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Prophecy America:






Alexander Zielinski







Copyright 2018





About the Author



Alexander Zielinski is a Mental Medium who channels ‘Constantine,’ ‘Whispering Wind’ and ‘Dr. Brolovan’ his Spirit Companion’s and ‘ELOPHYNY’ a Collective of light beings from another Star plane.

Alexander and his Guides are providing the following information, with the desire that the knowledge provided will assist those in the human form to grow and evolve spiritually during the next turbulent period of Mankind’s progression.









The following Prophetic Predictions for America and the World are being given to humankind in order to help them create a new era, out of the chaos that will soon engulf this planet, in which to bring forth their birthright of a Natural and Divine Ascension.















Extinction: Human Species -5

Atlantis Revealed -12

U.S. Dollar Collapse -22

Time Travel a Reality -25

Black Hole’s True Purpose -28

Extraterrestrials Confirmed -32

Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) -39

God Proven Scientifically -42

Future of Atomic Energy -46

China becomes the Major Superpower -47

Hospital’s Obsolete -53

Major Media Collapse -55

Telepathic Communication -59

World War Three -60

U.S. Terrorism Exposed -63

Multiple Creator’s Authenticated -75

Egyptian Pyramids Erected by Levitation -77

Extinction: Human Species



There was a time when the human race did not exist and there were only energy beings. Part of the Supreme Creator. Part of something much greater. A division of energy much as your systems delegate power with each being responsible for a tiny part of the greater picture and each being overseeing a few more to uplift and bring forth a knowing and experiencing to regain control of one’s own mind and spirit, away from things that we do not yet understand at this time.

There is an experience within all of us that we cannot ultimately experience that which is deemed evil or negative or bad. We know only of these things from the human existence. It is important to know them only because, in all life, there is only true measurement of what is good and true by being compared to what is hate, evil, dread, wickedness.

A lifetime of flowers will not make one aware of how truly beautiful those flowers are unless that person has seen a greater problem or a greater ugliness of nature or the human spirit. This energy is kept with you in your spirit form and allows for greater appreciation.

We are all part of a greater being. This being allows us to share energy and information and allows experiences to share. Just as germs assist a body they can hurt it. Lower forms of energy from the Creator are being made to excel, being brought up, motivated to enjoy a higher power and part of the everlasting energy and spirit.

As we progress, so does the Creator, the supreme being from which all energy and life flows. There is a time for change and that time is now. We are not alone in the universe and there is much help being provided behind the vail. The Creator allows these things to happen for your experience. For his/her experience. This allows for even greater compassion, love, and understanding. For each thing leads to the next.

This world was created to experience this world and returning to the pure energy being that you are. There is a need to experience the physical now that some have already done so. A test is more a measure of a being’s worth the more difficult it is. Love is eternal in energy form and you would not progress spiritually as fast as you would have, had you not experienced this human lifetime.

There are many things that are done in your favor, that of a spirit in a human lifetime, there are many things done for learning. This is as a testing ground, to be fully immersed in something and to be unaware of how temporary it might be will give the ultimate hologram world for experiencing a myriad of emotion and human experience. No matter if you believe your world to be temporary or not, there are still changes to experience and decisions to be made that bring about a higher or lower evolution in your spirit.

With that being said, there will be a future time when mankind will become extinct, like the dinosaurs, on this planet. There will be a time when this planet may no longer be the seat of human interest and existence.

What is more probably to occur through natural evolution on this plane is a return to the knowing of two bodies within your possession. Your physical body which is a temporary body, and your true self, which many would say is non-physical, a light being, nonphysical. It is important to know that this is a training ground in which you interact, potentially, with many other beings, so far, not many have done so.

The point at which human life ceases to exist would mean that this training ground, in these forms, is no longer necessary. It would be important to say that if this were the case, there is much training to be done in other areas. There are others who need this place, there are others that you will not communicate readily with on this plane in this lifetime but many who do not cross communicate once you return to your true home. This place is only temporary. It is essentially a hologram. There are other beings here that are capable of transporting themselves in their one body between the two places, but these do not entirely act with you when you return home.

There will be a time when a new kind of evolution takes place. There will be a time when even the least experienced soul is the most experienced and it will be a new time for new experiences. Each time man progresses in this physical place there become new changes and challenges as those wishing to learn here require new tools and methods to accomplish it.

If there were a time of extinction completely there would be a new form. There will be times when the Earth is not the most hospital place to reside, there will be other planets, moons, and other locations that will be inhabited by the human form. A change of form is quite some time away and nearly immeasurable accurately by numbers and ideology.

