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Passion for Truths





  J.W. L e e

“A compendium of Life’s Eternal Truths”





“When the student is ready,                                               the teacher will appear.”







Disclaimer: No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations utilized in articles and reviews. The healing methods and information expressed within this book are not medical advice, but rather represent the author’s opinions and are solely for informational and educational purposes. The author is not responsible in any manner whatsoever for any injury or health condition that may occur through following the methods and opinions expressed herein. Healing methods and information are presented for informational purposes only and may not be appropriate for all individuals. 

Table of Contents 







P  a  r  t      O  n  e




Chapter One

The Journey




Chapter Two

What is Life?




Chapter Three

Who are We?




Chapter Four

Characteristics of the World




Chapter Five

Universal Laws




Chapter Six

Reincarnation & its Purpose




The Two Disciples



Chapter Seven

Free Will & Fate




Chapter Eight

The roles we play




Chapter Nine

Our Divine Attributes




Chapter Ten

We are One




Chapter Eleven

All paths lead to Home




The 8 Quotations




Chapter Twelve





Chapter Thirteen

Other Forms of Healing




Chapter Fourteen

Heaven & Hell




Chapter Fifteen

Death & Beyond




Chapter Sixteen

Spirit World Revelations





Chapter Seventeen

Spiritual People




Chapter Eighteen

2012 & The Future




Love is the Foundation of Life





P  a  r  t      T  w  o




Question One

What is Past Life Hypnotic Regression Therapy?




Question Two

What is Near-Death-Experience (NDE)?




Question Three

Who are Mediums?




Question Four

What are Channeled Messages?




Question Five

Why do spiritual teachers describe life as just an Illusion?




Question Six

Why do people experience DÉJÀ VU?




Question Seven

Why are spirits still Earth-bound?




Question Eight

Why do we pick up unnerving vibes at certain locations?




Question Nine

Why is intention important?




Question Ten

Why do we have two conflicting thoughts?




Question Eleven

Sometimes we obtain profound ideas or answers after taking a nap. Why?




Question Twelve

Is there truth in the saying ‘nice people die young’?




Question Thirteen

Do we meet the maker after our death?




Question Fourteen

What is the true meaning of Success in Life?




Question Fifteen

How can benevolent and notorious people be regarded as One?




Question Sixteen

Why are there ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ in life?




Question Seventeen

If reincarnation is real, why is the Earth’s population increasing?




Question Eighteen

Why do we not remember our Past Lives?




Question Nineteen

Certain religions espouse the ‘detached observer’ way of life. What does it mean?




Question Twenty

If the law of karma exists, why do certain people escape the punishment for their misdeeds?




Question Twenty One

Why do leaders fail us?




Question Twenty Two

What is the meaning of luck and coincidence?




Question Twenty Three

If our God/Creator is all-powerful and loving, why does it allow wars and suffering to occur?




Question Twenty Four

What role does Numerology play in our Lives?                            




Question Twenty Five

Why does the truth hurt?        




Question Twenty Six

What can one bring to the Other Side, upon death?




Question Twenty Seven

How does science reconcile with spirituality?




Question Twenty Eight

Is world peace attainable?




Question Twenty Nine

What is the meaning of ‘Ascension’?




Question Thirty

What happens in the End?




Back to Love



The Parable













Years ago, a typical day in my life usually involved pondering over issues pertaining to our existence, and the reasons behind all the human drama that went on in the world. The chief question on my mind was always this - “Why am I here?” The purpose of our existence, mysteries of life and taboo subjects like death and afterlife soon became the catalysts for creating a deep-seated passion in me - a passion for truths, to be precise.  In essence, it was about seeking explanations to questions that had haunted me and derailed my train of thoughts many times before.

The event that really jump started my search for those truths was a heated deliberation on religion with two former acquaintances. That memorable tipping point which took place almost a decade ago got me on a quest that saw me attending talks by Tibetan monks; immersing in numerous resources on religion, science and meta-physics; and consulting mediums, psychic card readers and Feng Shui masters. 

Over the years I realized that a lot about life and beyond including the true meaning of our existence could be found in the core messages and revelations by religious and non-religious people alike such as the following groups of people:


Professional hypnotherapists who conduct past-life / inter-life regression.



Scientists who delve into metaphysics.



Established mediums who relay profound messages from the ‘dead’.






Spiritual teachers and healers.



People who channel entities or ‘higher beings’ from the other dimensions.



People who have had after-death communication (ADC), near-death experience (NDE) and out-of-body experience (OBE).


