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Before we get started, I want to make a few things perfectly clear. No matter how much I wish I could simply wave my hand and you would suddenly have full blown psychic powers, it just simply is not going to happen that way. You may be one of the lucky ones, whose abilities simply springs open, but chances are, you will be like the majority of people and have some ability, but not great ones.

Also, please do not think that you will finish reading this book and immediately have your abilities at their strongest. Some people will see some result almost immediately. Some people will not see results until the have practices for many weeks or months. Everyone is different and everyone learns at a different pace.

For most people, what you put into your practice is what you will get out of it. In other words, if you practice once and never practice again, you probably won't get any abilities. If you practice a little every day or two for the next few years, you will probably become a strong psychic. Most people will come somewhere between those two extremes.

Think of where you are right this moment as being a baby. New babies can not walk, talk, control their bowels, feed themselves or any of the things adults can do. But inside them is the potential for greatness.

When a baby is first born, no one knows who that baby will become. He may become a history making famous person who ends up being the best there has ever been at their chosen career. He may be just another average Joe who lives his life, gets a job, has a family and spends his entire life without ever being on television, writing a best selling novel or performing with the next greatest rock band.

What that baby ends up becoming in many ways depends on how much effort is put into learning. Some environmental factors come into play and well as some financial factors which could determine a choice in schools, but we really have no way of knowing what the child will become or what his full potential is.

Your psychic abilities in most ways will be determined by the amount of effort you put into expanding them and making them grow to their fullest potential. If you choose to put in the effort, I personally believe anyone can develop basic psychic abilities. Are you willing to give it a try and see what you can do? If so, then keep reading, the best is yet to come.

The Right Mindset

This lesson could also be called "Belief", however I don't want anyone to think that learning to develop your psychic abilities has anything to do with a belief in a specific God, so I chose to call it a mindset.

I personally believe psychic abilities are a gift from God, but they are a gift to all of mankind, not just those that believe in a specific God. So even if you consider yourself an Atheist, you can still develop your psychic abilities.

If you doubt that psychic abilities even exist, chances are you will never learn to use your personal abilities. Almost any psychologist will tell you that doubt pretty much kills your chance for success in any endeavor. If you doubt you will do well on a test, chances are you will do badly.

If you doubt you can learn how to play the flute, chances are you will not learn how to play the flute. On the other hand, when you believe you can learn something, you usually can. It dramatically increases your chance of success; simply by thinking you can do it.

It goes even further however when you add to that believe a determination to succeed. When you strongly want to learn something it is much easier to learn it.

You have a confident air about you that others can see and feel and your chance of success goes up, each and every time you affirm your determination to do it.

It is important to also understand a little about the way people think about things.

We literally have two minds, a conscious mind, which contains all the thinking we do in our everyday life, and our subconscious mind which can be our best friend or our worse enemy.

Because we have two minds, it is quiet easy for us to say, "I believe in psychic abilities", yet our subconscious mind keeps dwelling on the many negative things you have heard regarding the abilities and manages to prevent us from being able to learn out of a misguided attempt to protect you from an unreal danger.

If you in any way think that you may have doubts about the existence of psychic abilities or if you in any way think that there is something evil about them, you must work on changing your subconscious beliefs or you will never experience full success.

Anyone who has made it through High School with a basic education has heard about the Dark Ages, where people were burned at the stake for anything that even closely resembled Witch Craft. To this day there are many people who place psychic abilities within the realm of Witch Craft. One has only to watch some of the preachers on television on Sunday morning to know there are many who still hold on to this misguided belief.

All of this can have a negative effect on you, especially if you consider yourself to be a Christian. So while you may consciously say you believe, your subconscious is sitting there telling you to forget about it, it does not exist and this can keep you from obtaining success.

The Bible talks openly of prophets, from back in ancient times and foretells of future (from the time it was written) times when our children would see visions.

This is nothing more than the language of ancient times using their terms to talk about psychics.

