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Redeem & Reinvent The Art Of Lost Wellness

By Santosh Jha



Copyright 2013 Santosh Jha

Smashwords Edition


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Welcome Note

Start Of Life Skill Situations & Tests

Accept My Gratitude

About The Author

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I feel truly happy to tell you that this, I do not intend to be a book. Rather, it is like friends chatting up, sharing whatever we can together to enhance the wellness space.

It is my humble belief that any person, in whatever state of consciousness and life positioning, is in some special ways, better than a wisdom-book, for the purpose of life & living learning. I must tell you, I have learnt and more importantly, unlearnt, primarily from people. Books somehow are people-matter in text-format.

I am sure, you too have realized that the world we live, is what it is, neither good nor bad. It is somehow neutral and objective. It is people, who are the ‘Theatre’ of all troubles as well as happiness. It is in our subjective consciousness that we accept something as trouble and others as happiness. We all know and accept that human mind is the most capable and instinctively galvanized mechanism in the entire universe to solve all our life-living problems. It is very clear to us that humanity has succeeded and excelled on Earth because of its brilliant problem-solving skills.

The milieu around us being neutral and objective, we as individual have larger onus to make our lives as we wish it to be. This boils down to how skillfully we all manage our ambient milieus and other people. Everything is there in the mind and as we gear ourselves to acquiring those life skills, which make life wellness an journey for us, our mind becomes attuned to them. We then have an auto-mechanism for larger wellness.

We shall talk here about life situations and realisms in our societal milieus, which test our life skills. There are some elementary elements of personality positions and choices, which stand us in good stead, when we face life. These ensure wellness for us as, every good thing we do to others, it finally cycles back to us in larger utility to our own wellness. There are also queries; many of them may be unpleasant to be asked. That is why, it is better we ask ourselves about them. This shall test our Life Skill Quotient (LSQ).

We shall talk about life skills and questions, which you may ask to yourself, to assess your life skill quotient and to gear up for being better skilled. However, first, we have to come down to one common premise, which shall help us is the fruition of the issue at hand – Testing your LSQ.

There has to be a humble admittance – Any word, however well meant and well spelt, is a possible suspect of ‘misrepresentation’. There is a simple reason. The good intentioned words sometimes fail to land on the mind of others, as there is some ‘insignificant’, yet potentially fatal obstacle standing midway.

It is believed, “If the hypothesis is right, the idea is accepted as right”. If two people have an assimilative and integrative attitude, one can easily see that root trouble is in subjectivity of the hypotheses. This helps in resolution of conflict of ideas.

Friendship is one positioning, where assimilation and integration about divergent hypotheses has larger accommodative space. A seed is more objectively accommodative in space than a grown up tree. Friendship is seed positioning.

That is why, at the very start, I very affectionately request you to be my friend and accept this all as one long conversation between friends. Kindly, accept this not as a book but a ‘confabulation’ between friends. This, I am confident, shall engender smoothness of navigation and fruition of the entire exercise.

With all humility and sincerity at my behest, I wish to tell you that it needs to be said, there is only one person on the earth, who can say that he has understood. Otherwise, this domain is reserved for a metaphor called God. This is not available for humans.

It is also a heart-felt realization that our very worthy ancestors; who had the intelligence and courage to face the worst, life made them to, so that we inherit a better beautiful world; have already said almost all good things. What I can do is present them in new set of words with novelty of references.

The only justification of me telling them is that all goodness and wellness ideas and words need to be repeated and retold, to add to their all-pervasiveness.

At the age of 46, I can say with innocence that getting old is such a beautiful and satisfying experience. It makes the ‘self’ accept the ‘utility and fruition’ of holistic, assimilative and integrative consciousness. Getting old has probably pushed ‘me’ close to the ‘eligibility’ of perhaps beginning to understand as what essentially is there to be understood!

I chat up with you to share with you whatever is part of my consciousness. All wisdoms say, human is designed to live in state of ‘flux’, a state of instinctive semi consciousness. To jolt oneself out of this, one must challenge itself; something humanity has done since millions of years. What stays with you is what sinks in. Wisdom is what we internalize.

I share with you whatever I have internalized in my life.



Singular Emotions Engender Revolutions

There is a calamitous trend of individual dissociation with milieu and society around. It is rather dangerous that ‘Social Milieu’ is being positioned as antagonistic to ‘Self’, hence a trend to keep ‘Self’ away and aloof from it.

Individuals cannot be blamed for it. Social milieu is so obnoxious now, with individuals facing loads of extreme attitudes, nasty demeanors, rejection, snap-abandonment, shallow and shaky relationships et al.

Self and society have mutual benefit, they work as natural wellness support system for each other but, as we have entered a stage of evolution, where unprecedented complexities, conflicts and negative dualism greet us on daily basis, the wellness has become the worst victim.

Still, the contemporary cherished choice of burdening the ‘self’ with all responsibilities of wellness-sanity-rationality is tough; it is not the way we have been designed and evolved.

Please do accept humbly and innocently that isolation and keeping aloof from the natural support system of wellness is not an instinctive and innate positioning of your consciousness, it is purely a cultural one; that too a recent one.

It is an unnatural societal and cultural benchmark of success and achievement to hide one’s troubles from people. The pop icons may opt to hush up when they go to a hospital as they are in this business of happiness. Not an average person.

Remember, how does a revolution happen? How big changes take place in societies against the prevailing powerful norms and benchmarks? Understand this energy. When one single pain and sorrow is owned and personalized by every single citizen of a nation or society; revolutions happen and are always successful.

When an individual pain becomes a collective pain of millions and the emotions of millions become one single expression, revolutions happen and are always successful.

The trouble, we have in all societies and in all nations, emanate out of our cultural consciousness of being one and singular with collectivity only in our joys and celebration but never ever in pain.

Revolutions and big changes have become extinct. They may look like beginning but die an infant death. We all as a collective have lost the innate magical art of merging our subjective and personalized consciousnesses into one singular, objective and collective consciousness at times of crisis and trouble.

Ask the uncomfortable question to you and everyone – ‘we say my society, culture and nation is in crisis, however, are they one with my own pain and crisis? Do I reflect in the crisis of collectivity?’ What is the major voice as an answer? It seems, it is invariably no! That is why, even when things are in bad shape around us, nothing seems to change and no involvement is orchestrated!

The simple but painful fact seems to be; we have stopped being natural and surrendered our consciousness to the popular cultural benchmarks, which stand as an unnatural and calamitous energy. We need to see this with an open eye and innocent hearts. We need to reinitiate and reinvent the art we have lost. We need to be one in our pains, even when we smile in solitude!

Let your pain be my pain and be ever willing to reciprocate. Let the ‘natural wellness-support-system’ unravel its magic. Let the pains and crises build a beautiful and affectionate bridge between you and me. Let the sharing begin. Let pain and crises join rhythms, to create a symphony of sympathetic solidarity, which shall fill up all empty spaces of hearts. Let this revolution happen!

Let us allow ourselves the innocence and compassion to share our pains with each other. This is one art, we all have lost. Being strong does not mean, we cannot cry together. If we can laugh together, that too in an affected and forced tones, why cannot we weep together in a genuine and innocently sincere heart-assimilation. Let us redeem and reinvent our lost art of social sharing of pain and grief. We can get back our lost wellness.

We are designed this way and have done it since millions of years. This new culture of isolation, egoistic solitude and celebrity-like aloofness is a sure killer of our wellness. We are strong and robust people. We have the courage and confidence to be an innocent and fallible thing and show it to the world. Being what you are and how you are is the intelligence of innocence, which need the ultimate courage and confidence. Show it to everyone that you have it in loads.

Query Yourself:

Am I equally good at sharing my joys as well as pains?

Do I have the artistry to associate people with my downtime emotions?

Do I have enough people to share my pains and do I reciprocate the same?



Designing ‘Specific’ Joys In ‘Generic’ Randomizations

As is the mystically randomized positioning of the eventualities of life, most good things happen in life, when we expect them the least. ‘Expecting’, does not seem fruitful option, especially in contemporary world of precarious and preposterous possibilities; though, no one can keep away from this instinctive urge.

Instead of landing oneself in the ‘reactive-positioning’ of ‘expecting’, it seems, a better situation is to be ‘receptively’ open to the beautifully metaphoric synchronicities of life, which are often sandwiched between the randomized eventualities of life.

Often, magic begins both ways – one, we plan for things to happen in a certain way and then enjoy its fruition, if it happens this way. Second, things happen, as they may and then we plan enjoyment and fruition into them.

Somehow, our consciousness is very subjective and localized and, as we all grow, this subjective ‘self’ becomes more ‘specific’. This makes acceptance and compatibility with divergent and competing ideas a tough ask. Still, if there are elements of assimilative, integrative and holistic worldview in one’s perspective; tolerance, acceptance, compassion and accommodation have larger space in one’s overall personality and positioning.

The art is in evolving to such a receptive consciousness, which is aligned to enjoyment and fruition in both ways – expecting and planning the randomizations for ‘specific’ joys as well as designing joys in ‘generic’ randomizations.


Query Yourself:

Do I usually expect things to happen in a certain way and land in pain, if they don’t?

Do I have the consciousness to celebrate what life has to offer me randomly?

Can I reinvent, ‘expect for best and be ready for worst’ realism to design joys both ways?



