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For reasons only best known to Sai Baba, this book did not get published as planned in 2006. The last four years have been the hardest and the most painful; I was to experience firsthand the pain of death and the anguish it brings one’s self and one’s family. In 2006, during my time in Prasanthi Nilayam in September, I prayed for my youngest sister, Savi, who was going to undergo heart surgery in January 2007. A devoted wife and mother of three young children, my sister was one of those unique human beings who was always helping anyone she could to improve themselves. Over the years, she would bring several people for Reiki healings when I would be in Malaysia for holidays. In 2006, she taught and introduced me to crystals and the crystal world, and I would just smile as I didn’t “believe” in “crystal power”. My sister was taken from us on the 18thJanuary 2008, my brother in-law and I was present at the time of her passing. Again, words cannot describe the pain and anguish I felt as I was looking at the heart monitor and the angel lying on the bed, fighting for her life and the seconds ticking…… you’re screaming in your head and heart for the machine to stop ticking because you are not READY to say GOODBYE and then the SILENCE and my little angel has crossed over and I feel a part of me died that day with her. Life will never be the same again and I know it. For fourteen days after her passing, every evening Sikh Naujawan Sabha in Kuala Lumpur (my sister was a member of this group in her younger days) came to my brother in-laws house and performed Kirtan (Sikh holy hymns), we would feel her presence very strongly during these times.

The night before I was leaving for Melbourne, my other sister Poli (there were four of us sisters) asked me to teach her the “cross over” work where you connect with the departed soul and get messages. As soon as we connected (this was on the third day of her passing) we saw our sister sitting in a beautiful garden. She said she has been there for three days just reflecting on the life she just completed and in the evenings she comes “home” when the Kirtan[Sikh divine hyms] is being sung. We asked her where mum and the others were and she said they were nearby and when I asked her if she would like us to “reunite” with them, she said “yes” and immediately, Guru Gobind Singh Ji appeared in her inner scene on his beautiful horse and “took her” to reunite with mum who had passed away several years ago. We left the “scene” with our beloved sister being reunited with mum (my stepmother, but my sister’s biological mother. My mum died when I was eighteen months old and several years later my dad remarried but to me these are my sisters. I’ve never thought of them as half-sisters, that’s the love we have and share). And since my sister’s passing, my daughter and I have become very involved with crystals and crystal healings and I use it personally in my healing work. I know in my heart it is my sister “teaching” us from the other side……

Our beloved dad, who never got over her passing, left his physical body on the 29thNovember 2008. He was a very spiritual man in his senior years and a “true bhakta” i.e. disciple of the Sikh faith. The day he had his cardiac arrest (I had gone home to Malaysia to look after him), I was talking to my cousin’s wife that he may not make it that day and prayed for Guruji’s GRACE to be showered on him and in my inner scene I immediately saw Guru Gobind Singh Ji on his horse, the forms kept interchanging from Sai Baba to Guruji letting me know that my prayer was heard and Guruji’s horse lifted his right hoof several times tapping it on the ground, waiting for the Divine Master of the Universe to give the command to take his BELOVED BHAKTA across and our father passed away the following morning at approximately 5am.

I used to pray to Sai Baba to look after my dad (who lived alone when he was not visiting my siblings) and after his death I found out that for the last five years, his neighbours were Sai Baba devotees who took care of him – SAI, YOUR GRACE IS IMMENSE!

I continue to get messages from the “other side” and have a better understanding of life there. I’ve been shown the different “temples of learning”, I’ve been shown how our “thoughts” manifest our “desires” and each one of us is responsible for our own journey here and in the hereafter. I’ve been shown the “guides” who are there to “teach and guide” but ultimately it is up to the individual to take up the process. What process you might ask? The process of GOD REALISATION – and the process starts here, in the human physical body and those of us who have the LORD AND MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE BHAGWAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA HIMSELF GUIDING US ARE TRULY BLESSED. ACCEPT THAT ALL NAMES AND FORMS BELONG TO HIM AND IF YOUR HEART IS PURE AND SINCERE HE WILL PERSONALLY COME……GO ON……CALL HIM WHATEVER NAME OR FORM YOU SEE HIM……


Life is short……
Life is unpredictable…… Take the plunge TODAY……



As I was writing the above chapters, my dad and sister came through; I would like to include their messages.