There are not many on your plane who can conceive this, but it is more important for them, as they read this, to know that all things require change, change is the permanent thing. Conflict arises in the self and with others, in actions, in thinking, in focus when we do not realize that change is the only permanence. Permanent is not permanent, all things are temporary. When you cease to change and adapt you are essentially stopping your own education, your own development as a being.

There was a time when there was not much experience on this plane and fewer experiences were had because beings were equipped in that way. It is less so now for beings to remain in one or two experiences in their entire life. Time by your clock is not picking up, your clock is not moving faster, but the rate at which knowledge is acquired is moving faster. It is not necessarily a short attention span that moves focus so quickly between subjects and study matter and interests. The ability to overcome or quickly become well-versed in a subject is what many are here to do, to gain valuable insight in a quick time. That is no way to indicate that you must rush, but if you feel that you have moved through many different fads, phases, interests, or periods, it is most entirely true, simply because you have gained from those things what you needed.

There may be an interest for you later in your years and possibly later in lifetimes but there is no need for many things to be dwelled upon or within for an entire lifetime. As with all things these are not concrete rules, you may have an interest or a hobby, or a way of thinking that continues through an entire life, many lifetimes, or is part of your true being. As with learning the sense and presence of constant change, so should the ability to critically discern be taken upon yourself.

It is important to know that learning is taking place at all times, and learning about the self is taking place, failures are failures, not life ending abruptions, they are opportunities for change. For many, the thought of life ceasing on this planet is unbearable, but when you consider the purpose of this place, the purpose of your presence, the purpose of learning change and learning all of its experiences, there is nothing to fear. There will be greater experiences elsewhere.

It is not important for you at this moment. The future now, and in the long-term, is a bright one. New challenges. New experiences. New forms to possess with your being and new forms to interact with in conversation, mentalism, and communication. Touch. It is all for you. You can experience new forms and other communication with other beings or forms with your true being while still connected to your physical body. Understand change and you will understand the universe. It is not to be controlled, it is to be symbiotically understood and cohabited with in a mutually beneficial and educational experience.





Atlantis Revealed


The certifiable proof of the existence of this ancient realm will be forthcoming soon. There is much to say about Atlantis before any questions are answered. Many believe this is a mystical place full of space travel and special powers. And on many levels, this is true. But simply because it was a different time with different ideas and the society was focused at all, this does not make it superior to that of other societies and other people.

The fallacy is to place them above or below present or other civilizations. The fallacy is to place them superior because of technology. There are many errors in all humanity and civilization due to free will and the direction it chooses to pursue. The goals of the self and preplanned issues shall always stand and the majority of them be met and achieved no matter the circumstance, but because of free will, the ability of others to join a group, the ability to remain an individual or take on the identity of a group, this is what causes change in direction.

There were many more souls living adequately, that is to say they were achieving something consciously, they were actively engaged in their world on many levels, not many distractions as you might see today in your lifetime. While not always beneficial to the self or to the society or to any of us at any time, they were part of groups, they were connected, they knew and acknowledged this unlike today where most would consider each and every living thing, action, and thought, a separate compartmentalized thing that does not impact any other.

So, they were aware of many things that it would seem only a few know now, many others now feel this, but they do not readily know what it is. Simply because they know then what they knew did not mean that they necessarily used it in protective or positive ways. Just as many now use things negatively or simply differently than intended for the positive or true purpose.

Also, it should be said that positive is not always the true purpose of many things. While uplifting, loving, peaceful and positive shall always be the desired result, the desired attention, the desired feeling that all things in nature and existence shall want to express or receive, these things do not always occur, and they are not always negative to experience them. You are here, all civilizations are here to learn and educate.

There was much in Atlantis that was technologically advanced compared to other civilizations of the time and those that immediately followed. They would be considered advanced by today’s' standards, some would view them as archaic, but it is because they used different methods for achieving the same results in many areas.

There were many crystal and mineral based technologies that powered their civilization. They had the ability for long distance transport by ground and air. There were limited abilities to be transported from place to place without the use of some device such as a vehicle. This would be some type of device similar to the science fiction transporters. You could be in one place and be sent to another place without the need to self-travel hundreds of miles.

The importance of all of this, what it hinged upon, was that many were capable of using more of their mind, and by measurement, if they were not using more they were very much in-depth able to use their mind in a way more than simply as a storage device for information. They were aware of what their minds could produce. The ability of the mind to impact physical objects, the power of their thoughts. It is very real and possible to produce an outcome based solely on the energy that you emanate from your being and into the world.