A Definitive Certainty Of Possibility 

What makes one happy? The list can be endless. The question is primary and primeval. Therefore, it is only natural that it is most debated. That is why; there has never been a consensus on the answer to the question

A section of opinion is that happiness is determined by perceptions as well as experiences and not material and physical things. It says, happiness depends on our subjective interpretations of events.

Some philosophers said, happiness is determined by the number of positive events experienced in life. However, the opposite view is also equally supported and popular. No doubt, money and other material wellness also counts and are equally important, if not more.

There is an interesting viewpoint however, which looks like the right balance of all competing idea. This is called ‘Hedonic Treadmill Hypothesis’. It states that just as we adjust our walking or running speed to match the speed of the treadmill, we adjust our moods and emotions to match life’s circumstances.

This means, happiness is not only very subjective, varying person to person but also something which is largely in control of a person’s own conscious abilities. This is a perfect fit with what Dalai Lama said, ‘pain is inevitable, suffering optional’. Similarly, happiness also is a conscious ability to adjust; an option available for our consciousness.

Researchers have established something very interesting. They have found that big lottery winners report being super happy after winning the lottery. However, their happiness falls to baseline levels about two months later. On the other hand, people who become paralyzed from the waist down, return to almost baseline levels of happiness within a few months after the accident.

Moreover, scientific studies have established something more interesting. The studies say, it is not only unrealistic but also undesirable to be happy all the time. Negative emotions are natural and necessary. Being happy all the time is rather an irrationality. Life has everything in its bag, and all of it are inevitable. What really makes us happy is how we all rise above all this consciously and adjust to it with control of a rational mind.

It is interesting to mention here that in ancient Ayurvedic healing traditions, it has been clearly prescribed that the balanced and healthy food must have all five tastes, including the bitter taste. It says, food items like bitter guard are essential as it balances the appetite for sweetness. If we do not eat bitter, we shall develop disproportionate appetite for sweetness. Ayurveda maintains, if we do not have bitter element in our food, it shall also off balance our metabolism.

Science says, adjustment to a mean happy position or what they call a ‘set point’ is intuitive, in-built and natural in all human beings. All we need to do is to be consciously aware of the process. Science calls it homeostasis, which literally means balancing. Our conscious mind is the smartest catalyst for attainment of this balance and poise.

Just be happy, keep smiling, do accept that joy is welcome, pain is also magically loaded with utility, nothing has futility. Keep saying, ‘If I am good, everything shall be good’. There is no possibility, which the conscious mind cannot turn into certainty.


Query Yourself:

Do I have the conscious ability to count pains also as alternative utility?

Do I willfully adjust my moods and emotions as per life’s random requirements?

Do I have a strong sense of ‘mean happiness’ position, where I revert to before it’s too late?



Color Words With Emotion To Enhance Reception 

If a person, you love very deeply, points out some of your weaknesses, you are so happy and say, ‘look, how concerned he or she is about my well-being, it only shows how he or she loves me’. However, if the same thing someone does, whom you do not love, you shall be very upset and would never ever accept his or her words for you.

There is nothing unusual about it. It is our mechanism. Our brain processes and stores information in memory this way. The idea, which comes out of the above realism are two – First, if you are not objective, if you have not trained your mind to accept something without its emotional weight, you miss out on crucial information, which could have been beneficial for you.

The fact is – there would always be many, whom you would not love but still they would say facts, which would be true and a thing for you to learn. Still, there would be always very few, whom you would love but they would not tell you truths.

Secondly, there is this prescription coming out of it – If you say something to someone and wish it to be meaningful and beneficial, you need to color it with beautiful and trustworthy emotions of love, affection, affability and compassion.

The beauty of communication is – reception is always more important than expression. For your communication to be effective and beneficial, you need to ensure, you say it with lots of caring emotions and sentimentality.

You can yourself realize that this is the core trouble in our relationships. Most lovers, couples and friends fall apart and become incommunicable in long-term, simply because of this trouble of non-emotional and non-affectionate communication. When a relationship starts, there is always an overdose of love and what you say, naturally has lots of affection and emotion into it. Your loved person has ease and willingness in accepting them.

Trouble starts, when the words remain the same but emotion and affection quotient goes down. The same words of prudence or caution, which were once a treasure for your loved one, shall become a trouble and this would unleash a series of miscommunication.

You have to admit that this is our mechanism. Our brain is designed this way. It accepts the utility and purpose of any information or signals to it only through the weight of emotion, you assign to it. If emotions are low and uncertain in a relationship, communication is bound to be a disaster. If you wish to have a good communication, you need to ensure its smooth navigation and only high quotient of emotion and affectionate coziness can engender a smooth navigation, leading to the utility and fruition of a communication.


Query Yourself:

Do I open myself to ideas and facts, independent of intimacy & proximity of source?

Do I assimilate emotions and intelligence well and prioritize them ideally?

Do I wait patiently for my loved one to be in right emotion, before I talk?



Mishandled Potentials And Redemption Prospect 

He must have been six years old and his brother a year elder. As kids must, they were onto all sorts of childlike tomfoolery. It would be summer holiday and as their dad would leave for office, they would be off to their usual devil tour, and they had a business at hand.

In front of their house, there was a large ‘mansion’ of an old man, who lived alone. On one side of the mansion there was a tree of luscious berries and on the opposite side, there was a mango tree. In summers, both trees would be full of fruits.

The old man had a virtual tough time. He would chase the two kids away from the berry tree and they would attack the mango tree. As he would limp to other side of his huge mansion, they would have enough time to have our fill.

The old man would be exhausted. He would abuse them and threaten to break their legs and the kids would be no less polite. They would make faces and laugh their hearts out to tease the old man more.

Think of the whole thing; was this all necessary? They should have been good kids; they should never have bothered the old man and what for? These fruits are anyway sold dirt cheap in the market and the kids were not actually hungry, they did it for fun, so bad….!

However, one also cannot resist the thought that if the old man could have understood their childlike stupidities. If the old man could just understand, they could just have taken only a few fruits from his orchard. It is intrinsic nature of trees to give its fruits to others and, the kids were not thieves, just kids!

The old man could have handled the scene skillfully. Consider the change of the scenario: The old man could have invited the kids to his house and allowed them to have their fill. This certainly would have taken the seemingly sadist joy out of their kiddish adventure and they would have moved to some other pranks.

It could not happen. Rather, all bad things happened. Even when, a small gesture and a small idea could have ensured that all good things could have and should have happened. So  sad, so bad…!

This is life for us. We all can do all good things. We have the potential to attain goodness out of any situation. However, our follies and we ensure that we land into all sorts of bad and sad things and negativity. 

Moreover, usually, we realize when things move away and we have our hands empty. Most do not even realize this simple thing! Sadly, often, wisdom comes to us as a lost opportunity and a post-facto virtue.

We are all born as a huge potential. Science admits that a healthy new born is the ultimate genius of the cosmos as the infant is designed this way. In next few years of the infant’s life however, we all ensure that he learns all stupidities of life!

Sadly, our learning processes take away a major part of our potentials and ensure that we grow up to become otherwise stupid but only culturally genius. We turn the infants as slaves of contemporary popular societal benchmarks as they grow. This suits all cultures and civilizations of all time.

However, we all have a chance to get back to this original genius position, when we grow up and have a maturity stage in life. If, after becoming a grown up, we could start an opposite ‘unlearning process’ to get rid of the slavery of societal mind, we can hit our potentials. Very few people actually understand the utility of such a process of ‘unlearning’. Fewer of them, actually perform it.

There is actually a huge gap between two people – one with a mind being a societal slave and one with a mind freed and liberated after the unlearning mechanism. The unlearning process for an individual is a tough one and only the person himself or herself can opt for it. No amount of persuasion by others could make him or her go for it.

However, one always wishes; there should not be so much of attitude, ingenuity, hypocrisy and sadomasochism when already; the entire being is so brimming with pure affection, intimacy and compassion.

Probably, humanity is still not mature enough to understand and allow the level of pure affection, intimacy and compassion to rule our being and lives. Had it been, there would definitely never have been so much of attitude, ingenuity, hypocrisy and sadomasochism on this beautiful planet.

However, staying optimist is always better. As a poet said, “darkness of night is just a guest, heralding the morning’s inevitable quest!”

Sad it is, not every good thing conforms to the metaphor of inevitability of dawn after night. Therefore, better it is for individuals to say a final goodbye to all attitude, ingenuity, hypocrisy and sadomasochism, before the finality of life draws its curtain.


Query Yourself:

Do I instinctively react to bad situations or allow it to sink and have a date with compassion?

Do I calculate loss and gain as reason for reaction or peace and prosperity as prime mover?

Do I have the consciousness, which allows all avenues to goodness before resorting to evil?



Cultural Stereotype Of Gender Divide 

It is the most difficult question, with probably the simplest answer. Why Life began and sustained on Earth. Because it Found one core element here – Nurturance. All species on earth still have this element in abundance; but probably not humans!

The best platform of nurturance – the male-female bonding is fast collapsing; blame it on the disastrous culture, which has always corroded the platform. The battle and wound between men and women runs deep in our collective consciousness and often seems rooted in the very cells of our bodies.

Men and women often find themselves polarized into opposing positions especially when it comes to intimate bonding, emotional expression, communication, and matters of the union of hearts.

The core of these differences is sometimes expressed as "men want hot sex and women want romantic love," when the truth is that both men and women long for synchronized emotional-bonding, satisfying sex and sustainable love – the key elements of mutual nurturance.