The knowledge shared by these people resonated with my heart and it was consistent with my personal life-changing moments and spiritual encounters. These validations armed me with courage and I drew upon it to write this book - a condensed documentation about life’s larger truths. Knowing these truths will most certainly help us expand our mindset and raise our consciousness to a higher level. 

I believe the ancients as well as the messiahs of the past had known these truths and many religions were created out of this knowledge. However, with the passage of time, some of these truths were suppressed or altered due to personal agendas while other parts were lost in translation. Fortunately, the last few decades have seen the re-emergence of spirituality, where these truths have surfaced once again but via the present generation of psychics, clairvoyants, hypnotherapists, channelers and scientists.

In the new Age of Aquarius, individuals will not be deprived of this enlightening knowledge anymore. The Internet and its free resources will ensure that such divine information remain in the public domain and not just in the hands of the elite few. All that is required from one is just an inner spark to ignite the desire from within to seek such knowledge. 

This book is written specifically for those who have just embarked upon such a spiritual quest and are willing to contemplate the underlying profound messages of worldwide religious teachings, minus their superficial rituals. Hence it is a body of work that does not dwell on the different dogmatic practices. Instead it is a compilation of ancient truths explained in a straightforward manner to help the reader find his/her own divinity in life.  











This book is divided into Part One and Part Two. The former explores the core truths whereas the latter focuses on specific issues/concerns. Due to the relativity of both parts, there is an overlapping of information and explanations within each part. The Author also makes no distinction between the words ‘soul’ and ‘spirit’ and thus these are used interchangeably.







-       P a r t   O n e -

  The Core Truths








- C H A P T E R   O N E -


The Journey 


Looking back in life, I consider myself blessed as I was exposed to the spiritual path, at a tender age. It was my dear mother who introduced me to encounters with the Divine in a local temple decades ago. In that place of worship, everyone was welcomed, as discrimination was not practiced there. The environment was peaceful and the people were friendly.

More importantly, one of the Higher Beings from the Other Side, would arrive on certain days of the week, to help anyone who was in need of healing or guidance. The light being achieved this by assimilating (for lack of a better term) with the founder of the temple. When the assimilation process was complete, the tone of the person’s voice would change to one that was of a higher pitch. Surprisingly, as a child, I was not afraid but instead admired the being’s great wisdom and compassion for the welfare of others. I believe the New Age terminology for such a person with this unique ability is ‘trance medium’.

Though I was considered a Buddhist early on in life, I never judged my school mates, who comprised Christians, Taoists, Hindus and Muslims, according to their faith. If any judgment was to be made, it would be based on their character. I strongly disliked rude and antagonistic people. I could not understand how people could find room in their hearts to harm others. Questions about life and afterlife popped into my mind once in a while, during those formative years. However, the situation became more intense as those questions pounded my mind rigorously during my adulthood. Very often, I wondered what this journey is all about.  Is there such a thing called fate?  Why is the world always in a state of flux? What happens after death?

The real ‘push’ that compelled me to take a more concerted effort in my search for the truths of life was extremely memorable.  It started when two of my friends converted to another religion, almost a decade ago. Honestly, I had no qualms about the different faiths of this world, but when they started to behave in a less than holy fashion, I was irked. One of them even sounded condescending when she gave her own interpretation of my religion. Their persistence to get me converted, literally gave me countless headaches. At every possibility, they forwarded me testimonials about the superiority of their religion.

My reasoning with them was futile as they kept implying that I was taking the unnecessary long and winding path to God! Part of the reasons why I failed to help them understand the consistency of religions, was the lack of understanding of my own faith. When I went on the path of soul searching, I then realized that my faith and practice was steeped in the teachings of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. Only at that moment, did I consider the absurdity of the general mindset, that one should only be confined to a single religion! The unfortunate mindset is propagated by society’s obsession with discrimination and categorization. It is as though everything has to be pigeon holed.  

As mentioned earlier, I had started believing in Higher Beings long ago. The guidance and healing that I had received from the Divine beings were far too many to discount as figments of my imagination. During one fateful day, while I was browsing at a local bookstore looking for more answers, a particular book caught my attention. It was entitled “Conversations With God – Part I”. At first I was skeptical about reading it. Maybe its audacious title had something to do with my hesitation.  But for reasons unknown to me, I was still drawn to it. So, I picked it up and randomly read certain pages. Amazingly, I found that the messages seemed to have a life of its own and the information truly resonated with my heart.

Thankfully, the book was not about dogmatic religious practices. Instead, it was a means to self-realization and from then onwards, I had a clearer my view of who I am and my relationship with others. Reading the book was indeed a liberating experience.

