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SPIRITUAL WISDOM: Moving Beyond Religion


Michael T. Burke




Prologue ………………………………………………….3


Chapter One: Moving Beyond Religion …………………4


Chapter Two: God the Great Spirit ………………………16


Chapter Three: The Spiritual Dimension…………………19


Chapter Four: Medium vs. Psychic……………………....26


Chapter Five: Mental Mediumship……………………….29


Chapter Six: Physical Mediumship…………………….…33


Chapter Seven: Development of Mediumship…………....37 Chapter Eight: Trance and Trumpet Séance……………...43


Chapter Nine: Aura and Chakras…………………………52


Chapter Ten: Power of Healing Abilities…..…………….55


Chapter Eleven: God’s Laws……………………………..61


Chapter Twelve: Decision Time or NDE…………….…..64


Epilogue ………………………………………………….66



As the future unfolds before humankind, it is becoming very self evident that the old mainstream theologians have nothing to offer present day individuals. Those who seek to know the truth look to the Great Spirit to satisfy their quest for a greater understanding of their God.

As humankind emerges into a newfound freedom, it discards the old, out-dated creeds and dogmas that have for so long imprisoned their inner spirits.

Humankind no longer trusts the ancient religious practices that have failed so miserably to bring them out of the current chaos the world is mired in. As the religions of the world continue to give lip service to archaic doctrines, which they inwardly question themselves, humankind now seeks the truths of the spiritual dimension to guide them in today’s fast paced world.

Being a spiritual being has nothing to do with religion. God the Great Spirit did not sanction any religion upon the Earth. None whatsoever; God is not Catholic, Hindu, Baptist, Muslim, Protestant, Buddhist, Jewish, or whatever. These and all other religions are creations of humankind, not of the Great Spirit.

Organized religions of the world have killed more innocent people then all the major wars of the twentieth century combined, all in the name of God.
The time has come for humankind to evolve to the next level of its future existence. We must rise up and cast off the chains of bondage that the religions of the world have used to enslave our very souls. Humankind must fulfill its desire for spiritual development, by using our innate abilities to bring us out of the destructive chaos that engulfs our planet today.

Through these abilities humankind shall move forward into the spiritual realm that God the Great Spirit had intended for us, so that we can grow and progress to our fullest potential. The following information will set those who are ready on the correct path to their spiritual evolution in the twenty-first century.


The time has come for those who are ready to move beyond the religions of the world, those false beliefs that stand in the way of true spiritual progress. Religion has created obstacles and superstitions to confuse and baffle the mindset of the seeking individual. All humankind desire the freedom to seek the eternal truths which God has made available, yet religion has taken dominion over these truths in order to control the weak and ignorant masses of the world.

Humankind need the simple truths of God, while in the human form, to advance their spiritual growth for the time in which they shall return to their true home in the spirit dimension.

Organized religions will attack your right to have the simple truths of God, because once you have them, you will see how useless religion truly is. God wishes you, the ordinary man and woman, to have his truths that are founded upon eternal, natural laws of the spirit. Not some man made laws designed to control your life, and to reinforce their religious power over you. You were given free will in order for you to advance your own spiritual growth; to live your life based on your needs. Not to be lead by those who would use you for their advancement, their personal authority and power. Those who claim to speak for God do not know what God wishes for you. Only you can know where your true path lies as you journey through this life, for you had a hand in choosing what was needed for your spiritual evolution with Gods blessing.

For humankind to be free in mind, body and spirit, we must understand that we require no popes, no priests, no rabbis, no cleric, no temples, no synagogues, and no church of any kind. No system of doctrine or theology need be placed in your path as an obstacle to the simple truths of God the Great Spirit. Unconditional love, from the smallest measure to the highest, love is the key that unlocks our spiritual growth, and it’s that simple.

Religion has taught us to judge others, if they do not believe our way or what our holy book says; then they must be damned for all eternity. How can we judge someone else’s life, when we know so little of our own?

If you learn no other lesson in life, know this, all material things will simply fade away with time, and the only thing you take with you when you return home to the spirit dimension will be the richness you have contained in your very own nature. Wealth, power and the like will mean nothing to you on the other side. When you have truly found yourself, you will have found the Great Spirit, and then you will know God.