If you believe as this author does that God created everything, then God also created psychic abilities within us and like so many things in our world, are neither good or bad in themselves, but are good or bad depending on the purpose they are used for.

No matter what religious persuasion you consider yourself to be, if there is any doubt in your mind in the existence of psychic abilities, or if you have a long held belief that psychic abilities are from the devil or in any way bad, please start with reversing those beliefs.

Look long and hard within yourself and see where those beliefs came from, so that you can let them go. If need be, work on reprogramming your mind to accept psychic abilities as both real and capable of doing good for humanity.

This can be accomplished most easily through affirmations such as: 1) I am psychic

2) My psychic powers can help people

3) Psychic powers can be used to create a better world 4) Psychic abilities can save people from pain and suffering.

There are hundreds of others you can use, but the best affirmations come from within you. Look inside and find where that doubt comes from. Is it something your parents said in your past? Did a preacher scare you with threats of damnation as a child?

When you better understand where your doubt comes from, you can design an affirmation that is aimed directly as reversing the belief within you and release it so you can realize your greatest potential.

Once you have the affirmation you have chosen to use. Spend a few moments each morning when you first get up, looking into the mirror and saying your affirmation to the image in the mirror. Also do this the last thing at night before you go to bed.

During the day, any time you have a spare few minutes, repeat the affirmation (silently if need be) as many times as you can. For most people there are literally years and year's worth of being told the negative things and all these years must be overcome.

Exactly how long you need to continue this is something no one can say with any certainty. For people who did not hear a lot of negativity regarding psychic abilities, they may be able to put it all out of their subconscious minds within just a few days. People that experienced a large number of negative experiences or who where exceptionally scared during one or more of their experiences may take longer.

Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats are a tool to help get the brain into the right mode to allow changes to happen in a person. The technique uses specific sound wave lengths to cause the brain to vibrate at a specific rate which is known to cause a specific event or behavior within a person.

As you will see in the chapter on "Learning About Energy", all forms of energy moves in waves which can be translated into a frequency. The concept behind binaural beats is to get the brain to move to a desired frequency where the behavior that is being sought usually resides.

We have know for quiet some time now that when a person is asleep, their brain wave will be running within a specific range of numbers, when they awake, there is another range of numbers they will fall into.

The brain waves are measured in Hz. The following chart is one of the more accepted charts to show the Hz level of the brain when it is in various frequency ranges. It is important to note that not everyone agree with these ranges.

However the vast majority are close to being the same. This author believes the reason scientist can not 100% agree is there are small fluctuations in the numbers between various people. For instance, at 13 Hz, a person could be fully awake, yet the majority of people are fully awake at 14 Hz.

From 0.01 to 3 Hz - Delta Range - Very deep sleep, basically this level is completely unconscious. There is no evidence to believe that any type of dreaming goes on at this level.

From 3.01 to 7 Hz - Theta Range - Deep sleep, this is the level where Lucid Dreaming happens. Channeling happens at this level. Very deep meditation would fall in this level.

From 7.01 to 14 Hz - Alpha Range - This is the level where most dreams take place and rapid eye movement is seen. This is the level where most people go to during meditation. Psychic visions can easily happen here. Light meditation would fall in this category.

From 14.01 to 21 Hz - Beta Level - Fully awake capable of using your brain for all your normal tasks.

It is important to note that all psychic visions do not happen at the Alpha range.

Many people will have vision while fully awake and in the Beta range. However if you are trying to induce a psychic vision, the Alpha range is a good place to aim for as it will increase the chances of having a vision.

This chart, only lists the very basic levels that science has accepted as the levels our brainwaves are in during various stages of sleep or awareness.

For years now, a growing number of home grown scientist, have been experimenting with the binaural beats technique. By measuring the brainwave activity while a person is performing a specific task, they have a pretty good basic map of which brainwave frequencies create specific types of behavior.

The reverse also happens in that once someone pinpoints what they believe to be a specific frequency to cause a specific behavior, others will experiment using that frequency and attempt to recreate the behavior.