Ancient traditions which honor the sacred union of male and female and recognize the importance of balancing the masculine and feminine elements within each of us, as well as in the external world; offer us an ideal model for nurturance.

When men and women shall be freed from culturally imposed stereotypes and shall reconnect their hearts and the body, harmony and sanity shall be restored.

There is nothing exclusively male or female element in nature or in our bodies. All elements are there in both males and females. It is the stupid engineering of evolution, which segregated roles for two genders a s it suited the survival needs of humanity in a condition, which was very harsh for human survival. In time, these traits got societal and cultural sanctions as culture is always something, which enhances survival and excellence of collectivity.

However, in time, the culture of male-female role segregation fell prey to stereotyping and now we are in a culture, where the worst war is on between male and female. Within a male, there are elements in neurochemical and neuroelectrical forms, which are also in a female. As the roles and functional specializations, shaped up by evolution had it, some elements were stereotyped as masculine and other as feminine.

However, a poised consciousness, the higher consciousness of a human is neither male nor female. It has both elements in perfect poise. In Hindu religious tradition, it has been said that the male God created woman from his left part of body. A very powerful male deity has been referred as half male and half female.

This is a reality. Compassion and forgiveness has been labeled as feminine but every male needs it in right proportion. Similarly, aggression and courage has been labeled as masculine but every woman needs it in right proportion too.

The higher consciousness, the ideal state of consciousness for both men and women have a perfect poise of both elements of masculinity and feminity. All wisdoms, be it religion or science admit that basic unit of society is not an individual male or female, but a bonded pair of male-female and its offspring.

The gender divide in contemporary society is just a reflection of the lost poise of personalities, both male and female. It is a conflict of elements within oneself, which finds external expression in the form of gender divide.

Query Yourself:

Do I have both elements of male-female within me in perfect poise?

Do I have prejudice, preoccupation with one element and take undue pride in it?

Am I a battlefield within, where elements of all gender positioning fight it out?



Predator Loves To Hunt An Isolated Prey

Depression, despair, sadness, gloom, misery, melancholy, despondency, desolation, wretchedness, murkiness, glum and blue, etc. The words, which reflect the similar state of one’s worldview, perspective or inner and outer state of being, can be many more. Each word however, brings out some shade that keeps the scope different from other. The core idea though seem to be a state away from wellness… at least, this is what we all are mentally trained to accept as.

Are we almost hard wired and designed this way? Is this our intuitive mechanism? The question is important as understanding true nature of the question or the problem is surely helpful in arriving at the true and right answers and solutions.

Then, there is also the core query, ‘is no-wellness of any sort is actually a problem, irrespective of it being the product of nature or nurture?’ of course, it seems like a big psychological issue! No, it is actually more than that…

The nature and nurture question first. Evolution needs to be understood. Since millions of years, the physical factors around humans have always been the summation of the singular sentiment of gloom as its randomization challenged the ‘wellness’ quotient of humanity. Humanity’s success stories have been in finding a pattern in this gloom mechanism and calculating the wellness formula. This evolution cycle is ever lasting and ongoing one. Gloom is in nature and wellness is in nurture but, no watertight compartmentalization.

The evolution process and human success of patterning the randomized nature and unleashing suitable morphological changes to prolong the ‘wellness’ has a lot good to tell us… this is humanity’s greatest teacher.

First thing that comes to the fore is, ‘despair and wellness of humanity is a cyclic process and a very dynamic one. The winner at times may be despair or at times wellness but never in static and permanent positioning. The ultimate and lasting winner is humanity’s ingenuity in successfully finding a pattern in the randomized energy of the evolutionary gloom forces’

Secondly, the evolution teaches us, ‘what stays in the incessant cyclic process is change. Humanity’s success stories are great expressions of this race’s ability and intuitive inclination to understand and accept the morphological and attitudinal changes in response to the energies of randomization of despair elements, both in nature as well as in nurture.’

Thirdly, human evolutionary history tells us, ‘humanity’s success story has almost always been a group and collective endeavor and initiative. Problems that evolution threw on us, were usually collectively understood and accepted and jointly the solutions were arrived at. And as it happened, changes too were applied collectively.’

What we now miss hugely is this strength of collectivity. Most of those, who are in prolonged grip of gloom and despair, are ones who have wandered away from the collective wellness support systems. The ‘liberal individual’ is the easiest and most vulnerable prey for the randomized energy of gloom, especially a female. Remember; a predator loves to isolate its targeted prey from the crowd and then it becomes easy to hunt its prey.

Fourthly, evolution teaches us the value of ‘critical’ balance to arrive at a successful pattern building. The balance, this ‘poise’ is inherent in understanding and accepting the randomized nature and scope of gloom mechanisms. Never accept that this despair is bad and summarily avoidable. This gloom is the healthy indicator of the ‘missing balance’ and needs hearty welcome, like fever in body.

Just happily accept that there is something new and disturbing in the external environment to which the internal mechanism is still not adjusting. Accept that ‘poise’ is amiss and changes need to be done, mostly internally to regain the poise. Then, go for it. Be in the group, ask those who love you and know you since long and better.

Lastly, evolution alone teaches us the master art of what we call, ‘factoring in’. Often, we fail to factor in the multiplicity of probabilistic factors that makes the ‘self’ and its conscious worldview. A smart person should always be a smart calculator of these multiple factors and then work out the successful patterning. At times, there may be everything right within us and wrong in the external factors. Moreover, at times both internal and external factors could be right and the trouble could be purely biological. Always be open in factoring in and do not shy to take opinion of experts, even if they seem futile to you. 

This is done best when you consciously break the inertia and plunge into a mind positioning, which not only accepts the randomization of gloom energy but also accepts the multiplicity of the factors that need to be calculated for pattern building that leads to the poise called ‘wellness’.

Always remember, we may not have a mechanism, which we can call as brilliant but surely, the minds we have is a very handy tool for our wellness. It warns us very subtly, suggests remedial procedures and even lends us an auto-heal process at times. We often ignore or fail to receive these signals.

The psychosis of consciousness is not the ideal situation for human wellness and our minds start giving prompt signals. Gloom and uneasiness of consciousness is the huge warning signal. This is a signal, the poise of the mind is missing. It is a signal that things need to be initiated earnestly to bring it back.

Unfortunately, the psychosis of mind is such a big devil, it not only makes the person ignore these signals, rather it makes him or her even fantasize about a calamitous romance with psychosis. That is why; initial signals of the missing poise must never be ignored.

Query Yourself:

Do I successfully diagnose the patterns of my gloom and can I figure out what hit me hard?

Do I feel a martyr of my mood maladies and fantasize about its utility in bizarre ways?

Do I accept, my gloom is just a phase and I shall redeem my wellness poise with right efforts?



Fallibility Leads To Sense Of Humor, The Treasure Of Life 

You cannot reach, even when you desperately wish to, at a place if it has no pathway leading to it. Similarly, you cannot understand something, despite best of your sincerity and willingness, if your brain has no pathway created already to reach to it.

What you can understand depends on what your brain has already been trained for, experienced already or has special abilities for.

You may find this crazy or even untrue but it is true. Over 50% of NASA employees are dyslexic. They are deliberately sought after despite this big ‘disability’ because they have superb problem solving skills and excellent 3D and spatial awareness. For the whole world, these ‘disabled’ poor fellows seem like a burden but they are huge assets for NASA.

The simple reason is, what NASA wants its employees to understand, they find it in dyslexic people as so-called geniuses fail to serve its purpose. Human society has its own populist benchmarks of success. However, there is a certain ‘success’, which is considered a ‘disability’.

People with this disability have a different ability to understand something better than the normal, worldly and popularly successful people, which lead these ‘disabled’ few to real joys, real wisdom, real solutions and real emancipation.

Somebody said it very nicely, “It was the failures who had always won, but by the time they won they had come to be called successes. This is the final paradox, which men call evolution.” The realism, as it stands now, is that majority of people are living paradoxes as they have evolved like what has been said above.

We all think we are very wise and successful. It is because we all want nothing else but worldly wisdom and worldly success. This is the ability, which mainstream world labels as success. A disability has claims only to his fallibilities and truly, it is an asset.

Not because this disability is only what someone has; not because disabilities occasionally retrieve compassion from others for you, especially from those you love. Not because it makes the ‘disabled’ compassionate about others, who do wrong against them.

Not because stupidities of disabilities make the ‘disabled’ and others learn; not because they protect the ‘disabled’ from many undue performance pressures that normal people are overburdened with.

Assets they are because, disabilities and resultant fallibilities lead one to the discovery of the most precious treasure of our mortal life – the sense of humor. You become a humble owner of this treasure only when you have the courage, the courage of innocence to laugh at yourself. Disability and fallibility has virtues too!


Query Yourself:

Do I label something as disability in me, which I haven’t put to good utility?

Do I accept my fallibility as occasion for innocently laughing at me?

Do I assess my success, as per popular benchmarks or my own larger utility?



Joy Of Getting Old

Getting old happens to be an idea, which always lived with you even when the ‘the self’ did not even enter its youth properly. However, then, it is never near the realism, which becomes a living experience, when you are on the threshold. ‘Getting’ old is, presumably, very different from ‘being’ old. As the ‘self’ is at the former stage, the idea of later is somehow as uncertain as the former was when ‘It’ was young!