Many were aware of these and many other things became possible because all energy was directed upon it. All had independent lives outside the group but there was much more done as a group, as a whole, for the benefit of all of mankind as you could say. The ability to direct energy as many displays you have seen in science fiction fantasy, these things were not fantasy, power came from the power of all.

There were many destructive things that occurred, such as your researches who created weapons out of initially good and true and medical discoveries, many things, nearly all things can be weaponized if that is the intention of a few.

Healing was done so by internalizing the force of nature and by the use of minerals. There was not so much outside synthetic medicines. The body was treated with high regard in terms of what was placed into it and what was done to honor and protect it. There were still daredevils, there were still accidents, but the methods used to treat them were less barbaric than even the most civilized standard practices of today.

There are many on this plane who feel this way now, there is a knowing that something else could be done in medicine, some practice it, but major revolutions in terms of treatment and prevention will be coming to your plane as these individuals increase in numbers and varied research begins.

The ability to transfer energy was important, from being to being, from place to place, there was a greater understanding that the force behind all things, thoughts, actions, solid objects, all was energy. The ability to transport extrapolated energy from an individual to be combined with the energy of others to be used to create solid objects or to impart the energy into another for the benefit of health was afforded to them by many who researched this area.

There was a greater emphasis and understanding of the body that is not directly physical. Many on your plane now in this existence wish to work in medicine but ignore this part of the body, if they cannot touch it, it does not exist. This will change for many. Small at first, then many. The ability to communicate over vast distance without the use of an intermediary. There are some who knowingly and unknowingly accomplish this now, in full conversation and in small snippets of feelings and thoughts. There was not a telephone per se, there were devices which could amplify intention and messages but that was all initiated and received by others through the self. There was higher regard for the self, there was more unity within the group.

Destruction came because there was less balance. The group shifted. The group became centered on power while smaller faction’s attempted to retain their old ways. Earth based power, science, and medicine will slowly start to mimic what was achieved then, there was less negative impact when you live as they did, promoting cohesion through all life systems in the body and those that occur on the planet and in the solar system. There is much done to control externally all things that occur, much more can be achieved when life is conducted in conjunction with these elements, rather than seeing them as resources alone.

There were many who worshiped beings which they believed controlled many of the natural elements. There were many who were aware of the true nature of things and looked only at nature, its methods and its actions, and were thankful. There was not extreme focus on a supreme being. They were aware of outside guidance, of the ability to take what they have and to make it into something more, they were able to regard others with the same morality and highness as they did themselves.

There was a decline, and many were doubtful of themselves and of the necessity to also see themselves within a group, as part of a connection. There is truth in independence at all levels, but it is true to also say, that even if you never speak to another human being, your actions directly impact the rest of the energy on the planet. There was a decline and more worshiped things and directed energy onto other things that really offered no control on to life or onto the lives of others. The ability to worship is the sense of putting one's self lower than another, there is no need for a king or a prince to be superior to those that he is supposed to aid, many problems arose when there was the necessity from the group to have a ruler who then spoke with or seemed to confer with a higher power that was not necessarily communicating with anyone.

It is important to say that not all religion is spiritual, though much of it was fractured from and split from and rewritten from the true ideals first imposed, by the self, and through true knowledge, in Atlantis. These were not imposed in the sense of law, but they were expressed by all and were so able to accomplish much more. If a road need be built, there was not the hiring of laborers to accomplish it, there was not the need of many government actions to achieve it. Many things were done simply with the mind. Many knew this, it was welcomed, it was accepted. It was not written into law. You did not have to believe. You could choose freely to express yourself how you wanted. It was ideal for the time.

There were many who had forms similar to that of your natural representation now, of a spirit or soul, your true self, which was also attached to a physical form. There was greater ability to leave the physical form to accomplish energy work, healing ability, the formation of energy into solid matter. There was not such focus on accomplishing it, the leaving of the body and learning how to do it, it was not ignored from birth.

Now there is a discovery process to achieve these, the leaving of the physical body. You are essentially in the same form at all times no matter where you are on the path of education and learning. You are your true self, you are simply operating a body and the trappings it entails, you are free to leave it to conduct business. There was not a since of a higher being in terms of one who could cross planes from learning life to true life, but the ability to recognize the physical self and the true self, the spirit being, this is what was known.