Problems arose early in the experiments in that listening to a frequency that is within the normal sleep range, the subject would fall asleep. Then someone realized that by playing two different frequencies, one in each ear, the brain responded to the difference between the two frequencies.

For instance, if you wanted to have the brain respond to a frequency of 3 you would play a frequency of 21.5 in one ear and 24.5 in the other. By keeping the carrier frequency above Beta level, the person could remain awake much longer than someone who was hearing a pure Delta level 3, yet their brain would be responding and experiencing things that normally happen in the Delta range, except they are awake.

It is important to note, that most people can not remain awake for a long period once their brain reaches that level, but most can remain awake longer than they can with a pure Delta level tone.

One additional drawback with binaural beats is that you must listen to them with stereo headphones to get the effect. It is imperative that the two tones be played in separate ears. If listening through speakers, the tones are mixing in the air prior to reaching the ear so the brain hears only the combined tone and does not change it's frequency to the desired level.

As experimenting continued over the years, people started moving outside the normally accepted level and tried levels as high as kilohertz and petahertz. When dealing with these levels that are outside the normal range of a human's ability to hear, there has not been nearly as much experimentation and accordingly, there is a huge amount of disagreement on their affects.

This really is not a problem for the average person however because most people simply do not have the right equipment to be able to produce sound waves of that frequency and there are plenty of ranges well within our current capabilities to keep most people happy for many years to come.

Anyone wanting to experiment with making their own binaural beats can, with a little research, fine all the software and frequency charts they need on the internet. The learning curve for basic operations of the software can be accomplished in a relatively short period of time.

For those that don't want to fool with it, there are plenty of choices available for purchase on the internet. You can find binaural beats backed with music, positive affirmations and other combinations.

You will also find a growing number of recordings offering what is known as Isochronic tones or recordings. Isochronic tones are very similar to binaural beats except it is not mandatory to use stereo headphones to listen to them.

Once you are working with tones above the level where our brains are wide awake, it is not necessary to trick the brain into staying awake, by vibrating at a rate that is normal during sleep. I personally have not done as much experimentation with isochronic tones and can not attest to their effectiveness, but I will be experimenting more in the future.

If you are interested in either types of tones, subliminal or self hypnosis recordings, I have purchased from the companies listed in the resources section and found them to be reputable and have a quality product.


How strong are your concentration abilities? How long can you maintain your concentration on a single thought or item? When I ask that question, most people think they are able to maintain concentration for a long amount of time. I have had people say they can concentrate on a single item for well over an hour, but most will say at least 10 to 15 minutes.

We devised a test where we gave test subjects a photo of a simple item, such as a round, red ball or a yellow star and asked them to focus their attention on the object, allowing no other thoughts to come into their minds. Most test subjects we not able to maintain their thoughts for 15 seconds without allowing their minds to wander.

The reason for the discrepancy is that most people equate concentration with simply thinking on a subject. For instance, in writing a book, the author will often stop and spend some time thinking through a train of thought. This may require them to do a little research to check out some facts, or they may simply need to get an outline of it all written down so they can work on it.

This is not the type of concentration I am speaking of; in fact, this is more of studying a topic rather than just pure concentration. I am speaking of pure concentration. The ability to maintain a single thought for a period of time, without allowing your mind to wander off onto another topic or allowing other thoughts to enter your mind.

It really is not an easy thing to do and most people will rarely reach the point of maintaining that level of concentration for more than 1 minute without a lot of training and practice. The longer you can maintain that level of concentration however, the better it is for your psychic abilities for many reasons.

One reason is many times you will be doing something completely mundane such as watching television or surfing the net, when suddenly it feels as if a weight drops on you. You may see a vision or hear words or sounds, or you may simply suddenly know something. But how correct you are will often depend on how quickly you can go from doing what you were doing, to being in complete and total concentration on the event.

In the case of telepathy, when someone is sending you an unexpected signal, you may need that level of concentration to be able to receive, interpret and in some cases, track that signal back to its source.