Getting old is such a beautiful and satisfying experience. This idea, when the ‘self’ is young is only metaphoric, though hugely facilitative for the true happiness and growth of consciousness. Even when young, you can live very successfully the metaphor of ‘getting old’ and this puts ‘the self’, the consciousness, in beautiful, compassionate and affectionate consciousness. This engenders the growth to a station of life where the ‘self’ shall be – the inevitability of getting old and being so happy and satisfied about it.

In spirituality, there is a position, which has been prescribed for the wise. It says, ‘those who arrive, before they arrive, shall be the happiest’. The above idea is the same. Even when you are young, when you enter a consciousness, which shall come to you decades after, is an arriving of mind, well before the body shall reach. This shall make you the happiest.

There is a true story, needs to be told, as it relates to what I am attempting to say. There was a very famous, very accomplished and compassionate musician in India named Baba Allauddin Khan Saheb. He lived for 108 years and performed till 105 years of age. A few months before his death, a stupid journalist like me asked him, ‘you have lived music for such long time, what you would say about music?’

Baba replied, ‘now at this age, it seems like when I have just started to probably understand something about music, time is slipping away from my hands.’

This you think is greatness! No, it is not in true sense. It is an ‘innocent happy’ positioning of consciousness, which arriving makes you land in and sustains. A man who is still known as the master of the masters and who lived 108 years with music, had the humility and compassion to say that he was ‘probably beginning to understand music’. He did not even say that he thought he then understood music. He still said, ‘seems like… started to understand…’

There is only one person on the earth, who can say that he has understood. Otherwise, this domain is reserved for a metaphor called God. This is not available for humans. Still, one person can say this and he or she is ‘the stupid’! The wise shall arrive to it and still have the thrill and joy of the beginner. It shall arrive to unravel the joy that it is just the beginning.

Getting old brings the ‘conscious self’ to the brink of this probability of beginning of understanding. Getting old probably stands the ‘self’ at the threshold of what Baba said, ‘seems like… started to understand…!’ Definitely, this is a fleeting sense of mind consciousness. The compassion, humility, paternal affection, poise of being, relativity of observance and actualization etc, are all in very transitional and evolutionary state.

The huge joy and satisfaction of getting old is this flash consciousness that the ‘self’s’ humility and compassion may not be good and worthy enough to even say right now that ‘It seems like the consciousness is probably beginning to stand close to the threshold of the starting ground of understanding’. Still, getting old pushes the ‘self’ close to the ‘eligibility’ of probably beginning to understand as what essentially is there to be understood!

This is big satisfaction and joy. ‘Standing close to beginning to know as what is to know’, is something which long years of youth strives for and works towards. Getting old lands the ‘self’ where the journey may probably look like beginning. This humble statement itself is such a big shame. Beware, we are talking about something which is metaphorically in God’s domain. Divinity is so pure and pious. Even a tiniest amount of ‘self’s’ beingness maligns it. Only compassion can touch it.

Getting old is joyous and satisfactory as it shoves the ‘self’ in the asymmetrical cosmos of compassion and paternal affection, which long years of youthfulness strives for, practices hard and aligns towards. Words cannot describe the metaphoric energy of this state of consciousness. Words only malign the purity and piousness of compassion.

The best thing about getting old is however, something, which youth could not even metaphorize. Youth could metaphorize ‘getting old’ and when you finally arrive at it, it seems, it was a poor one yet very facilitative and fruitful. The best thing about getting old is the very elimination of any metaphorization and the need for any ‘effort and endeavor’ towards anything!

Getting old accepts the purity and piousness of compassion. It make the ‘self’ accept with holistic, assimilative and integrative consciousness that randomization is the core energy of cosmic compassion and entropic but creative energy is best unraveled and understood when the consciousness lands in the probabilistic multiplicity of uncertainty and completely taken to randomization of eventualities….

As getting old lands the ‘self’ in this cosmic compassion, the ‘poise’, which ‘seems to begin to probably understand the music and dance of realism around’, is available for unraveling wisdom. The consciousness rises higher above all possible ‘psychosis’ of ‘self’ and the ‘poise’ is available for conscious positioning. The journey seems to probably begin…

How much time the ‘conscious self’ has left to cover how much distance in this journey is irrelevant. The probability of knowing what is to know is enough. The knowledge of the initiation of journey is everything. There being no destination of this journey, any length travelled is bonus!

Getting old is definitive invitation to this ‘freedom’ from “self’s burden” to unravel the ‘poise’, which leads to the cosmic compassion towards randomization of probabilistic eventualities.


Query Yourself:

Do I accept the metaphor of arriving beyond ‘present’ prudence and utility?

Do I accept the value of humility of openness and accommodation to realisms?

Do I accept with compassion and poise, the uncertainties of life-living probabilities?



Prayer Withers Away As Divinity Happens 

The purest and primary form of Indian classical music is dhrupad. This genre of vocal music shuns words. Only the naad sound (humming sound from belly-bottom) is there, nothing else. It is like – a million words are needed for Love to happen between two souls, however, when it happens, words are lost. Only a humming naad sound can be heard between two souls in love.

Spiritualism says, move from Beingness to Unbeingness; from unconscious to conscious and then again to unconscious. Psychology and science says – mind development follows the path of journeying from lower unconsciousness to higher unconsciousness.

The cultured society says, stay conscious; unconsciousness is dangerous! The dhrupad music is the music of the higher unconsciousness. The Picasso, the Hussain painted the higher unconsciousness of minds and landed into trouble with a conscious minded society.

Amazingly, all beautiful and important attainments of life happen in higher unconscious state of mind. The mind cannot recall them in vivid details. There would be just a ghost feeling; one would remember he or she was there when that happened to him or her but what exactly happened, the mind does not register it.

It is because, in this state, you are no more an ‘experiencer’, rather an inseparable part of the ‘experience’ itself. The ultimate in love and intimacy happens in higher unconsciousness…. God happens in higher unconsciousness…. Life happens and death happens in the same state of mind.

Bodies in conscious state are needed for the initiation but the attainment comes with bodies becoming redundant in higher unconsciousness. Hands are needed for prayers to start but when godliness happens, prayer withers away.

Words are abstract, superfluous, redundant; often misleading for all those, who are blessed to live in higher unconsciousness.


Query Yourself:

Do I understand and accept the power of silence or wordlessness in expressions?

Do I have the artistry to sway between two ends of consciousness and unconsciousness?

Do I have it to enjoy the attainments of higher consciousness?



What Sinks In, Stays

They are a gang. Armed with something, may be deemed deadliest of human weaponry! This weapon is the corruption of innocence. And, its brute situational justification, even eulogy is deadlier.

This gang is a favorite with another ‘gang’, the journalists. The gang operates 24x7 on the banks of river Ganges in the state capital of a eastern state of India, which is essentially a place called crematorium. The gang has 8-10 members, all less than 8 years old, almost naked and ever hawkish.

On an average, 20 dead bodies arrive a day at this crematorium and this gang has a natural right over all of them. They line up in a fake seriousness and as clothes, sheets and other things from the person of the bodies are discarded, they pounce on the booty and then comes the real joy.

The celebration begins! The possession is up for a fight too but as dead bodies are in plenty, no real competition. They wear some of these discarded clothes off dead bodies and then prepare for the next stage.

A section of the gang readies to salvage some ornaments from the burning pyre which relatives often leave with the dead bodies. If a gold ring or a bracelet is retrieved, the celebration gets too noisy, blood paints the sands.

Once upon a time, a Buddha saw only one dead body and he left his kingdom, believing this world a place full of pain and sufferings. This gang has an average count of 20 dead bodies a day and they always want more. It adds to their joys and celebrations!

For them, death and dying is greatest celebrations on earth. The thing that separates this gang from Buddha is what is a learning mechanism. What sinks in is what stays. This is a simple retrieval from the gang’s joyous celebrations. One death sinks in the heart of Buddha; hundreds of deaths fail to sink in within the hearts of these ‘gang kids’. It doesn’t stay, it makes all the difference.

This corruption of innocence is pathetic. But this also is a huge joy for people who understand the basic energy behind all this. Some journalists call them ‘the first line of true saints’, others flay the loss of innocence, still others rue the whole scenario.

It beautifully discovers the underlying energy – what sinks in, stays. So the trick is out for ingenuity; but it is also for wisdom. In our relationships, we also allow the corruption of innocence. Intentionally or otherwise, not allowing words and feelings to sink in and they fail to stay with us. The positive is, let negativity not sink in, and refuse it to stay with us.

Query Yourself:

Do I have the sensitivity to let words, ideas and milieus sink in, to have their right impact?

Do I assign the desired value to every emotion, which comes my way from people and milieu?

Do I have it in me to filter out negativities, not allowing them to sink in to my consciousness?



Being With Tolerance And Forgiveness 

There are some very interesting yet very upsetting facts about our SELF – the body or mind and consciousness; which humanity has started to know only in the last few decades. Still, a vast majority of humanity finds it all worth ignoring and even detesting, going to the extent of labeling it as humanity’s perversion and sheer insanity.

Science, like any new knowledge is a sure suspect of perversion for most, who have been living in the inertia of a culture based on archetypal knowledge benchmarks. The worldviews, we currently have, is a product of over 10,000 years of cultural evolution; dominating human ‘self’ and contemporary culture.

Understanding mind, a notional conscious and rational entity of brain reveals how we live in a world contrary to our age-old beliefs and ideas. We buoy up and down in the vast ocean of ‘sub-consciousness’, only occasionally surfacing above onto the atmosphere of consciousness.

Sample it. The experts say, “The human mind has an ‘inhibitory system’, which routinely and automatically removes from perception, reason, and judgment over 99% of available fact. We do not even feel these facts. As it seems, we actually do not select stimuli from the environment, rather, they are selected for us and this postulation makes a lot of difference in what we perceive of ‘self’.”

Sample the next fact. Experts say, "When confronted with the unpredictable, your frontopolar cortex, the so called thinking and rational mind, refuses to admit defeat. It draws on all your computational abilities to search for patterns in random data. In the absence of real patterns, it will detect illusory ones. And it will prompt you to act on them."

Interestingly, around 95 percent of our mind functions are aimed at survival mechanism which are not consciously controlled by a rational and sentient ‘self’ but by an intuitive mind which creates action patterns through billions of neurotic plexus subconsciously and without we ever feeling an iota of it.

In entire human mechanism, a whopping majority of action and behavioral choices are in the realm of ‘subconscious’ and what stays as conscious and sentient is just a miniscule portion of the ‘self’. Still, we all love to dump the questions and facts, which is our core and real ‘mechanism’ and love to indulge and over indulge in the peripheral and virtual processes, which is our so called conscious self.

If one could understand and accept the ‘mechanism’ one would very objectively and categorically understand the ‘conflict and confusion’ of the SELF, which has since ages troubled and tarnished our worldview.

There is no way one can understand the intricacies and ingenuities of the ‘self’ if one remains stubborn and refuses to see the truths and facts of the ‘mechanism’. It shall take time for humanity to accept the new worldview from a new and worthy standpoint.

It is human cultural mindset that all good things start with minority voice and is quickly subjugated as ‘insane and perverted’. Centuries after, when the existing and contemporary worldview creates havoc with humanity, the majority then starts to accept the new worldview.

All good things need huge amount of time to shape up and get acceptance. Till then, the minority should accept, rather love to be labeled as insane and perverted. Nothing is built overnight. Only dreams are built overnight. Realism shall dawn upon only when the Sun of singular objectivity shall rise on the horizon of human mind.

Till morning, keep dreaming of the dawn and say, ‘I Respect You’ to those who label you insane and outlandish. Keep smiling. Tolerance and forgiveness is truth… be with it.

Query Yourself:

Do I align myself to new knowledge matrix of humanity to reinvent realisms?

Do I accept my consciousness as a complex mechanism, extending leeway to its ingenuity?

Am I tolerant and forgiving to those, who have different mind consciousness?



He Delegated It To Us And Bought His Peace

Life has been tough and shall remain so. But then, there has always been other aspect of it too. It is a beautiful fact that out of this ‘struggle’ of humanity, has emerged our collective wisdom. We have inherited the wisdom, which billions of our ancestors bequeathed to us, after surviving the rigors of life, in millions of years of very tough and tumultuous evolution.

However, an innocent assertion is that despite life being tough and cruel, benchmarks of all human goodness must never be ‘struggle’ but the beauty of ‘love and compassion’, both at personal and collective levels, which truly makes struggle one of the factors but never the core/prime factor. Humans and humanity should always remain the cardinal issue in divinity and all other goodness.

There is a folklore that 500 years back, one of the great Brahmins treated Goddess Durga as his daughter and Goddess in return served him as daughter! How beautiful a metaphor, this is divinity.

Look at Lord Shiva, the Hindu deity popular for his innocence and compassion. Shiva is a beautiful metaphor for every human to follow. Every boy and girl would like his/her father to be like him. Shiva has been designed and metaphored to be humanity’s pride figure of a father. The entity of fatherhood is ideally like his persona. All fathers should have this…

Look at Goddess Durga. She is so beautiful, like all mothers should be. Equally endowed and mighty; as a mother always is. And Lord Vishnu. He is every girl’s cherished husband material. Look at the metaphor of Goddess Luxmi, she is the quintessence of every parent’s dream daughter!

It needs to be checked. Is there any god or goddess who does not resemble anything but a human par excellence? Yes, all devil forces have faces other than human, resembling aliens and in all dreadfulness. In us is our god. We need our gods and goddesses and we have them around us. If not, it should, it must. All Gods are beautiful metaphors of our actual relationships. They are symbols of idealisms of father, mother, daughter, friends and everything. The idealism, however, must remain with us in our daily lives and should not be a distant idealism. We must have all our Gods around us!

We do and we should care for other’s company. We do and should be a person believing in God and that is why; need the companionship of other person. We need god, not to make our lives less cruel and easy. God probably cannot do it. This metaphor is to help you in accepting and dealing with this cruelty.

Only a human can make life easy and less cruel for other human. And this by love and compassion. Billions of years ago, God probably chose to delegate ‘love and compassion’ to humans. Since then, he bought his own peace and lived happily ever after in the heaven!

Query Yourself:

Do I feel and find divinity inside me and people around me?

Do I keep love and compassion above the struggle for purposes in life?

Do I and my relationship bond together to engender collective wellness?



Abstract Hunger Versus Concrete Appetite

Somebody said, “Consumptive gratification is human happiness in the abstract: being no longer capable of enjoying human happiness in concrete, one devotes his or her heart entirely to consumptive gratifications.”

The mega question is – how can one judge that consumptive gratification is abstract? What is then concrete and how?

The answer the experts offer is – “Man has such a predilection (archetypal cultural positioning) for abstract deductions that he is ready to distort the truth intentionally; intellectually oriented to deny the evidence of his senses only to justify his logic”. They say, “humans chase to get what they want, but, what they want is not always what they need!

What one wants is usually ‘consumptive gratification’ and our senses perpetually give us the evidence that it is not what we always need.  Wants make us “hungry”, but what one needs is “appetite”. Hunger is ‘abstract’, appetite is ‘concrete’.

The experts say, “It is the mega mystery. Love in true and concrete sense is appetite, and hunger only in peripheral and abstract sense; encouraging a desire for consumption. Hunger shall go away instantly as one indulges in consumptive gratification. But, appetite is what one needs in good perpetuity and it stays with us infinitely.

All this is not easy to understand and accept as, the experts say, “If a man is offered a fact, which goes against his instincts, he will scrutinize it closely, and unless the evidence is overwhelming, he will refuse to believe it. If, on the other hand, he is offered something which affords a reason for acting in accordance to his instincts, he will accept it even on the slightest evidence.”


Query Yourself:

Do I sit back to reflect on whether what I want is what I actually need?

Do I have the objective consciousness to discern between hunger and appetite?

Am I guided more by popular benchmark of cultural logic or evidence of objectivity?



The Worst And Best Of Her

“I am selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.”

This quote is credited to a very famous pop icon who still figures in all time beauties long after her death. Her personality and life choices launched many psychological studies and coined a few behavioral syndromes. The idea is to relate womanhood choices with gender positioning as well as personality situationislm.

At the core of ‘why she said what she said’ researches is the cardinal realism that a huge part of the ‘self’ is a mind situationality and what factors in nature and nurture could bring about such a situationality.

The above quote might have been then taken as an isolated quip by a populist icon who are in this business of shocking fans with narcissistic and at times weird set of words. However, psychologists warn, may be habitually or otherwise; today this is the way of life for those millions of women, who are successful, indulging in the space of public attention and making their presence felt in the societies, even if they are not icons in their own right.

Psychologists are often labeled to be brilliant at it. They look like susceptible to making somehow isolated or an unconscious choice as a human behavioral syndrome. They are not often wrong. Even an isolated behavior comes out of the unconscious mind and all humans have similar designs.

In contemporary societal order, it seems, the above ‘personality-pose’ has become identified with the popular benchmark of ‘feminist successes’, which even those women, who are just beginning, would mouth such words to ensure, they are counted among biggies. Populism is ingenious and creeps into the unconscious minds.

Success is not always materially calculated; it has an associated aura and behavioral etiquette. Aura of success is always easy to come, even if material success may come later, or may never come.

The psychologists are quick to point out that such a statement, let alone the ‘way of life’ is often a sure sign of a person who may be successful but also very insecure and that’s why unreasonably and disproportionately proud. Now, this is somehow a big conundrum, which psychology is often associated with.

Success is essentially an attitude, a mind positioning and mental identities do not usually come in isolation. Attitudes are ‘package realism’; mind states are a positioning of associated emotions, which is a random mix of nature and nurture variables to which a personality gets exposed to. Success usually comes with some amount of insecurity, which in turn readily connects with variegated emotions of pride and prejudice. The unconscious mind is brilliant artist of symmetry.

It is simple. You take one conscious behavioral and personality choice and associated choices would unconsciously line up. There are occasions when rather unconsciously, your mind accepts a personality choice, led by a strong and dominant energy of emotions, either from your nature or from nurture. As this happens, associated choices get registered in your mind unconsciously. Even some of these associated choices you may consciously accept as they become inevitably important to sustain the unconscious choice.

Now, as is the mechanism of the world we live, there is always and invariably a reaction to every action. Therefore, another famous personality replied to the above remarks, “Okay, I may handle her worst but how sure I can be of her best not being worse than her worst?” Another associated emotion! One’s choices may land in completely different emotional interpretation when it reaches another person’s mind. This is the cardinal energy of societal behavioral evolution.