Thereafter, many more informative books came into my path, notably “Talking To Heaven” by medium James Van Praagh, who is also the co-executive producer of the hit TV series “Ghost Whisperer”,   Journey of Souls” by Dr. Michael Newton, “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Dr. Brian Weiss , “Life After Life” by Dr. Raymond Moody and “A World Beyond” by Ruth Montgomery. Each book gave me incredible insights into our true nature and the unseen realm. This was followed by my discovery of a plethora of divine information channeled from the unseen realm. All the aforesaid profound information had a wonderful sense of consistency! My personal validations came in the form of consultations with ‘reliable’ mediums and Feng Shui master, talks by renowned monks, revelations in the temple and other sporadic meaningful coincidences.

At this juncture, one may question the need for the writing of this book. Well, to answer the question, I have to dwell on the past again. As a child, I had always felt that I was different.  I could just easily remove myself from all the drama that went on in the world. For the most part of my youth, I was comfortable being by myself although I was not anti-social. I was curious about death but never really seemed to fear it from Day One. The attitude still exists today and I look forward to my   return to the Other Side in the future. The never ending compulsion that I have is the desire to know everything about life itself. To say that I had spent an insane amount of my waking moments, daydreaming about such a huge topic, would not be an exaggeration at all. I suppose this tendency is what made me feel different!

While accumulating and processing such knowledge, I felt a strong desire to share it with others. That desire emerged in the form of an idea to write a book. Half way through the said writing, I received validations that I was on the right track i.e. that I was indeed fulfilling my life’s purpose. However, it was not a smooth process as procrastination, self doubts and other nagging moments did get in the way periodically. Thanks to divine reminders, I persevered and the result is the book you are holding in your hands.

This book is meant to be a compendium of eternal truths and some of these are easily recognizable while others necessitate deep contemplation. It is generally written in a Question & Answer format, thus allowing the reader to obtain answers quickly without having to sieve through unnecessary ‘filler text’.  At this point, a qualification is in order. The truths of life did not originate from me but have been in existence since time immemorial.  Earthly truths are ‘temporary’ truths which allude to the belief in death and suffering but the larger truths are the ones being emphasized in this effort and they speak of immortality and the higher purpose of our souls.

 However, I would like to stress that our quest for truths is not really a journey of discovery. Instead, the appropriate phrase would be a “recollection of truths. Indeed, we are merely remembering what we have already known before. Upon remembrance, we will become conscious players of this game called ‘Life’!


“Either write something worth reading or

do something worth writing”

-          Benjamin Franklin







- C H A P T E R   T W O -


What Is Life?


Any attempt to provide an absolute definition of “Life” is likely improbable, given the fact that life means different things to different people. However, my closest definition of the word L-I-F-E is an acronym for “Life Is Facilitating Experience”. The experience referred to, is vast and all-encompassing. It covers all types of emotion expressed, while we are co-creating a multitude of moments here in this physical world.

Life in this world provides an invaluable opportunity for us human beings to experience both the positive (e.g. joy, ecstasy, courage, gratitude) and the negative (e.g. sadness, despair, fear, loss) and the in-between (e.g. neutrality, anonymity) feelings.

There may be similarities amongst our experiences but no person’s experience in totality is identical to another. The injustice, imperfection and suffering that we see occurring on our planet are by no means any less valuable than moments of victory, glory and joy. In the end all of life’s experiences afford us growth in character and enlightenment to our souls.

Life also gives us a great opportunity to move from the “knowing” state to the “experiencing” stage. Prior to incarnation, we may only know the theory of life but without experience, we cannot feel the full gamut of emotions that run through a human’s existence. By shifting our perspective, we can discard our narrow take on life and embrace as well as appreciate all the moments that come to us be it good or bad. In the end i.e. when our physical lives expire here, memories of these moments are the only real precious ‘things’ we get to retain when we journey into the hereafter.

In the ultimate truth, the moment we were separated from the Source or God, we embarked on a spiritual journey of experiencing, learning and growing. It is through such a process that we are all finding our way back home to the Divine. This point was echoed by one of the greatest psychic of the 20th century, the late Edgar Cayce. He firmly believed that we are living souls who are equal to the Creator but have separated from it and are now passing through all stages of development in order to merge with the Source again.

Many messages from the spirit world have been channeled in the past confirming our roles in this world. We did agree to be born into this life, complete with a multitude of plans that comprise various challenges. In other words we are not here to accomplish just a single task although there may be a dominant theme for this incarnation. Very often our journey in this world involves learning different lessons and many of these touch on service to Humankind.