The following are exercises you can do to help you increase your level of concentration. You can do all of the exercises or just a few. You can do them in any order you like and/or leave out the ones you don't like. The big thing is to make sure you practice some every day.

If you are truly serious about developing your psychic abilities to their fullest, you will find a few minutes every day for many years to come to practice. You see as you get older, your ability to concentrate gets weaker. So it almost requires life long practice to reach your fullest potential and keep it at a high level.

Thankfully however, once you have reached about as far as you can go, it only takes a minute or two each day to keep your skill honed sharp.


One of the easiest ways to increase your ability to concentrate is through meditation because the hardest part of concentration is keeping stray thoughts from entering your mind. Meditation allows you to learn ways to gently move those stray thoughts away, yet is easier to accomplish because you are working on a train of thought versus one single thought.

Read over the following mediations a few times then close your eyes and relax while you work through one of them. If you like, you can record the meditation in your own voice, then lay back, close your eye and follow the instructions in the recording.

Relaxation Meditation

This mediation is designed to remove stress form your body and mind. It is very good at what it was designed for and you may have to work on staying awake long enough to get through it.

If you have problems going to sleep during this meditation, make sure you are comfortable, but sitting up before you begin. If that doesn't prevent you from falling sleep, you will have to split your focus between the mediation and staying awake.

Beginning of meditation:

Close your eyes and take a long, slow, deep breath in. Hold it for a few seconds, and then slowly release the breath. As you exhale, feel all the tension in your body leaving with the air as it is expelled from your body.

Inhale again, slowly and deeply and then hold it for a few seconds, before gently releasing the breath and feeling tension leaving your body.

Inhale once more, slowly and deeply, filling your lungs completely. Hold it for a few seconds, and then gently release it, feeling the tension leaving your body.

Breathe normally now. You are safe and secure and at peace. Every breath you take, a little more tension leaves your body, quietly and slowly, in no hurry, just in relaxing and peaceful.

In your minds eye, see yourself walking toward a stand of trees in the distance.

They are beautiful trees, full of life to the point you can almost see a healthy aura glowing around this stand of trees.

Keep walking towards the trees and every step you take, you leave behind another little piece of the tension and stress of the world and allow it to simply float away so it can cause you no harm.

Enjoy yourself, feel the sun warming your body. Hear the birds singing their sweet songs and taste the freshness of the air around you. This is a special place… a safe place… a relaxing place…

As you get closer to the trees, see the birds flying from tree to tree, playing in the warmth of the sun. Hear their sweet song as it floats on the mild breeze blowing through the trees. And you are relaxed and at peace, happy as a lark as you walk even closer to the trees.

When you arrive at the trees, walk among them. Feel the difference in the air temperature from stepping out of the hot sun light and into the cool deepness of the forest. Do you hear that sound? It's the sound of a stream flowing easily across the land. Gurgling as it flows over the rocks.

Walk toward the sound of the stream. Move slowly and calmly, deeply relaxed and at peace in this wondrous place of natural beauty.

When you arrive at the stream, you notice that it is not very deep and on the other side your see an outcropping of rock that looks almost like it was placed there specifically for people to sit and enjoy the peaceful flow of the water.

Step into the stream. The water is cool and delicious on your bare feet. Now walk across to the outcropping and sit on the edge, allowing your feet to dangle in the water. Sit for a few moments simply looking deeply into the water in front of you.

Watching it slowly gurgle by.

After a few moments, you notice a pale blue light within the water. It seems almost like a cloud that has managed to become with the water. This cloud slowly moves toward you and a feeling on wondrous peace washes over you.

The cloud touches your feet and slowly starts to rise out of the water, moving up your legs, to your hips, then your tummy, all the while filling you with complete and total relaxation and peace.

Allow the cloud to move upward, through your chest, down your arms, all the way to your fingers and up through your head. It feels so wonderful you decide to simply lay back and relax, with your feet still dangling in the water.