Some stupidly intelligent people may however ask another question, “The world can actually very well see the worst of you and even more, but can she herself see her best? Can a person, who is so proud and peppy about his or her worst, be even wildly aware what his or her best is or could be?”

The world around us is usually very suspecting as it has seen and knows umpteen times, what best or worst happens to humanity when attitudes and streaky mind positioning become larger and greater than the innocence of the ‘self’. Attitudes are often personal prides and utility but a collective catastrophe.

This circumspect  world also asks the question, “Is it anyway right to ask for such a deal in relationships where you ask your dear ones to bear your worst first and wait till eternity for your ‘out of control self’ to get better to have a glimpse of your so-called and advertised best?”

The adverts are important. It is a real benefit for humanity that words often advertise one’s choices in open platter. It is a huge benefit for humanity that most people do not have the artistry of ingenuity of worlds. It is then easy to understand the mind situationality of the person, which his or her choice of words betrays.

Important it seems here to accept that whether a person ‘knows’ well his or her ‘best and worst’ is secondary question. Important it is to understand and accept those ‘nature and nurture’ factors, which caused such a behavioral and personality choice. It is then easy to decipher and accept the associated choices.

This is a package, which psychologists call a syndrome. Knowing makes acceptance easy and acceptance facilitates assimilation. This leads us to larger intolerance and compassion. This is the way the world should be – tolerant and compassionate to all mind situationalisms of the ‘self’. Being human is a tough mechanism. This is also the joy, what else?


Query Yourself:

Do I act or behave in a way, which puts me to be understood in vague or indiscreet ways?

Do I get conditioned and colored by populist attitude of positioning my personality?

Do I receive other’s attitude the same way, I wish others to do to me?



Psychosis: The Ingenious Artist of Procrastination

There is always a huge demand for ‘goodness’ and a concurrent complaint that this ‘stuff’ is in perpetual ‘short supply’. The underlying realism is, ‘goodness has to be practical and it to be practical, one has to accept and practice ‘common sense’ and this sense cannot prevail and persevere without tons of ‘innocence’.

There is always a superpositioned situationalism of goodness. The typical ‘to be or not to be’ conundrum and conflict! The query is so simple, ‘why cannot we forgive and forego; say a simple sorry and move ahead in life to furnish a chance for goodness to sustain and revive?’ This ‘simplicity’ needs lots of innocence and yet…!

The question needs to be understood in a practical light with loads of innocence! The issue is not always of a positioning of this ‘sorry’ to convey the advent of an unegoistic consciousness. A ‘sorry’ only just puts away the ‘inhibitor’ but the journey needs the energy to come out of the inertia!

For example, we have a state of the art airliner worth billions of dollars and the runway on which it has to land for completion of journey is state of the art too and part of millions of dollars of a magnificent airport. Still, the airplane fails to make a landing just because a ‘stray black dog’ of insignificant worth happens to be standing right on the middle of the runway. This is a global phenomenon, not exclusive to India!

The similar is the fate of human words, which are; as the larger humanity agrees; the best and worthy carriers of human ‘intentions’. This airplane of human words carrying good and noble intentions need to make a good, smooth and safe landing on the runway of another human’s mind and consciousness, which again is worthy and hugely able. Still, the good intentioned words cannot land on the mind of other as there is a ‘stray black dog’ standing midway the runway!

What is this ‘stray black dog’ of humanity and why is it standing on the runway of human mind, preventing the landing of such goodness and nobility of words? This black dog is a huge metaphor, a symbol of superpositioned situationalism! Words surely cannot explain the multidimensionality of this metaphor!

In simple, understandable and practically possible words, this is ‘psychosis’, though it is inconveniently generalist sense of the term. A ‘poised’ mind is the superb runway barbed perfectly not to allow the stray dog of ‘goodness-spoiler’. The ‘stray black dog’ can be anything, which can define the larger ambit of ‘psychosis’.

This dog is so insignificant and as we said, it is a stray one, not the one you have kept as pet for long and cared well, to make him disciplined! This is ‘stray’ dog, so not in your control. It is on its own and given to all sorts of stupidities and nuisances as it has no ‘owner’ to ‘control’ him, even when it lives somewhere within our minds!

This stray dog may be very insignificant but the problem it creates is huge. It aborts all goodness. It aborts the inevitable and otherwise safe and secure landing, which is being ensured at the huge cost of technology and other human endeavors by hundreds of ground staff and airplane crew.

Hugely tragic it is as, it procrastinates the ‘landing of goodness’ even when the beautifully loaded and intentioned words have the entire sophisticated wherewithal to make it happen safely and securely. Too bad!

Now, what to do? Put the blame on the ‘stray black dog’ and procrastinate the issue? Should we accept that it is ‘part’ of the ‘aviation game’ and a usual hazard with all landings of goodness everywhere in all societies across the globe? Again, the egoistic mind would come to the stage and act! The airport people can say, ‘none of our fault, we are helpless!’. The airplane crew would say the same.

Most interestingly and most tragically too, the dog would surely be the most helpless, as it does not even know that what it is doing is a ‘big trouble’ for others! The dog is stray! Nobody owns him. The ‘psychosis’ is in the mind still mind does not control the psychosis. It is actually the vice-versa!

We all have this comforting habit and attitude of procrastination! We are smart innovators of inertia techniques and mindsets! We shall live comfortably by shifting the blame and responsibility on others. The airport staff would say, ‘we cannot help as no amount of technique and effort can make a runway ‘stray-dog-proof’. The airplane manufacturers should evolve a technique to make a landing even when a dog is on the runway.’ Others shall have smarter excuses!

Then, there is a growing community of ‘Stray Dog Lovers’ who would make life hell for the authorities if they try to shoot the stray dog on the runway or even try to shoo it away by any harsh measure! We live in a world with ‘individual rights’. This psychosis is a ‘pampered kid’ of the mind; it decides its own rights and then sits as its own judge over all the chaos it commits!

The simple thing to understand is, in our lives, we all can see it very clearly that we are largely and more often than not, guided and led by ‘inhibitions’. We have a mind, which evolution designed as great ‘facilitator’ of things. However, we have been living in a world we have made for ourselves where we are guided more by ‘inhibitions’ than by ‘facilitations’. Our mind has become the great ‘inhibitor’, and ceased to be the great ‘facilitator’!

The psychotic mind is a huge ‘inhibitor’; it is a great ‘facilitator’ of all ‘inhibitions’ of mind and this ‘great facilitator’ called psychosis is the most brilliantly ingenious artist of ‘procrastinations of all landings of goodness’.

The poised mind is a great ‘facilitator’ but even it cannot do one thing. It cannot make a ‘good connect’ with the psychotic mind! The landings of goodness shall always be procrastinated and the ‘inhibitor’ shall celebrate each time it happens as for the psychotic mind, the joy is not in facilitation but in inhibitions.

The poised mind would, however, always wish, the runways are made for smooth and secure landings and they must always facilitate it. The simple cure of the ‘stray dog menace’ also lies only in that. As the runway would allow smooth landings, the air traffic would automatically increase, there would be far more landings and the runway would become busy.

As the runway would have so high frequency that every now and then there is a landing, the ‘stray dog’ would finally get scared and would not dare to come even close to the runway. The dog would rather run away and find another ‘safe shelter’. Remember, the stray dog wanders on the runway as it finds it free and devoid of flight-landings. The runway, which has higher frequencies of landings, is free of all troubles!

Why blame dogs. In smaller cities across the globe, where we have airports but only one flight landing late in the day, the runways here are the favorite place for many morning walkers… nobody minds them! 

The psychosis enjoys straying and troubling in a human mind, which has low frequency of landings of goodness. Stop procrastinating the ‘landings’ and you shall find, the ‘psychosis’ goes away and finds another safe place for itself. Let your mind cease to be the inhibitor and make it a ‘facilitator’. Let the magic unravel and unleash!


Query Yourself:

Do I have a brilliantly receptive mind as a safe and smooth runway for other’s ideas to land?

Do I own the onus of smooth landing of my ideas on other’s mind, even when they block it?

Do I persevere with my goodness, even when they fail to be received in a way I intend?


Can We Let Them Slip Away?

Often, we feel sad, confused, shocked and even very angry at times that the person you love the most, slips away from your affection and intimacy. And we just feel so helpless, seeing them drifting away as, it seems, the person has turned deaf and blind to all sorts of reason and rationality that we put for them to understand.

We fail to perceive, what is wrong with the person. Or, why he or she is seeing and realizing what seems crystal clear to us and others too. It seems, the devil has taken him or her. We need to take things with very cool head and very compassionate heart. When things are seen in right perspective, the entire picture would look very logically arranged and easy to accept.

We are all basically minds but then, this mind is attached to body in many ways – biologically, chemically, and physically. Moreover, the mind is affected by socio-cultural-economic-cultural-psychological factors in our immediate and ambient environment. A mind, as we are, is constantly in evolution. The process of change is continuous and constant and, odd and bizarre it may sound but when we say he or she I know very well for long and is my loved one, we are essentially saying, ‘I know his or her mind (brains) which is evolving every day and this knowing process needs to be updated constantly.’

At any point of time, the ‘mind’ we knew and loved, turns into something, which sound to us as completely unknown. Minds are like seeds, they grow into trees and grow till death. It all depends how the seed has grown into which type of a tree. Most minds are always seeds, they are the most dangerous minds as any small influence can change them. Such minds are so fickle that you can never be sure what and who he or she is as the mind is in continuous flux.

Then, there are minds, which grow from seed to be a tree but the tree is so week and small that any small wave of wind can make them tilt some way or other or even uproot them completely. Only a few trees are strong and big enough to grow upright and multi-dimensionally so that they remain tall, erect and deeply rooted, whatever may come and go. Such minds are rare and can be truly relied upon.

But, we all have to be compassionate towards all seeds and all small trees as we love them and truly care for them. We need to understand, a seed needs good soil for healthy growth. Those who do not have good upbringing by parents, family and society may become weak and vulnerable all through their lives. The sun is the lifeline of a tree, all seeds and trees get naturally inclined towards whichever side the sun is. For minds, the sun is the collective wisdom and support system of the family-society. Tragically enough, in many societies, the sun is setting fast. That's why, we have weak trees!

When a person we love is slipping away, we need to understand that his or her soil may have been inappropriate and the sun he or she could not get. So, we need to replenish the thing that was missing for him or her. They need loads of affection, intimacy, compassion, perseverance and probably a little bit time and space so that she or he could not feel isolated, left out and alienated. After all, we are all trees; however strong and rooted we may be, we all know, at times, the storms are brutal and often, winds of change are very in-conducive to dear little plants who bear lots of flowers and fruits for us.

Never forget, the same tree had once given us so much flowers and fruits. Every tree needs support. We all smile because in this mortal world, we have supports, lots of supports, ain't it?

At times, the reverse is also a likely possibility. What we feel about our loved one slipping away, may be a reciprocal feeling. Our loved one may also feel the same. It cannot be ruled out, it is possible, the complainant itself is at fault and the accused may actually be in the right, but still, the feelings are the same.

It also has to be accepted that I have stopped evolving and my loved one, whom I think is slipping away is actually on his or her natural evolution process. So, what happens is that it is actually me who is slipping away from my loved one.

It is like, me and my loved one had good time together in a café mid-way on a long journey. Next day, as it is a long continuous journey, my loved one took off to his or her journey ahead, rightly so as we were actually on a short sojourn at the café. I however stayed at the café and complaining that my loved one is slipping away.

Often, we tend to overdo and overstress our need to decide who is right and who is wrong. Also, we want clear answers. It has to be understood and accepted that it is purely a cultural need, our faulty mind-training wants that. It is never required.

In every sense of the term, multidimensionality, plurality and diversity is the ideal. Yes, it hurts to see two loved ones being in huge difference of opinions and positioning but it is because of our wrongly trained ‘cultural-mind’. We need to understand and accept that a jungle, or for that matter a garden is beautiful and satiating because of the diversity and miscellany of trees that bear variety of flowers and fruits.

Let two people always evolve and have deep respect and affection for that. The true intimacy is such a bonding thing. Be assured, if there is true intimacy between two people, they evolve differently but still remain together as beautiful trees are in a garden. It seems they are slipping away but it is just a wrong mind’s perception. Actually, the beauty, the art, the fragrance are just growing and diversifying. Welcome it and assimilate yourself in this evolution of fragrance. Be a true tree of a very potentially infinite seed.


Query Yourself:

Do I avoid reactionary tendency to reflect on factors, which might have caused a separation?

Do I accept that difference of ideas is not always bad, minds evolve differently, can be good?

Do I accept that people can move away but still, intimacy and affection should stay back?



All About Breaking Stones And How

A wise man had once told this story. A temple was being made and three people were working at the site, breaking large boulders of stone. He asked one of them, ‘what you are doing?’The man replied in angry irritation, “can’t you see, are you blind, I am breaking stones to earn bread for my family.”

He repeated the same question to another man and he replied sadly, “I am doing this as I have no work matching to my talent.” The third person replied happily with smile on his face to the same question, “look I am breaking these stones and these shall finally be used to make the temple of god.”

The wise man was pointing at the ancient wisdom that we are what our state of mind decides we to be in our external being. The difference is only within. Three people doing one thing but the inside feeling was different. One angry, one sad and another happy.

To my very limited understanding, the thought came; what if all three could be happy doing same thing. If it could be, like the first man would say happily, “I am breaking the stones to earn some money so that my wife, kids and me could happily eat a meal together at the end of the day.”

The second would say, “I am so happy breaking this stones, though I am qualified to do better things. I thank god for giving me the opportunity as I am sure, God shall someday give me work, which suits me.”

The third would say in utter joy, “look how beautiful it is. This is no wok but a huge metaphor. I am actually breaking my own ‘self’ and my pride and my ego into pieces and when these pieces will be assembled together for a good cause, art will take its course and make them to become a beautiful temple of a pure and exalted being. Such a great pleasure it would be.”

Ancient wisdom says, there are three basic elements in nature and therefore humans on this earth are also born with either of the three elements. They are – tam, raz and sat (hand, heart and mind), or to simplify it, action, emotion and intellect. People are therefore born either with tamogun, razogun or satogun. (gun means nature).

Ancient wisdom also says that person with any of the three natures can find salvation and ultimate union with almighty but they take different routes. In yoga tradition too, there are three different ways to attain the ultimate – karmayog, bhaktiyog and gyanyog (work, faith and knowledge).

But again, to my stupid mind, the question comes, why one single man should not have all three elements and in perfect balance? And, I really feel it should be like that. If the third person, who is such intellectual that he could see life’s such great metaphor in stone breaking, happens to be bereft of the joy of the first man, he would probably neglect his wife and kids for who he has to earn the livelihood.

Moreover, if he has to, he must have the similar joy of the first man and why not he should also have the joys of the second man who thanks the god for providing him the opportunity. Action-faith-intellect must go together. The first and second man breaking stones should also have all three feelings.

If this happens, each person’s joys and satisfaction would be threefold and it also truly conforms to the ancient wisdom of holism. May be, it is too much of an idealism to hope that this becomes true for we all. However, it is possible. External equality shall be possible only when we all have internal equality. If we say, even if people are born unequal, they should live equally, then we have to attain this holism.

But, the first step is practicing equality of the three elements of hand-heart-mind within oneself. If I enjoy washing the pot of my toilet clean as well as I do when read a good poetry or love my dog, then only I can take a step ahead towards the cosmic holism. Three dimensions make a thing. Scientists say, there are 11 dimensions in the cosmos. Then why should we be single-dimensional? Why only hand, or heart or mind? When a body is made only when all three work in close and synchronized tandem!


Query Yourself:

Do I have the poise of my actions, emotions and intellect to enhance my joys and wellness?

Do I allow my emotions and intellect to be a happy audience as my action takes center-stage?

Do my intellect and emotions provide solace to me, when what I do is to not to my liking?



Difficult It Is To De-difficult A Difficulty

At the peak of snow-clad Himalayas, watching a stream building up, made by small drops melting from huge blocks of ice, one thinks; if one could surrender himself to the waves of this stream, floating on the water without resistance, one could finally reach the oceans!

Next moment, one realizes the futility of the dream. Humans are not water; this fluidity of liquid is missing. The egolessness of being shapeless and formless is missing. The water shall bend and accept all bruises en route and still move ahead with innocence and humility. The fluidity and formlessness of water is not available virtue for humans.

Too difficult for us. We can swim, swim against a wave but not flow like water! The fluidity; the state of being simple, innocent and amiable is difficult. The large chunks of ice on top of Himalayas; they have colossal forms and not even liquid, still, they reach the oceans! Why not we? They do not have the fluidity but they are willing to attain it and they melt.

The large boulder, standing mid-way the mighty stream; they reach the oceans. They are not liquid. Why not we? They do not have the fluidity but they are willing to attain it and they erode. They have the simplicity, innocence and amiable attitude to attain fluidity. They drop the ego to be shapeless and formless and happily turn into sand.

Is it really that difficult? Like ice and rock, we have a form and mechanism but they have a singular consciousness, perfectly and innately aligned and attuned to the overall consciousness of the mighty nature. We do not have this facility. We have egoistically multiple and multi-dimensionally conflicting consciousness. An individual’s consciousness is not singularly aligned to cosmic consciousness. It has an innate component as well as a cultural component. The singularity of consciousness is missing.

The non-dualism of ice and rock leads them intrinsically to melt, erode and assimilate with singular mechanism of nature’s scheme of things. The stream intuitively follows the ‘natural gradient’ the landscape has provided. Nature’s scheme decides the flow.

Humans have dualistic consciousness, engendering rainbowish randomization of probabilistic positioning. The conflict ensues and ensures more psychotic randomizations. Fluidity is an art; needing lots of perseverance of practice. Being simple, innocent and amiable is innate positioning, which we all lose connect with as we grow. Fluidity is ‘unlearning’ mechanism; more difficult than ‘learning’. Not easy! How we always wish, it could be. We can try.

Query Yourself:

Do I have flexibility and fluidity of consciousness to allow assimilation to life’s random design?

Am I aligned well to flow without resistance with what is mainstream with milieus around?

Do I accept the utility of merging part of my consciousness with that of others in my life?



Accept My Gratitude

Writing something is a daunting task as there is always a lurking apprehension of it not being in utility for some readers. I however feel at ease, because of my faith in magnanimity of readers. I am happily sure; you shall forgive if my efforts could not be up to your expectations. Thank you so much for being with me and allowing me to share with you. Wish you an empowered life; with the prosperity of the consciousness.