Humankind must oppose the massive complex of falsification imposed upon it by organized religion over the centuries. The time is now upon us to destroy the very foundation of doctrines, which have been superimposed on humankind by those who falsely claim to guide us to God. They not only demand we follow them, they dare claim humankind can only find God through their leadership. God needs no intermediary to speak to his children; he need not seek you out in a mosque, church, synagogue or temple, for you have direct access when the need arises for direct communication, day or night. You just need to utilize your natural abilities, and relearn the proper way to communicate with the spirit dimension. All humankind possess in one degree or another, the ability to make known their thoughts to the Great Spirit. Once you reconnect to the spiritual dimension, you will then be able to receive the thought messages, the answers to your questions that pertain to your personal life that you are living at this very moment.

Once you have been caught up in the effects of organized religion, which is usually imposed at an early age, it is almost impossible for real spiritual truths to penetrate the dense wall of superstition that has been indoctrinated into your very soul. For those who are strong enough to break free, you will no longer be caught up in the selfishness and ignorance of this chaotic world. The knowledge of the spirit dimension will open and you shall realize the greatness that lies within yourself.

As the truth of the Great Spirit grows in the world, it shall predestinate the end of that which separates all peoples. No more class or race distinctions need keep us divided from each other. We shall be as one, and realize we are all the sons and daughters of the Great Spirit and peace shall engulf our planet.

God’s message to us is simple, that there are spiritual truths, spiritual knowledge, and spiritual laws that we can access from the spirit dimension and from seeking within ourselves. There we shall find the guidance and help we so desperately pursue in our lives.

The knowledge we gain and the wisdom we learn while in the physical form, are far greater in value to our deathless soul then all the wealth and power we could ever command in our physical world. Poverty and ignorance shall reign all across the Earth until we embrace the spiritual truths of God the Great Spirit, and that requires sacrifice. You cannot build anew without first tearing down that which has been built on falsehoods and deceptions.

Building a strong foundation starts with educating ourselves, and then teaching our children. If you restrain the soul of a child at an early age, you in essence deny them the fundamental rights of freedom; you condemn them to a life of spiritual slavery. Freedom is the essential quality of all education, which leads to true wisdom and spiritual enlightenment. To teach a child to believe in religion’s attachment to ancient myths and falsehood’s is to infect the child’s intellect. A child so influenced, be it intelligent, will reject and discard the erroneous information as it becomes aware of its deception, and shall then turn on those whom it feels misled it at a time when it had no way to resist their deceitful dominion over it. Those less intelligent will be held captive by organized religions power and authority, and they shall force upon their own children a similar fate, which they are unable to break free of themselves.

Children need to be educated in the spiritual truths of God, to live a moral, charitable life, yearning to help those who dwell within their realm of influence, and to be unfailing to the Great Spirit of which they are an essential element. Teach them God’s simple law; do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It was given to humankind long before Jesus walked the earth and yet we still fail (or refuse) to understand its simple message.
Too many so-called religions, for too long have they each been with a variation of

God’s message. That which organized religion holds most precious, in actuality, is of no benefit to humankind. Religion in the past has caused widespread bloodshed, innocents to be tortured, maimed, and burned all in the name of God, yet those ungodly acts did not increase the spirit of humankind by even the smallest measure. Religion has divided humankind into hostile groups, pitting families and nations against each other. As the ancient religions grew in power, so has world disharmony grown; war and upheaval happen on a daily basis in our society of today. How many would murder and destroy today if there were no religious factions inflaming the people to kill in the name of their God? When you take religion out of the equation, humankind has no need to slaughter and violate each other.

It does not matter what an individual calls himself: a Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim, or whatever. That which matters to God is what an individual does with his life. Being of service to others is the spiritual path in life that we should strive for in order to advance our own, personal growth, as we endeavor to be more God-like.

For those who pray, just know that true prayer is a spiritual action, and when it is done correctly, it will provide introspection, so that looking within yourself leads to becoming aware of not only your inner strengths, but of your imperfections as well. This in turn compels you nearer to the Great Spirit, which inspires you to endeavor to reach higher levels of attainment. Simply mouthing holy words in repetition of some symbolic representation achieves nothing. These repetitive imprints attract no one from the spirit dimension, not God, nor do his Angels respond to such, for those prayers create no resonant force, there is no sincerity behind them, and those who speak those prayers do so with indifference. For they have long ceased to contemplate the true meaning of the words they now utter without thinking.

As two examples of prayers which no longer have any potency for their mere act of formality, one being the Muslim’s reciting the same prayers five times during the day while facing Mecca, and two would be Christian’s uttering the Lord’s Prayer each time they hold services. Even when great numbers of people gather together and listen to predetermined words, or speak meaningless prayers; they bring forth no effect upon the physical dimension, or the spiritual dimension. Only when each individual, aware of his inner strength and his inner weakness, is truly inspired to give greater service, then his prayer will manifest itself before the Great Spirit.