After a while, you turn your head to face down stream and you see a line of little black pebbles floating from your feet and flowing down stream with the water and you realize that the black pebbles are all the tension and pain and negativity that has been tied up in your body for so long.

Just allow it to continue for a while as you grow more peaceful. All the tension is leaving your body. All the pent up frustrations of everyday life is being washed away. Enjoy it. Lay there for a while and just relax and when you feel like you are 100% at peace and you are ready, sit up slowly. Allowing yourself to simply enjoy the way you feel.

When you are ready, slowly stand up and begin to walk back across the stream and back up to the trees, going back the way you came. Walk through the trees in a completely relaxed state. Enjoying every step, being thankful for the peace, quiet, happiness and love you are experiencing.

Walk all the way through the trees and back into the sun light and slowly make your way back home, taking the peace and relaxation with you. When you are ready, you can open your eyes and return to the world around you.

Rhythmic Breathing Meditation

This is a simple meditation that can be used to de-stress your body when you only have a few minutes to work in, or it can be done for longer periods of time when you have more.

At the end of this mediation there will be some variations you can use to allow this to help other things in your life.

Start of meditation:

Sit quietly, with your back as straight as possible and breath in slowly to a count of 4, hold it for a count of 4, then release to a count of 4 and hold no breath to a count of 4. Then repeat as many times as you have time for.

Your goal here is to keep the 4 counts rhythmic so that each count of 4 takes the same amount of time. Concentrate just on the breath, on getting the timing of each breath correct. If you have a hard time working with a count of 4, it is fine to change to a count of 3 or even 2 if it works better for you. Just don't breath too fast or you could hyperventilate.

If stray thoughts start to enter your mind, gently push them to the side, allowing them to float away.


Once you master this breathing technique, you can add a form of chanting to it.

As you breathe in, say "I am", in a drawn out way that takes the entire 4 count of breath. As you hold it to the count of 4, say "psy-chic" also taking the entire 4

count. Repeat as you breath out so it becomes a rhythmic "I am psychic" along with the rhythm of your breath.

If you are having problems with any other aspect of your life, you can adapt the chant as needed. For instance, a person having health problems may say "I am healthy", or a person working on strengthening their body could say, "I am strong". Almost any positive affirmation can be said during the breathing exercise to give it more strength.

When designing a positive affirmation, the main rule to follow is to word it as if what you want to happen is a reality. Don't say "I am getting healthy" because that implies you are not already healthy and your subconscious mind gives you what you are thinking about. You could literally end up sick. Always stick to the "I am

" format and you will be fine.

Apple Meditation

This is a simple meditation that if done correctly, will leave you with your mouth watering, wanting an apple. Of course if you don't like apples, your mouth may not water, so if this is the case, feel free to substitute a different type of fruit, one that you really like.

Find a place where you can sit comfortably for at least 5 to 15 minutes. You may lie down if you can stay awake in that position, sit in the tradition crossed leg or lotus pose, or simple sit in a chair where your back is straight and supported.

Spend a few moments with your eyes closed, slow breathing in and slowly letting it out. Aim for a slow and easy breath that allows tensions to release from your body.

When you are fully relaxed, visualize an apple. It can be any type of apple you prefer. The goal is to make the apple appear as real as possible in your minds eye. See the color of the apple and notice that the color is not a solid shade of any one color. What colors are in your apple? It may have small amounts of yellow, brown, green and numerous shades of reds, or there could be any number of other colors in it. Whatever you see in your apple is perfectly fine.

Now slowly start to turn the apple while examining every aspect of the apple. Are there any nicks in the skin? Are there any bruises on it? Does it still have some of the limb it grew from attached to it? Would it sit flat on a table if you set it down, or would it fall over?

How does the apple feel in your hand? Can you guess what its weight might be?

Can you smell the apple's scent on the air? Can you feel the coolness of the apple in your hand? Spend a while continuing to notice every thing about the apple. Make it as real of a vision as possible.

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