About The Author


People say, what conspire to make you what you finally become are always behind the veil of intangibility. Someone called it ‘Intangible-Affectors’. Inquisitiveness was the soil, I was born with and the seeds, these intangible-affectors planted in me made me somewhat analytical. My long stint in media, in different capacities as journalist, as brand professional and strategic planning, conspired too! However, I must say it with all innocence at my behest that the chief conspirators of my making have been the loads of beautiful and multi-dimensional people, who traversed along me, in my life journey so far. The mutuality and innocence of love and compassion always prevailed and magically worked as the catalyst in my learning and most importantly, unlearning from these people. Unconsciously, these amazing people also worked out to be the live theatres of my experiments with my life’s scripts. I, sharing with you as a writer, is essentially my very modest way to express my gratitude for all of them. In my stupidities is my innocence of love for all my beautifully worthy conspirators!



Other Titles By Santosh Jha



Literary Fiction: A novella about life-living choices from the perspective of a very successful contemporary woman: Word- 38,000 approx: Language-English

Short Description:

Dumped by her billionaire fiancé, a resplendently beautiful woman, the reigning royalty of Hollywood’s dream factory, lands herself in all sorts of woes – hospitalization for slipping pill overdose, bad Press, peer group backstabbing and paparazzi. She escapes to anonymity at India's Yoga capital but the threat of paparazzi follows. A young yogi bails her out and detours her to an unusual world where he introduces her to the super consciousness of ‘Onlyness’ within her. The redeemed empress unconsciously discovers her true elements being in linearity with that of the yogi and believes, she may be second time lucky. However, more shocks await her.

The singularities of life have elemental eccentricities of happening and un-happening; almost as weird and randomized as love. The elements of one’s own life and that of the equally precarious milieus are both patterned as well as un-patterned. The juxtaposition of symmetrical possibilities amid the larger probabilistic asymmetry of arbitrary milieus engender such beautiful marvels of life-living experiences, which people can accept only in one way – the destiny! The true and lasting relationship can happen only between similar and generic elements. Destinies shape this way.

What destiny has in store for Melissa, the empress, who finds a yogi in her new and metamorphosed life, shall be decided not by factors outside in her near and far milieus, rather by what she finally accepts as something, which is her own internal positioning of consciousness. The moment, she accepts, love shall happen and destiny shall be signed in.



Back To Bliss: A Journey To Zero


Literary Fiction: Novel: A Love Story In Contemporary Culture Of Conflicts: Word- 78,000 approx: Language-English

Short Description

Battling against hypocrisies, sadomasochism and perfunctory pursuits of pop benchmarks of successes, he refuses the passion-oriented male worldview of karma and life’s purposes. Metamorphosed by compassion, that love’s innocence fills him with, he opts for a journey that takes him far away from the stupidity of self-worth, calculated in terms of personal utility, individualistic possession and unfettered consumption. Does he arrive?




Autobiography Of A Duffer


A witty but insightful narration of ‘normal’ and ‘orderly’ cultural realisms of contemporary world, from the perspective of a young duffer. This duffer believes; a normal person should know how this world looks to a stupid, whom the world loves to label ‘abnormal’ and ‘disordered’, to truly visualize realities of benchmarking. This duffer’s wife asked him to make it different; he truly does it!


Naked Solutions Of Dressed Up Life Woes


Non-Fiction: Empowering Consciousness, Life Wellness, Personal Excellence: word- 23,000 approx: Language-English

Short Description

The world we live in; is what it is, neither good nor bad. It is people, who are the ‘Theatre’ of all pains as well as joys. The human mind is the most capable and instinctively galvanized mechanism to solve big problems. Still, the same human consciousness is the most potent trouble. The core trouble is, modern day problems are so ‘dressed up’; partly by our complex environment and partly by our consciousness that we fail to see the ‘naked’ reality of the nature of problems. We can see them clearly, if we ‘undress’ them. It is an art, we all can master. How?


Habitual Hero: The Art Of Winning


Non-Fiction: Empowering Consciousness, Life Wellness, Personal Excellence: word- 19,000 approx: Language-English

Short Description

In all of us, there is this definite ‘winner’, the genius of this universe. However, this champion is what we can label as ‘Random Warrior’, as it wins but not always. We all have the determination, patience, courage, discipline and the mastery to be a sure and sustained ‘all-weather-all-season-Hero’. However, as many of us miss the knowledge and acceptance of this ‘mechanism of winning’, this warrior turns out to be only a ‘random’ winner, unable to sustain the artistry of winning, to qualify as a ‘Habitual Hero’.



Maya And Leela: Utility In Life’s Futility


Non-Fiction: Empowering Consciousness, Life Wellness, Personal Excellence: word- 21,000 approx: Language-English

Short Description

Most of us, living in modern contemporary world of complexities, conflicts and confusion, have questions as what a good and righteous person should consider as ‘perpetual-utility’ in life, amidst the general feeling of ‘futility’ of everything around. What is this singular life and living positioning, which can make us live the life in a perpetually joyous state of consciousness, endowed with ‘true utilities’, shunning away all those ‘futilities’, which land us in pain and regret?


Why We Flop In Love


Non-Fiction: Empowering Consciousness, Life Wellness, Personal Excellence: word- 20,000 approx: Language-English

Short Description

Love is ideally accepted with three elements of Mystery, Magic and Marvel. The three ‘M’s’ land most of us in inexplicable troubles and pains of love. The magnificent dualism is – love’s mystery makes it flamboyantly attractive and joyful. Still, the mysticism engenders loads of confusion, making many of us flop in love. Success of love is in non-dualistic positioning, which is simple and practical realism, most of us refuse to accept.


Wisdom Of Wellness: Perpetuity Of Poise Of Purpose


Non-Fiction: Empowering Consciousness, Life Wellness, Personal Excellence: word- 20,000 approx: Language-English

Short Description:

One needs to be in lasting physical, emotional and ideational wellness. Tips, pills, and ‘shoulds’ abound; still, wellness is elusive. Wellness is largely a function of emotional ‘poise’ of consciousness. Wisdom of wellness is in being the ‘master of mechanism’, ‘internalizing’ the multifaceted life-living realisms and then, creating a personalized model of wellness. Nothing ‘external’ helps.


India Beyond Stampede Of Stupidities


An analytical commentary on how energies of ideas for socio-political changes, create a stampede of stupidities, when they are reactive and participants of change fail to observe assimilative perspectives, compromising the sanity of system, which could weed out loads of aggression, chaos and conflicts from the soil of struggle. A global reality, elaborated with India as a case study.


In contemporary India, since the end of 2013, a virtual stampede of ideas have been set to unleash catastrophic causalities, as the multiplicities of obsessively espoused ideas are roaming without proper channelizing mechanism and streamlining structures. There is a stampede of stupidities pervading Indian societal milieu and the potential outcomes are nothing short of calamitous. This phenomenon too is cyclic in history of time and space on this earth. Energies of ideas for change, guided by the gradient and gravitation of rejection of status quo are basic cyclicality of cosmic evolution and human societies are just a small part of the macrocosmic arrangement. So, why is there a need to talk about it and be overly cautious? Why should we need to call it a stampede and a stupidity and discuss it? Is there a need to talk about it all, if what is going on is just fixed and endemic mechanism of all societies in course of evolution in time and space?

Yes, there is a big need to do it. The express requirement is to deal with the intrinsic issue of evolutionary energies of societies and its mechanisms with an objective, holistic and non-emotional perspective. This integrative and assimilative perspective shall ensure that all players and participants of change, who in their emotional positioning of consciousness and microscopic viewpoint, fail to see the objectivity of the entire mechanism of societal changes, could understand the processes and mechanisms of change in its widest possible spectrum. This shall definitely weed out loads of aggression, ill will, chaos and conflicts out of the contemporary global societies, which are on the threshold of or amidst major socio-political and cultural changes. This shall surely be helpful in supplying the much needed sanity and serenity in the contemporary stampede of stupidities, which pervades India and many other nations. The purpose of writing this book is surely not to ridicule or belittle any idea, activism or initiatives, which contemporary India as well as different other societies are witnessing. The innocuous idea is to elaborate, how and why energies of changes need to be viewed in holism and totality. The initiative is to speak of how it is very crucial to understand the dynamics of the mechanisms of the overall causality, which ultimately energizes all changes in all societies and how all energies need to be properly channelized and objectively streamlined to instill the essential elements of sanity and serenity in changes.


Youth Sanity In Crazy Culture


Non-fiction: Life Choices for Wellness, Youth Issues of Sexual Behavior, Personal Excellence: word- 17,000 approx: Language-English

Short Description:

In contemporary culture of hypocrisy, conflict and confusion, where even adults are in a flux over benchmarks of real success and self-worth, the young being advised about sanity and sensibility, lands as big joke for them. The youth needs a worldview, enabling them to see through the hypocrisy and perplexity of pop culture, offering them a date with real intelligence and life realism.


Decipher Destiny: Decode God’s Will


Non-fiction: Empowering Consciousness, Life Wellness, Personal Excellence: word- 20,000 approx: Language-English

Short Description:

There is a mechanism to all ‘probabilities’ in life, which we call God’s will. This mechanism has its own energy and patterns of possibilities. Those, who succeed, decipher this mechanism and the patterns, which are there for anyone to see. We attain success and excellence, as we align our personal energy with this energy of the cosmic mechanism. God’s will is then in linearity with our wish.


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