True prayer comes forth only when the individual desires to attune itself with the creative force of life. In order for this to take place; the individual must use his spiritual and physical abilities to be of greater service, thus bringing forth his potential gifts, that he may then be an instrument of the infinite energy that gave him the opportunity of physical life.

When your soul desires knowledge, awareness, and depth, that prayer automatically attracts its answer by creating a vibration that brings those who are in tune with your personal vibration. Such as your guardians from the spirit dimension, harmonious family members who have passed over, and those on the other side who are simply attracted by the love emanating from your soul. When you cry out in jeopardy, they tune into your vibration and come forth with help and assistance.

Just be aware; prayer has nothing to do with religion. When you sincerely pray from deep within your very soul, you are simply connecting with the Great Spirit, and the spirit beings he has chosen to watch over your journey here in the physical dimension.

Foolish prayers, such as “Please God, just let me win the Lottery and I’ll go to church every Sunday, I swear?” are simply ignored by God and those who are in tune with your vibration. God wants you to grow spiritually, for you are a spiritual being. God cares not for material wealth, or the power it can purchase, he cares about you. Because you and all the others in the physical dimension are a part of him, you are eternal, so prayers that will help you to be of service to others are always met with positive energy and positive action.

Think before you pray, whom are you trying to help? Yourself, for some selfish reason, or God’s children, your fellow man, who are in true need?

At this time, let’s put forth the real truth concerning the individual known as Jesus, whom the Christians consider to be the Son-of-God. Ancient religion used his lifetime some two thousand years ago to proclaim him to be the ‘only’ Son-of-God, but these are false claims. This man Jesus was not sent to save humanity, or to die for humankind’s sins. The Great Spirit did not invent sin, humankind invented it to use as a tool to enslave the weak and ignorant masses of that time period.

The life that was planned for Jesus was for him to be a teacher and prophet. He would teach by example, and repeat the words of the Great Spirit that had already been given to humankind, yet lost and forgotten throughout the centuries.

Jesus returned to the physical dimension in order to re-teach the abilities humankind had lost over the centuries, and those teachings were meant only for those in that part of the world he lived and taught in. Jesus was a prophet for that time and place, his message was for those individuals living there and his message was not intended for the whole world, especially those of today’s society.

Jesus taught by example to show humankind that what he did, all humankind could do if they put forth the same effort. He incarnated to that area because there was no direction with the people, no guidance, and they did not care about themselves. Jesus came to help people understand themselves and to teach them love and respect for each other. He tried to return them back to the simple basics, to bring forth their spiritual side, yet greed and hatred kept the people slaves. The people were too afraid to stand up for themselves, and his words went unheard by the majority.

Almost five hundred years after his death, ancient religious leaders of that later time period seized upon the idea of the Bible, a so-called holy book the church created in order to control and rule over the illiterate and unenlightened masses.

The Bible has undergone many changes since its conception; with over fifty different versions now circulating in our society of today, all of which are incorrect. The basic principles of the Old Testament started out as a history of those known as Jewish. Their history was based not on written, but upon oral traditions throughout the time period the Old Testament professes to cover. Much later it was written down.

Their oral traditions mainly consisted of old Jewish wives’ tales filled with wild gossip of events and proceeding’s which never actually occurred. Those events that did occur had been exaggerated to the point of being unrecognizable. Basically, the Old Testament was used by organized religion as a fear tactic to repress and keep the ignorant masses in line, and even today, many individuals are afraid of their loving creator due to religions authoritative control over their lives.

As for the New Testament, organized religion chose the life of Jesus to foster into being the son of their fictitious god, the god spoken of in the old testament; a god of death, revenge, and destruction. A god the populace would fear, thus obeying the religious leaders and their rules in order to enslave the common people.

The ancient church then sought out the few known facts concerning the life of Jesus of Nazareth, while adding and subtracting, and fabricating the rest into what is now the new testament of today’s bibles. When you take a small amount of truth and combine it with a large amount of falsehood, you come up with the perfect lie, which is never challenged because it contains truth. The multitude submits easily to such fabrication.

Overall, the fictional biblical story of the alleged son-of-god did indeed work to give organized religion basic authority over those who succumbed to their intentional fraud and lies. Some of the more important things Jesus spoke of to the common people, such as, reincarnation as an example, were deleted from the early bible. The religious authority of the time felt it would be easier to regulate the rank and file if they believed in only one lifetime, instead of many.

