐8-‐2

© Copyright 2011 all rights reserved

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Written by Trevor Gol agher

Published by TrevorGol Books


Thanks to Wendy & Words for copyediting

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Thank you for choosing to pick up this book

I hope you gain clarity and wisdom from its pages.

12 Secret Keys to a Fulfil ed Life is written as twelve keys of information.

At the end of each key there is a Key Practice to help you in a practical

way to absorb and assimilate its contents.

Throughout the book I have highlighted in bold important aspects and

information within the keys.

I have also overlapped and intermeshed important points of knowledge

between the different keys. This has been done to reinforce the essential

teachings contained within the pages of this book.

You may choose to read all the keys in order and thus the book in its

entirety, or to randomly pick a key to read and work with for that

particular day, week or month.

Whichever way you decide to read and use this book, I sincerely hope you

receive positive change in your life as a result, as this was my aim and

intention in writing it.

I have a sincere wish to help as many people I can to attain a better life. If

you feel you have gained benefit from reading 12 Secret Keys to a Fulfil ed

Life please pass it on to your friends and family, so they can enjoy its

contents, too.

May your life be fil ed with Love and Happiness.

Trevor Gollagher

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Key One – Commitment

How serious are you about having a loving and happy life?

Many people say they are, but very few are deeply committed to this

outcome. On one level we al want it, but on another level we want it only

if there is no hurt or pain caused by bringing up old emotional imprinting

and negative issues.

Making a commitment to enjoy a happy life requires that you let go of

most of what you know to be true in your current beliefs and

conditioning. This is a very scary thing to do. Al sense of security can be

washed away, and quite often one can feel very vulnerable, exposed,

confronted or even isolated as a result of taking this step.

It is not all doom and gloom, however, as I am here to tel you that the

greatest joy one can experience is waiting for you right now. On the other

side of the deluded perceptions, resistance, insecurity, the unknown and

fear is a treasure chest of al the joyful and loving jewels you seek.

All that you seek as a human actually resides within.

Located in your heart space resides a divine doorway that leads to al the

joy and happiness that most people are struggling to find and attain. The

key to divine consciousness is waiting for you right now in your heart. It is

this consciousness that brings to you al of your dreams.

Pure unpol uted truth, which is all knowing and loving, desires and is

wil ing to bring your life into a loving and positive state that only dreams

are made of.

Sustained happiness — which is what al humans’ desire — is not

something that is found outside of you. Al positive experiences happen

because of your alignment to the divine energy that is held within you. It

cannot be found anywhere else.

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So the commitment required to allow the beauty of divine happiness and

love to unfold is the commitment YOU make to YOURSELF.

It is the commitment to make the decision to step through the

consciousness doorway in your heart.

It means you will not listen to your ego and mind driving you to stay right

where you are — in your delusionary past conditioning and beliefs. Nor

listen to the ego/mind telling you that you don’t deserve happiness, or

you are not valuable or good enough to succeed.

It is the commitment that YOU accept what drives and motivates you to

seek the divine within; trusting your soul’s consciousness always has your

best interests at heart.

It’s your trusting that its connection to the almighty power of

God/Consciousness has a divine plan for you, and you wil never be able

to stray from its unfoldment.

It’s the commitment to allowing yourself to feel safe in trusting Divine


Sometimes you may think your life is all over the place and you are not

where you think you should be. However, this is only your distorted view

of truth appearing as real and giving you a sense of disharmony, struggle

or stagnation.

Your commitment is that you keep alert to not fal ing into old patterns of

non-‐truth and negativity. Put concerted effort into always aligning

yourself to positive spiritual truth and don’t support non-‐truth within

yourself or others.

Are you prepared to put that much effort into changing your life?

Are you prepared to embrace your truth, warts and all?

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Are you prepared to make a difference in your life regardless of what it

might take?

Do you feel you deserve or are valuable enough to have a happy life?

Are you prepared to let go of all that prevents you from seeing truth?

These are all very valid questions to consider if you are really serious

about changing your life. Your commitment is very black and white: you

are either committed to happiness or you are not. There are no half

measures or room to be blasé.

Making a commitment to grow towards more happiness requires that you

let go of the myths you hold within your beliefs and perceptions; myths

you currently think to be true.

It requires that you always express how you feel in all situations; that you

remain vigilant and aware in every moment, so you never ever repress

your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

It means you must be fully open and al ow your life to unfold without any

interference. Just let yourself ‘be’ in your divineness.

A commitment means you choose to perceive and know al experience as

positive in the bigger scheme of things. You always look for ways to

support your life with loving thoughts and actions and your interactions

with others.

This is the commitment that is required if you wish to truly enjoy a good


This is the commitment and effort required to truly love yourself.

You are driving the bus of your life. Only you hold the controls to brake,

accelerate, to turn left or right.

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Which way do you wish to steer your life?

The choice is, and has always been, yours to make regardless if you feel


The time has never been better than right now for you to make the

changes necessary to bring you into a life ful of joy, ease and abundance.

It only requires that you make a decision to do so and to commit action to