P.S: My dad just “came through”, he used to feed the birds everyday and I have adopted this practise in my home in Melbourne. My dad says, “ask the world to feed the birds and all god’s creatures great and small for they need us to look after them”, and my dad says “thank you”.

P.P.S 1: My sister too came through and asks us to “heal the planet” and use the crystals – there’s much power in them and in using the crystals to heal, we heal the planet but as she just said, “first you evoke the form of divinity that you pray to and ask for healing to be sent to everyone on planet earth and the universe”. The message from the other side is very simple and clear – PRAYER IS THE MOST IMPORTANT “TOOL” FOR EVERYONE, it will heal all the ailments of the planet earth and its inhabitants and the universe. Apparently, they (spiritual people who have crossed over) PRAY FOR US DAY AND NIGHT. Their prayers are focused on raising the vibration of earthlings and they focus on Sai Baba’s principles of:
Satya – speak your truth and live by your truth

Dharma – do your “duty”
Shanti – practise universal peace
Prema – practise universal unconditional love and Ahisma – practice non-violence and remember violence also comes in three forms – words, thoughts and deeds.

P.P.S 2: Last year, I went to Prasanthi Nilayam for Dasara and before this trip I went to Anna’s crystal shop in Northcote [Anna too taught me much about crystals] to buy some Himalayan Quartz crystals for my sister Poli and her family. My sister Poli, a spiritual being herself had started learning to recite the Guru Granth Sahib Ji [Sikhism’s holy book, we Sikh’s consider it our 11thliving Guru] and I was “scanning” for a crystal for her. My step-mum (Poli’s biological mum) appeared and directed me to buy a “specific” crystal for her – this crystal is full of “Shakti” pranic energy and she asked me to give Poli a message: “Tell Poli, I’m very proud of her learning the Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Tell her I’m present (she crossed over in May 1987) every time she learns and recites the Guru Granth Sahib Ji and I will always guide her” – such unconditional love and devotion from a mother is beyond human comprehension……

It is 22/11/10, one day before Baba’s 85thBirthday. I’m listening to Sai Chalisa [divine hymns on Sai Baba] and reflecting on this work. On Wednesday, I’m meeting up with Karen who was ‘sent’ into my life by ‘my angel, my sister Savi’. I had just come back from Malaysia in April and I wanted someone to help me. I too needed ‘closure’ with my sister’s and dad’s passing in 2008 and I kept getting ‘messages’ from my sister Savi to go to ‘Matahari’, a new age shop in Greensborough and there I was told ‘Karen’ would have all the answers I was seeking. You see, at the end of the day, we are all human. In spite of my entire spiritual ‘know how’, I wanted ‘validation’ from another human being. Meeting Karen was a ‘turning point’ in my life. She gave me the ‘confidence’ to do things I had put on hold, including this book. So as I’m reflecting, Sai Baba came through with this message “Amma (his pet name for me – which means mother) include the chapter on ‘Introduction to Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai Baba’ from your first book. The time HAS COME, the WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW MY DIVINITY.
The Lord and Master has SPOKEN, so this is the chapter.

Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai Baba was born on the 23rdof November 1926 in the village of Puttaparthi in the state of Andra Pradesh, India. Today, He resides most of the time in Prasanthi Nilayam, which means, “Abode of the Highest Peace”

Sathya Sai Baba’s mission is to help humanity wake up to the innate divinity (Atma) within all creation and to see that the Principles of Sathya (Truth), Dharma (Righteousness), Shanti (Peace and Equanimity), Prema (Selfless love) and Ahisma (Non- violence) govern all human relations and activities. Therefore, HE has come for all mankind and to re-establish Sanathana Dharma (Eternal Religion) which is the essence of all religions. His teachings are universal.

Sathya Sai Baba also known as Sai Baba, Baba or Swami to HIS devotees appeals to all to server their fellowmen. To His devotees, He says, “Love all and serve all”. He shows the way HIMSELF and announces that His Life is His message.