The greatest problem facing Americans in today’s society is the conflict they feel within themselves and they are angry and unhappy spiritually. Few are truly peaceful, or in harmony, the reason being they don’t believe in anything anymore, neither in themselves, nor in God the Great Spirit.

You must believe in something, and they don’t believe in anything. They have failed themselves and lost their sense of purpose in life. Americans have no strong family bonds anymore, brother kills brother, families scatter. This is one reason children are so insecure, they don’t feel the bonding love of family life.

Americans as a majority don’t love themselves, therefore, how can they love others. When you don’t love yourself, you can’t give love, or receive love. Material wealth and power have no place in God’s plan for us.

Humankind will one day realize who they truly are in the eyes of the Great Spirit, and that truth shall set them free. Human beings will come to understand that they are spiritual beings from the spirit dimension, living a human experience in this physical dimension we call Earth.

Spirit beings enter this created dimension to learn the lessons of love and truth, or to help others learn those lessons. Through those lessons of love, spirit beings remember their true connection to the Great Spirit, our creator, and begin their journey home in order to reconnect and remember that they are a part of God.

If the bible had been written by God the Great Spirit instead of the unscrupulous clergy of the period, it would have been provided to humankind in the following fashion. As concerning the Old Testament, it would have been written that God had created the spirit beings, which in turn gave companionship to our dear creator. As spiritual beings, when we grow spiritually and expand, so does God the Great Spirit grow and expand. God in his infinite wisdom provided all spirit beings the ability to create for themselves. Spirits became co-creators in their own right. A group of master teachers, highly advanced spirits, united their abilities under Gods supervision and constructed the dimensional physical world consisting of the universe and the planet we dwell upon, Earth.

Spirit beings then entered into that created dimension by mentally projecting themselves into the material aspects they found there. They fabricated all animate and inanimate forms in order to experience that which they were now creating at will. Over a long period of time, these spirit beings became trapped inside their own creations, losing their awareness of who they were and of who their Creator was. At that point many were trapped in the living mineral and lower animal life forms of the primitive planet earth, which was still evolving as the universe was in its infancy.

God then allowed another group of spirit beings to enter this created dimension in order to bring forth the human form, in order to help those trapped to free themselves and return to their loving creator. This was based on the human form using cycles of incarnations.

Those spirits that entered the new physical dimension begun to create at will, and gave birth to odd monstrosities of their own making, such creatures as centaurs, mermaids, and unicorns to name a few. Introducing the human form allowed the trapped spirits the ability to project themselves into the newly developed human forms. Through the human incarnations they could free themselves of the animal-mineral forms and return to the awareness of ‘who’ they were and of ‘who’ their loving Creator was.

The length of time and the number of incarnations required to restore and free a trapped spirit being depended mainly upon how disfigured it was, physically, mentally, and/or emotionally.

As for the New Testament, had God written the story of ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ it would have simply told of a mortal man who came to a region of the Earth that was in disparate need of guidance. Jesus was a teacher and prophet who came to help the people break free of their ‘self imposed’ bondage.

Here is the true version of the life of the man known as ‘Jesus’ that organized religion does not want you to be made aware of, for the truth would remove all doubt from your mind as to their right to have continued authority over your present life.

Jesus was not born in Bethlehem, because his parents were members of the Order of Essences. Essences were looked down upon and even tormented, and at times even murdered by the Romans. To avoid trouble Joseph and Mary took up lodging with a small group of Nomads several miles outside the city.

Joseph was not the biological father of Jesus, nor did Mary become pregnant by God or by any miraculous or immaculate act on the part of God. That was just an untruth told by the Clergy in order to show Jesus as the Son of God. Jesus came to be a teacher, not a savior for humankind.

Mary had been the victim of rape and impregnated by a young barbaric Roman soldier, the shame and fear of being cast out, or even murdered, kept her from speaking of the incident.

The story of three wise men following a star to Bethlehem was total fabrication on the part of organized religion, just a tall tale to bolster the story of his so-called immaculate birth, in order to show his divine connection with God.