The simplest approach in finding out our lessons in life is by identifying our personal shortcomings or weaknesses. During this introspection, we have to be objective and truthful. Some of us are here to learn about compassion whereas others gratitude, forgiveness, perseverance or other virtues of life. The jobs or occupations that we undertake in this three dimensional world are just means for us to learn these lessons. This learning is what soul growth is all about. Failures, disasters, wars, loss of life, are some of the best set-ups for learning, even if initially these events do not seem to be so. From a higher perspective, there are really no accidents or condemnations in life.  

Our freedom of expression in this physical world and the planet’s unique energy and vibration allow us to create and experience a vast variety of possibilities. Some people who find life extremely difficult will most likely call it a grueling ‘test’. To a certain extent this description is true but an even more important matter to be concerned with, is the result of this test. How will it conclude in the final chapter of this long-running series called Life on Earth? Do we create a world based on fear or do we manifest a world rooted in love? Do we leave this world in a better or worse state than when we came in? Through our freedom of choice, we co-create the future of humanity and the planet.  A pertinent point which needs to be emphasized at this juncture is that the future is not something that was cast in stone. The future that ‘gifted’ people prophesize is just a potential. This potential shifts in accordance with our ever-changing collective actions.

In our capacity as a human being, we will not be able to comprehend all the larger truths of the world and beyond. This is ironically by design and not a flaw of the God-force. Some people have called this the veil of forgetfulness i.e. filters implanted in us to prevent us from knowing the intricacies of the Divine design.  Nevertheless, at this point in time, it would suffice for us to understand that we are an important part of the whole. Everyone plays a significant role, for there is no such thing as a ‘lesser’ soul. The wisdom we acquire from this lifetime will not be lost and unlike material things, it also cannot be taken away from us. The experience of life stays with us forever.

We all have the same great potential to raise or lower the frequency of the world through our activities (regardless of vocation) in our daily lives. What is performed at the individual level or micro level affects society at large. The collective effort of the people in this world in experiencing and mastering the many lessons in life, such as overcoming relationship issues, managing businesses, tackling environmental issues serves the ultimate purpose of life on Earth which is – creation through self-expression!   


“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count.

 It’s the life in your years.”

-          Abraham Lincoln











- C H A P T E R   T H R E E -


Who Are We?


We live in a physical world where objects could be easily seen, touched or even held in our hands. It is a three dimensional world in which length, breadth, height of an item could be readily measured. As such, the physicality of this environment has lulled us into believing in only things which can be validated by our five senses. Prolonged conditioning of the mind and accepting a limited perspective in life, have caused most people to cast a strong doubt about the unseen spiritual dimension and a disbelief in fields of meta-physics such as , spirit communications, astral travelling , energy healing and past-life regression .

A significant proportion of the world’s population holds the view that we are only our physical selves. To them, the demise of the body represents the very end of life itself. In reality, this presumption is far from the truth and is so limiting because we do survive physical death! When our body is laid to rest, we merely make a transition from the solid ‘shell’ to our true form i.e. eternal spiritual beings.

Proof of survival after death comes in many forms or ways. One of the best validations is by way of having a reading with a proven medium. Generally, mediums are individuals who possess an uncanny ability in perceiving the spirit of the ‘deceased’. They literally act as a gateway between the sitter (i.e. the person having the reading) and the entities of the spirit world.  

Questions raised by the sitter are relayed to the spirit by the medium. The corresponding replies or messages are then conveyed back to the sitter via the said intermediary. In this two-way communication, the validation of survival comes in the form of revelations made by the spirits, that only the sitter are privy to e.g. personal details or other confidential matters. Common examples would be descriptions of private moments shared in the past or details of recent occurrences.

Being the curious person that I am, I jumped at the chance of getting a reading, when a medium came to town the year before the completion of this book. An appointment was quickly made and when the day came, my wife and I excitedly went to meet this amicable lady medium named Julie. Julie also happens to work as a facilitator of Heal Your Life workshop, which is based on the teachings of Louise Hay. (Note: Louise Hay is the founder of Hay House, a publishing company that specializes in New Age inspirational books). 

During that memorable reading, two of our ‘deceased’ relatives came through. We were impressed that Julie was able to accurately describe their appearances and their characters. Specific and meaningful messages were then related to each of us separately. Clearly, the spirits knew exactly who they wanted to communicate with. Both my wife and I truly believe that there was no way Julie could have faked the reading, as we had only met her for the first time in our lives. In addition, our countries of residence are thousands of miles apart. Having gone through the reading, we do not doubt that our souls survive bodily death. This reminds me of the saying that we are actually spiritual beings having a human experience instead of insignificant human beings struggling to have a spiritual experience.