Sathya Sai Baba is an Avatar, which means HE is Divinity born and existing as a human person, but in reality remaining as the limitless Divine. There are many books written about Sai Baba. Many theosophical, New Age and Sai bookshops sell books about him. Over the past years, authors like the late Dr Hislop, Dr Sandweiss, Phyllis Krystal, Mr J Jagadeesan, M Ruhela, the late Professor Kasturi and many, many others have written many wonderful books about Him and His mission.

The discourse Sai Baba gave on “Why I Incarnate” is a good summary of the Lord Himself. Here it is below:

“MYMISSIONistograntyouCourageandJoy,todrive awayWeaknessandFear.Donotcondemnyourselvesas sinners:sinisamisnomerforwhatarereallyerrors, providedyourepentsincerelyandresolvenottofollowEvil again.PraytotheLordtogiveyoustrengthtoovercomethe habits,whichhadenticedyouwhenyouwereignorant. Worry,greedandneedlessagitationandanxiety,these causeevenbodilydisease.Mentalweaknessisthebiggest causeof disease.Dis-easeisawantof ease;thecontented mindisthebestdrug.
Begood,bejoyful,bebold,behonest,betemperate,be patient.Thesearethe rulesof goodhealth.
Irefusetocallanyoneanatheistoranunbeliever,forallare theCreationsof theLordandrepositoriesof theGrace.In everyone’sheartthereisaspringof Love,arockof Truth. That LoveisGod,thatTruthisGod.Divinityisthereinthe depthsof everyone’sInnerBeing.
TheLordisaboveandbeyondalllimitsof casteandcolour, ofwealthandpoverty;itisfoolishtobelievethattheLord asksforthisgiftorisangrywhenitisnotoffered. Ihave cometoguideandblessthosewhoundergothe disciplineandpracticeleadingtoDivineunion.Iamneither mannorwoman,oldoryoung,IamMe.Ilikeyoutoapproach Mewithoutfear,asaright.Youdonotextolyourfather.You askforsomethingfrom him,asarightisthatnotso? YoumaybeseeingMetodayforthefirsttime,butyouareall oldacquaintancesforMe.Iknowyouthroughandthrough. Mytaskisthespiritualregenerationof Humanitythrough TruthandLove.If youapproachonestepnearertoMe,Ishall advancethreestepstowardsyou.
Iamhappiestwhenapersoncarryingaheavyloadofmisery comestoMe,forheismostinneedof whatIhave. ItisnotmentionedanywherethattheGraceof Godis availableonlyforcertainclassesorracesorgradesof people.Fromthesmallesttothebiggestallareentitledtoit. TheLordiseverywhere,everything.
Theworldcanachieveprosperityandpeaceonlythrough suchpersonswhoseheartsarepureandwhosemindsare freeof prejudiceandpassion,lustandgreed,angerand envy.
IhavenotstartedtheworkforwhichIhavecomefor,Iam stillinthestageof preliminaryreconnaissance.WhenIstart mycampaignthewholeworldwillknowof itandbenefitbyit’ [QuotefromSaiBaba,DasaraFestival,1961]
SaiBabaisGodwhoincarnatedinvariousformssincetime began.Hehimselfhassaidnooneiscapableof realisingHis truedivinityforitisbeyondhumancomprehension. However,inthisera[Kaliyug],totakemankindbackto Godhead,Hedidsaythatitwilltakethreehumanbirths.He declaredthiswhenHecameastheincarnationof Lord Shiva.ThefirstbodywasSaiBabaof Shirdi.BhagwanSri SatyaSaiBabaisHissecondandpresentbody.Thethird bodywillbePremaSaiBabawhowillbeborninthiscentury inthestateof Karnataka,MysoreinIndia.


First and foremost, I dedicate this book to My Guru, My Inner Motivator, My Divine Mother and Father Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai Baba.

I also dedicate this book to my physical father, Kartar Singh, who inspired me all my growing years. An orphan, born in the outskirts of Amritsar, India, he served in the Indian Army and later settled in Malaysia, the country of my birth.

I also dedicate this book to my children, Jovin, Sharan and

Revin who have never complained of the numerous people who come to our house for healings and attunements. I wish
to thank Bhopinder Kaur,my sister Poli and my son Jovin for
typing the manuscript and assisting with the editing and a
heartfelt BIG THANK YOU to Revin for all his patience and
assistance with ‘computer issues’ including typing.