There are many who could travel within dimensions. In this time period there were more access for beings to briefly return to spiritual and learning centers from the source of creation. Less of this is accomplished now. Often it was unnecessary for them to return at all, it provided a sense of comfort. Often the doubt and worry such as you experience would cause them to seek refuge rather than find the resources and experience the action as they wished to do in the physical form

It is not a higher power to be able to leave the body, you can do this now. Many can do this now if they choose it. There is a sense of evolution in the self, progress does not make you better than another individual who is unaware or new, you may be wiser, you only have more experience. Helping them is ideal, we will all succeed when we all succeed.











U.S. Dollar Collapse



There are many schemes devised for the disruption and the continuity of daily life in the United States. It is important to say that the dollar is not the strongest currency in terms of reliability and economic production. There is a great deception to perpetuate the myth to the American people, and even those that report on it, that it is the strongest and most reliable currency.

There is a method for calculating the structure of industry and its reliability within each economic area. These means and methods to not rely on currency and are more substantial and more accurate in determining the stronger government, stronger economy, stronger production, and the long-term sustainability of a value.

Know that in your currency there are many who are going to devalue the dollar by other means and actions. It will not be their intent, but the profit margin within their companies is more important to them. There will be more devaluing and therefore the dollar will eventually become worthless. What is also taking place on this same time line is that others are realizing that this is not a true method for determining value and it distracts us all from the true meaning and effort associated with each product.

The economy is often an arbitrary and abstract thought for many. It is simply the relation of your dollar and what it is able to purchase for you at the market once you have produced some amount of work in order to obtain the dollar. There will be a time when Marshall Law is declared but this is not a widespread problem, this will be very isolated and conducted with the segregation of the media. This is more difficult to do today since there are so many outlets for media and methods for communication between people in various regions. Yes, it was done previously that there would intentionally be no reporting on a subject simply because no information was given or because instructions were given to not broadcast on a topic. Ever more is the media relying on the government for information, they do not wish to gather problems in their future by not complying. There are deeper interests than what is being reported and not reported.

There will be a degradation of society just as many have seen in science-fiction movies of Hollywood. This is not a negative impact on culture and society, but so much of what you do is a facade and has you so removed from the very nature of the world, that it will happen simply because there is not enough in terms of tent-poles to keep the tent up which was built on a solid foundation but is now controlled for ludicrous means.

The method of buying and selling and using the dollar will become less important for many. Just as the rule of law has become unnecessary and in many cases the government even being supportive of the people, it will be less about global monetary value in the very near future.








Time Travel a Reality



There is presently a type of time travel available to all beings in existence. It is not a huge feat that you are able to go in your true body, even as solely your mind, and experience first-hand that which has already transpired. You will come to understand this in greater depths. It is important to know that in reverse you must not deviate from your time line. There are many events taking place and many concepts of time which you do not currently study on your planet.

It is much more important as you seek to know the future. You will not know the future in the sense that you may go there, alter it, and become a millionaire when you were going to be homeless. You can see the impact of things, but you will also come to know that one change in the road can change the future in extreme ways. Not negative ways, nothing is negative. But what seems trivial to you can impact the future drastically.

It is important to understand that you do not need your physical body as much as you feel you do. There are many actions that further the thought and behavior that you are a body with a mind. You are not simply operating a body. Your mind will go forever, you are never-ending. It is not news to many who have always felt this, but there is much beyond your current senses that you are capable of experiencing. There are many who have experienced these things before on your plane but for the sake of the history lesson, understand they are returning and there will be new skills and abilities that will also be wildly accepted.

Time travel, as with any endeavor, must be pondered and your motivations studied before it is undertaken. It is important to understand your personal motivation for doing so. Do you simply want to prove that it can be done? Once you have proven the ability and ease with which it can be achieved, what are your thoughts once you begin viewing previous events? What do you hope to gain? What do you hope to achieve from knowing the future events which may take place?

Understand, in all of these questions there is no right or wrong answer, there is also the ability to view events objectively and subjectively. You can experience from specific perspectives, others are an overall view. It is important that you understand that it is not simply a matter of hopping in a time machine and entering dates in a computer so that you can see prehistoric earth.

It is important that you realize there is much importance in your intention and motivation in regard to all actions. It is not a monopoly that some have over oil, this is not how the ability to travel shall be. You can currently do these things and therefore there is no monopoly. None can obtain and maintain power unless it is given, willingly, by those who once had it.












Black Hole’s True Purpose


Science will soon discover that a black hole is not only a portal but a source of energy. They exist as traveling points and sources of energy in terms of dispersion as well as absorption. You see them as having an incredible gravitational pull. This is true, you will not be destroyed should you enter one. Your physical body will one day be able to travel i

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