The miracles spoken of in the bible were not miracles at all, most were falsehoods made up by ancient religion. Jesus simply mastered the ability of communicating from the physical dimension with those in the spiritual dimension. From his early instruction to his advanced teachings in Egypt he mastered levitation, astrology, healing and numerology among other things. He received many tests and initiations in the great pyramid of Egypt in order to advance his knowledge and abilities to further help the people of that time and place. Jesus used no miracles to help his fellow man, all individuals have the same potential, the same natural abilities that Jesus used to heal the blind, enable the lame to walk, restore the sick and diseased to health and vigor again. If humankind truly applied their selves to the God-energy, all could do as Jesus did. There were no miracles, all simply according to God’s natural laws in the physical dimension. When Jesus walked upon water, it was simply his spirit helpers who levitated his physical body over the water, which gave the appearance from a distance that he was walking upon the water. Not a miracle, simply one of many gifts humankind has lost over the centuries.

Through dreams, Mary was made aware that her son Jesus would become a teacher of men and when the time came for him to go forth to study and learn in other lands, she was supportive in her frame of mind.

Concerning the ruler Herod, he was told by his counsel that a threat to his position existed as foretold by the prophecy which had been circulated long before the birth of Jesus, and that the man who would be King of the Jews had been born recently. The name Jesus was not mentioned to Herod, only that a threat to his rule existed. Thus he acted out of great fear and superstition when he ordered the deaths of all male children up to the age of two. Many children escaped the death decree through various means of ruse and deception. Some of Herod’s own men defied his orders and refused to murder infants.

Jesus of Nazareth spoke Aramaic, and could read Hebrew. He later picked up basic Greek and Latin during his studies and travels, and no he never heard or spoke English during that lifetime.

During his middle and late twenties, his physical appearance was that of a dark complexion, and a stout muscular build, with short hair and no beard or mustache. His weight was on average one hundred and eighty-eight pounds and he stood five feet ten inches. His true appearance in no way, shape or form resembled the pale, thin, sickly man with long hair, beard and mustache, which adorns today’s crucifix and pictures hanging in churches and private homes.

Be it known that John the Baptist and Jesus of Nazareth knew of each other but no meeting between the two ever took place, for they differed greatly on their ideologies. Ancient religion made up the fictional account of the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist to accommodate their needs.

The Last Supper never took place and there were no twelve poor disciples. Jesus did have a following of devoted individuals who traveled with him through the small towns and villages, but they were not poor. By today’s standards several of his trusted companions would have been considered wealthy, and money was not a concern. The Church had fostered the notion to the masses that Jesus and his followers were poor in order to invoke the sympathies of the common folk so they would feel that he was one of them and not of the richer class. Just note, Jesus was not rich in the way of wealth, but rich in the way of the Spirit.

When it was said he spoke in parables, at first this was not true, yet midway through he turned to using parables in order to reach those who were uneducated who simply couldn’t understand his teachings. The short stories were well received and could easily be remembered. Just know those words were spoken for those individuals living during his lifetime, in that particular area of the world. They were not meant for today’s society or in this part of the world. We are living in different times and the meaning of his words no longer hold true for the nations and peoples living in the present.

Concerning the Ten Commandments, these were ancient religion’s attempt at further control. God the Great Spirit never gave humankind such commandments to live by that would contradict his gift of free will while in the physical form. Once spiritual awareness is achieved in the physical dimension; the lessons of war, rape, starvation, disease and the like will be understood and humankind will embrace those life experiences.

The Jewish leaders of the time feared Jesus would start a rebellion against the Romans and against their rule as well. Even though Jesus was simply teaching a return to brotherly love and showing how to heal the sick, there were those known as Zealots who came to hear his message. Zealots were those who openly fought the Roman rule therefore the Roman and Jewish leaders considered Jesus to be a rebel. Since Jesus did not agree with how the Jewish authority conducted itself before the people Jesus made statements denouncing them at some of his gatherings. This brought about the fear that invoked the Jewish leaders to seek the arrest of Jesus in order to keep their limited authority under the Romans dominion over them. The Jewish vanguard finally persuaded the Romans to arrest Jesus by stating he refused to pay tribute to Rome and tried to prevent his followers from paying as well. This was still not enough for the Romans, who did not want to be involved in what they considered to be a local matter. So the Jewish adjudicator falsely stated Jesus claimed to be the ‘King of the Jews’ at which point he was arrested and given a mock judgement by the local Roman administrator who in order to appease the Jews ordered Jesus to a mock crucifixion. After being crucified and left on the ‘T’ shaped cross for several hours (no spikes or nails were used on his hands or feet, just rope cords) he was taken down and ordered to leave the city.

Pontius Pilate the Roman governor had been made aware of what was taking place but he never personally seen or spoke to Jesus of Nazareth. The Romans already had their hands full in this province dealing with the Zealots and didn’t need to add this controversy to their list of problems.

The bible story of the crucifixion of Jesus was just another a

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