Last but not least, the people who gave me the opportunity to “serve God” through them and I thank them for their donations to their charities (this act of donating is my form of payment).

God bless you all and through Baba’s Grace may the work keep growing. May my spiritual family extend to the four corners of this globe (our earthly home – planet earth). Foreword
Sai Baba – God Incarnate

Once when asked by Dr Hislop if He is God, this was Sai Baba’s response, “You can say I am the ‘power switch’. I control the Universe, not just Planet Earth.”

It was the 23rdof September 2003. I had just finished doing my daily sevaof sending reiki to planet earth and all its inhabitants when I heard Sai Baba say very clearly, “Sai Baba is the power switch of the Universe” and then he said, “Move beyond my physical body in India. I am MUCH MORE than that. DO NOT LIMIT ME TO THIS BODY.” When sages and rishisprayed for a ‘better world’, I answered their prayers and took human birth to fulfil their prayers and the reason I chose India was because of their steadfast faith and devotion – it earned them the Grace. But you will experience MY POWER AND PRESENCE IN EVERYTHING YOU SEE – FROM THE FIVE ELEMEMTS TO THE SMALLEST ANT. I AM THE INDWELLER THAT GOVERNS ALL. I AM YOUR CONSCIENCE. I AM THE STILLNESS. I AM THE WIND.”

“The devis,devas,rishis,munis,angels and archangels are my Divine helpers, just like those of you who serve me but you are limited in a physical body and the angels travel astrally. When you evoke my energy, ask Me to evoke theirs and the angels and archangels will HELP you in your seva. I am Brahma,Vishnu,Maheswaraand every form of Divinity that walked this earth and universe. I AM SHIVASHAKTI.”

This message was given to me after Swami introduced me to the world of angels and archangels (who are now my constant helpers). I wanted Swami’s permission before I would evoke their energy. I felt disrespectful but once I received this message, I knew I had Sai Ma’s (Sai Baba’s) blessings.

You see, angels and archangels do not belong to any religion. They are free Divine spirits who serve their Divine Master – God Incarnate, Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. It is our limited mind that we see Sai Baba as “Indian” for truly He is casteless, raceless, religionless, for HE IS ALL. Every caste is His, every religion is His, every race is His. It is we human beings who create these barriers and introduced ugly words like racism, intolerance and hatred.

The time has come to demolish these ugly words and embrace one another, show respect and tolerance for ALL faiths. We have to fulfil Sai Baba’s mission – one world – one community – all faiths, Hindus, Muslims, Christians,Buddists, Sikhs, Sai – praying together to the ONE GODHEAD who is the ONE that we see as MANY.

It is to this Supreme Godhead that the following chapters are placed at His Holy Lotus Feet.


Thank you Sai Ma for giving me the opportunity to be a part of Your Sai phenomena.




Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi

Aum.IknowthroughGurusandSpiritualtexts(andbydirect experience)thatSaiisGodHimself. HeisBhagwanand Ishwara. ImeditateonthisForminmyheartwithallmy mentalfaculties. Heistheembodimentof Truth,Universal ConsciousnessandOnewhopervadesalltheworlds. Ipray tosuchParameshwar(greatGod)todirectourintellectsto engageinauspiciousandrighteousactivities. Imeditateon thisgreatForm.

Changes since my first book

There have been numerous changes in my work since my first book. In the earlier healings, people would come for each attunement (there were four then) and most of them did not make the effort to continue with the healings. Time was also a big issue as each attunement took at least an hour and people needed to heal after each attunement and then I would bring them back for chakra balances. I needed the people to make a commitment to take charge of their own problems and prayed to Sai Baba for Divine guidance.

Baba provided me with the answer. He said that all I needed was one attunement and to place all the ShivaShakti symbols on the person and heal any issues that surfaced. Each person would then be given a prayer as part of their self empowerment and self journey; and self effort is required. Each person would only need to come for chakra balances and healings as and when he/she desires or when the need arises. I would only teach those who will make a commitment to do seva– even if is only global healing – the most important sevaof selfless love.

Personally, I continue to do the work in total surrender. My amazing inner growth has lead to higher vibrations in attunements and now I am guided to use different mantras during attunements and chakra balances and this has taken my work to a much higher level and the results are absolutely amazing. In most cases, an attunement and a chakra balance is all that is needed and each person will have to commit to their own healing process by ensuring that they do their reiki prayer on a daily basis.

Seven years ago, I was directed by Baba to go to Reservoir library and there would be a book there that I would be led to borrow. I walked in and went where I was directed. The book, “Angel Inspiration” by Diana Cooper was being advertised as a new item. What a coincidence! I was directed to evoke angels in my work as my Divine helpers and by doing this and through Swami’s Grace and Diana Cooper, the work has taken another dimension.
The amazing thing for me is how the angels help me in my absent/global healings. After each healing/ attunement, I surrender the outcome to Baba and SaiGanesh, his archangels and angels and they “take over” and the outcome has been amazing.

The other big change being, loved ones from the other side have been coming through when people come for attunement. I do not call them when someone comes for an attunement. If a ‘spirit’ is there, my responsibility is to pass on the ‘messages’, that’s all; however, I find it extremely comforting for the person and feel privileged to be the ‘messenger’. Our loved ones simply cross over to another plane. They are aware of our thoughts and actions and are able to “communicate” when the opportunity presents itself. The amazing phenomena I find is that, once they cross over, they love ‘unconditionally’ and often ask for ‘forgiveness’ for their “not so pleasant actions” when they were alive. This is validated once you receive your life review and reflect on your life just completed – forgiveness is an important part of the spiritual growth as it allows the person to ‘move forward’ spiritually and as they prepare their next “human contract’ while on the other side, they will decide how their next life is going to “span out” and what lessons they need to “learn” when they take human birth again, that is, what karma they need to “bring’ as part of their baggage as Sai Baba states, “When a child is born, around his/her neck is the invisible chain – the chain of his/her karmic actions. Each one of us come with this karmic garland for no one is free of their “karmic actions” remember the saying, “So you sow, so you reap.” “Human debts” are settled and your social status do not grant you “exclusions” whether you are a farmer, politician or a high profile “criminal” dressed in a three pieced suit or a uniform – you know who you are. A criminal is a person who breaks the “rules” of the game of life whether you are a teacher, priest, politician, an officer, abuser, a policeman, a parent … the list goes on.

It is only when one embraces Divinity into their lives and embrace change which brings reform, that is, working through your karmic issues that you will improve and become a better and Divinely driven human being.

Message: UnlessGod'sGraceandhumaneffortcome together,theresultscannotbeachieved.


Divine Reiki and Seichim

I have been blessed to have been attuned as a Master to Reiki and Seichim symbols. Although I was attuned by two Reiki Masters and am a student of the Usui system of Reiki, I take my instructions from Sai Baba.

Reiki is masculine (Shiva) and Seichim is feminine (Shakti). Reiki and Seichim is Divine healing (a gift from God – Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Himself). It originated initially when He came as Lord Shiva and in His present ShivaShakti

swaroopaan , the Divine gift magnified. In the year 2002, I was blessed to get the opportunity to go to Prasanthi Nilayam for the holy festival of Mahashivarathriwhen Swami materialises the lingam.Since my return, my gift of Reiki/Seichim has become infused with Swami’s energy and words cannot express the bliss that one feels in a session of healing and the visions have increased.

As said earlier, in the year July 2003, Swami instructed me to go to the library. He told me there was a book that He wanted me to read and I will be directed to the book. So, off I went and as I walked, my footsteps guided me to the book, ‘Angel Inspiration’ by Diana Cooper (prior to this I would feel the presence of angels and archangels) and Swami then asked me to evoke the angels in everything I do, especially in healings.

Swami also taught me many, many lessons and the most significant one is that HE IS GOD AND HIS HOME IS THE SUN. The reiki energy comes from the sun and the subtle

pranic vibration Aum. Swami asks me to visualise Him in the sun with His palms facing me and the reiki energy coming out of His Divine palms and pouring into me and the person to whom I am giving the reiki. I must emphasise strongly that I DO NOT run my reiki as a business but as a Sai seva. People who come for healings have to donate to a charity of their choice. That is ‘my contract’ with Swami and I will not do it any other way.

Message: SwamiisBrahma–thesustainer

Everymorning,whenyougetup,facetheSunwithyour palmsfolded. VisualiseSwamiinthesunanddotheSurya GayathriandthankSwami,forwithoutGod;withouttheSun– nolifecanexist.

Surya Gayathri
OmShreeBhaaskaraayaVidmahe SaiDhevayaDheemahi

The Attunement Process

In my first book, I mentioned that I did Reiki Level 1, Level 2, the Master Attunement and then the chakra balances. This process was tedious, slow and very time consuming and it would seem like forever before a person could heal. In 2001, after meditating and seeking Divine guidance from Sai Baba, I started doing all the attunements in one session. The outcome was amazing and humbling. I observed that people would progress quicker and the only requisites were faith, trust, acceptance and doing the reiki prayer daily.

In 2003, Sai Baba introduced me to the world of angels and archangels and taught me to incorporate them into the attunement and healing processes. The result – Amazing Grace!

Like I stated, I do not use the word reiki much. I prefer the term ShivaShaktiCosmicPranicenergy– connecting directly to Sai Baba as He is SHIVASHAKTI. The symbols too are Shivaand Shakti,that is, Shivasymbols (masculine energy of God), Shaktisymbols (feminine energy of God) – God, our Father, God, our Mother.

In 2005, Swami asked me to use mantrasin the attunement and healing process and I found the attunements and healings took a higher vibrationary energy.

In the attunement process, the person is connected to their chosen Divine form, archangels, angels and guardian angels, by prayer, symbols and mantras. Often just the attunement process is enough to start the person on their
healing/spiritual journey. However, in some cases, people need to clear more issues and they come back for chakra balance healings. If during an attunement process, a past life or some negative issue surfaces, it is dealt with and ‘healed’ during the process of the attunement. Often this is what brings people for healings in the first place.

Being a facilitator for spiritual healing called Cutting the Ties that Bind, which was originally taught by Mrs Phyllis Krystal, I incorporate this sacred work into the healing. The work is based on symbols and inner visualisation and this sacred work too has grown beyond the books and is a very important part of the healing work I do – from puberty rite cuts to personal issues, negative issues, past lives and issues that have infiltrated into the present life and needs to be healed.

I would like to share with the reader the meaning of the different types of Reiki/Seichim symbols and their uses.

Used for opening and closing (the power switch). The protector – on all levels – protects person/property and also psychic attacks.
The masculine energy of God – SHIVApranicenergy.



The pranicenergy in the vibrations of the ether.

The mood stabiliser
Also helps with the meditation process

Heals the soul of every life time a person has taken including the present lifetime, so it also heals karma and karmic actions.

Heals everything mental including stress and emotional/physical/spiritual ‘baggage’, etc.



The feminine energy of God – SHAKTIpranicenergy
AumRaku (2versions)

Used to help a person move away from unwanted belief systems. In an attunement, it will heal whatever lifetime/lifetimes that are needed to be healed eg cult lifetimes, abuse, ritual killings eg satirituals, etc.


Used at the end of the attunement process to send “grounding energy” to the person and bring the person back to the present time as during every attunement or chakra balance the person is in a trance-like state (state of reverie).

Used for absent/distant healing and in attunements done by proxy.
Symbols used to access a person’s akashic(soul) records where past life memories are stored.
Heals past, present and future; thus reducing future karma.

Helps a person to move from the self to the selfless; (an important process in a person’s spiritual journey) Helps eliminate the ego – the first requisite in a person’s spiritual journey.

Besides being sacred and transcendental, each symbol has a ‘specific’ job to do and because they are infused with Divine energy, my role as a Reiki Master is to perform the attunement process; then totally surrender the outcome to the Divine form that I have connected the person to. The ‘healing process’ commences on the person from the time I ‘hear’ about a person or am contacted by them for an appointment

Respect, reverence and acceptance of an attunement are equally important. I have reached the stage of my own personal journey whereby I am comfortable in saying “no” to those individuals who have little or no faith in Divinity or in my

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