However, if one is still not convinced of this truth, then there are the other validations from many forms of communication after death. There are indeed many ways in which people residing on Other Side, make contact with those who are still incarnate. People who have encountered such experiences usually do not openly speak about them. This is primarily caused by their fear of being considered delusional. Nevertheless, due to the high number of such cases found in many parts of the world, these communications can no longer be categorized as fiction. Instead, they ought to be considered as valuable spiritual experiences, because people stand to gain a sense of closure or relief in knowing their loved ones are still very much alive! The common methods of communication could be any of the following but these categories are by no means exhaustive:


a) Visual communication

- People seeing full or partial apparition of the deceased. This is perhaps the most convincing category as one could see the physical attributes of the spirits including the clothes they were wearing.

b) Vocal communication

- People hearing voices of the deceased although no other living person could be spotted nearby. There have been   instances where such vocal communication took place via a telephone call.

c) Tangible communication

- People literally feeling an invisible person touching them or embracing them. Some people describe it as ‘psychic wind’.

d) Olfactory communication

- People smelling a fragrance normally associated with the deceased e.g. perfume used when the person was alive. 

e) Dream communication

- People who dream of the deceased coming to them with messages/warnings. Quite often these dream revelations subsequently prove to be meaningful.

f) Symbolic communication

- People who see typical symbols such beautiful rainbows materializing in a climate which normally does not support one or butterflies, birds ,etc. appearing out of nowhere just when they felt they needed signs from the deceased.

g) Electrical interference communication

- People who witness the automatic turning off and on of lights, radio, television. In extreme cases, some of these electrical devices were not even plugged in!


With regard to the first category of visual communication, I still remember an account related by a lady neighbor of a close relative of mine, many years ago. The visitation happened during daytime. (This debunks the theory that ghosts only appear at night.) On that occasion, the lady was tending to her garden. Her house was separated from my relative’s residence by only a low perimeter fence. At one point in time, she turned around to the direction of my relative’s house and saw the mother of the said relative, walking towards the entrance door. Not sensing anything amiss, she turned away and continued with her gardening.

What seemed like a casual and insignificant encounter very soon turned into a nightmare for the neighbor. This was because she had just remembered that my relative’s mother had already died several months ago! Upon such a realization, she bolted back into her house without hesitation. Unsurprisingly, she had goose bumps all over her body. Due to the shocking experience, she only related the incident very much later i.e. after she had regained her composure.

Another visual communication was conveyed to me by a trustworthy female friend of mine. This amicable lady had a caring father, who died when she was still very young. After his passing, the mother took over the role of being the sole provider for the family. One night at her flat, the mother saw something that spooked her. What appeared before her eyes was the face of her deceased husband and his upper torso only i.e. without the legs! Sensing fear of the wife, the apparition then revealed his full body. The manifestation, however did not last very long.

It is my fervent belief that the aforementioned visitations were not meant to scare the living but rather act as a reminder that our departed loved ones still do care and pay us a visit every now and then. It is difficult to regard such cases as figments of imagination because many similar occurrences could be found in detailed testimonials from around the world. Perhaps, one of the most well researched books of our times on communications after death is “Hello From Heaven” which saw the authors Bill and Judy Guggenheim collecting thousands of firsthand accounts from people who believe such a communication was made. The great number of cases presented in the book and its diversity clearly points to the truth that we are more than our physical bodies, and that finality does not come with death. We are indeed beings who traverse between the physical and the spiritual plane, throughout our existence. We are truly ... eternal!


“Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed            from different sides.”

- Lao Tzu




- C H A P T E R   F O U R -


Characteristics of the World


Nothing ever stays the same. Everything is in a flux.” Such a belief is one of the rare cases, where men of science and religious people agree upon. Everything is oscillating or vibrating at a particular frequency. Atoms in solid matter, liquid   and gas are constantly in motion, though at different velocities. Even light and sound have their respective frequencies too. Everything is indeed in a flow including our human experience, which sees us going through a rollercoaster ride in life i.e. filled with highs and lows.

The flow and ebb of life has existed since time immemorial. Perhaps the most profound representation of Earthly life and its characteristics is the Yin and Yang symbol (Figure 1). The saying - a picture is worth a thousand words - is exemplified by it for its unique design manages to encapsulate the many aspects of man and nature. To decipher its messages, the design is broken down to its key elements in the following pages. 






Figure 1 : The Yin-Yang Symbol





a) Two Contrasting Halves (Black and White)

This depicts the existence of dual polarity or extremes that exist in our realm and are easily recognizable as attributes in almost all facets of our lives. Commonly known examples are: