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Decipher Destiny: Decode God’s Will

By Santosh Jha



Copyright 2013 Santosh Jha

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Table of Contents

Let Us Talk Like Friends: Welcome Note

Why Trouble God, You Can Do It

Patterns Around Us

It Will Never Let You Down

Obscure Joys of Entangled Communication

The Quantum Of Life Quintessentiality

The Vacuum Shapes Your Realism

Synchronicities et al

Beyond This Talk

Accept My Gratitude

About The Author

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Thrilled to have you with me!

I feel truly happy to tell you that this, I do not intend to be a book. Rather, it is like friends chatting up, sharing whatever we can together to enhance the wellness space.

It is my humble belief that any person, in whatever state of consciousness and life positioning, is in some special ways, better than a wisdom-book, for the purpose of life & living learning. I must tell you, I have learnt and more importantly, unlearnt, primarily from people. Books somehow are people-matter in text-format.

We shall talk about how we all can decipher the unpredictable destinies, which unfold to us, without we having any inkling about them. We shall also talk about how we can understand the happening of most of those probabilities, which come to us and which we refer as God’s will, as we think; we have no control over them. However, first, we have to come down to one common premise, which shall help us is the fruition of the issue at hand – Deciphering Destiny.

There has to be a humble admittance – Any word, however well meant and well spelt, is a possible suspect of ‘misrepresentation’. There is a simple reason.

Do you remember when your flight is about to land, the pilot aborts the landing, jolting your peace, just because something as insignificant as a ‘stray dog’ happens to be on the runway?

You already know, how similar is the fate of human words, which we all accept as the best and worthy carriers of human ‘intentions’. This airplane of human words, carrying good and noble intentions need to make a good, smooth and safe landing on the runway of another human’s mind and consciousness, which again is worthy and hugely able.

Still, the good intentioned words sometimes fail to land on the mind of others, as there is some ‘insignificant’, yet potentially fatal obstacle standing midway the runway!

It is believed, “If the hypothesis is right, the idea is accepted as right”. If two people have an assimilative and integrative attitude, one can easily see that root trouble is in subjectivity of the hypotheses. This helps in resolution of conflict of ideas.

Friendship is one positioning, where assimilation and integration about divergent hypotheses has larger accommodative space. A seed is more objectively accommodative in space than a grown up tree. Friendship is seed positioning.

That is why, at the very start, I very affectionately request you to be my friend and accept this all as one long conversation between friends. Kindly, accept this not as a book but a ‘confabulation’ between friends. This, I am confident, shall engender smoothness of navigation and fruition of the entire exercise.

With all humility and sincerity at my behest, I wish to tell you that it needs to be said, there is only one person on the earth, who can say that he has understood. Otherwise, this domain is reserved for a metaphor called God. This is not available for humans.

It is also a heart-felt realization that our very worthy ancestors; who had the intelligence and courage to face the worst, life made them to, so that we inherit a better beautiful world; have already said almost all good things. What I can do is present them in new set of words with novelty of references.

The only justification of me telling them is that all goodness and wellness ideas and words need to be repeated and retold, to add to their all-pervasiveness.

At the age of 46, I can say with innocence that getting old is such a beautiful and satisfying experience. It makes the ‘self’ accept the ‘utility and fruition’ of holistic, assimilative and integrative consciousness. Getting old has probably pushed ‘me’ close to the ‘eligibility’ of perhaps beginning to understand as what essentially is there to be understood!

I chat up with you to share with you whatever is part of my consciousness. All wisdoms say, human is designed to live in state of ‘flux’, a state of instinctive semi consciousness. To jolt oneself out of this, one must challenge itself; something humanity has done since millions of years. What stays with you is what sinks in. Wisdom is what we internalize.

I share with you whatever I have internalized in my life.



Why Trouble God, You Can Do It

We always say; things shall happen when God shall ordain. Things do happen at some stage of time and circumstances and we think God made it possible and thank god for making that happen. Then, things may not happen and we think, may be God has something else in His mind!

There is also lot many related aspects, which we are too happy to assign to God’s will. Like, something unexpected happens and we say, it is God’s way of endowments to those He loves. Or, it is some signal of God to lead us to something big and great. Life and living experiences are so randomized and full of infinite possibilities of precarious positioning that it is always very easy for us to accept God’s hands in it. Our archetypal mind imaging facilitates this.

There is actually nothing wrong about it. It is also something, which is very natural to our consciousness. We have the mind training from childhood to accept that if anything happens, there has to be a ‘purpose’ and something must be there to ‘move it’. God is also in our mind consciousness since childhood and it is only natural that when we cannot see any perceptible and tangible ‘purpose and mover’, we ascribe it to God’s will.

The trouble starts, when this idea becomes a habit of procrastination and a psychotic belief that everything is there for God to move and we cannot or should not bother about things. This also blinds us to the clear and established patterns, which leads to discernible probabilities in life, which we can and we should manage ourselves, not bothering God for it. This is a huge facility for personal excellence, which we usually fail to pick up by assigning to God.

Somehow, the question, which comes to mind, is –isn’t it that things happened because in time, we evolved ourselves to such a point where it actually happened. Or, it did not happen because, the necessary elements for its happening could not line up in a way, it should have for it to happen!

There is a way to take this all differently. We need to accept alternative viewpoints to ensure our personal excellence. We can feel and believe, god is my own intrinsic nature, my natural emotions, my instinctive me and I am a constantly evolving potential. Naturally, my god is also in incessant evolution. Therefore, when I attain something, me and my God within, probably evolved to such a positioning, where this attainment could be made possible. The probability fell in my lap as I evolved to a point, where my God stood with His bounties and I got it. If I did not get it; probably because, my evolution to such a probability could not match with the evolution of my God.

Usually, it is not customary and convenient to question so many things, which we assign as something in the domain of God. It is truly amazing, how much we delegate to God, without even bothering that majority of our delegation is actually out of the inertia of comfort, or simply, lack of understanding of how this cosmic system operates and how we and our immediate milieus fit in into this vast mechanism.

The archetypal faith patterns, which we have inherited since ages, probably make us accept that almost nothing moves without God’s intervention. The fact is, this faith positioning is completely against what core religion tells us. In all religions, there is a theme of destiny but it is always concurrent with the theme of karma, the commensurate action-behavior requirements to land at this destiny. If we objectively look at the theme of destiny, we shall find that it has larger utility in our secular societal domain, rather than purely world-beyond value.

There is a mechanism to all probabilities in life and in cosmic arrangement. The mechanism has its own energy and patterns of possibilities. Religion tells us that God created the mechanism, energized it and left it on the karma of individuals to attain what it could from this mechanism. Those, who succeed and attain, decipher this mechanism and the patterns, which are there for anyone to see and work them towards their avowed goals. The wise have said since ages that a true religious person is one, who assimilates the mechanism of God and works towards seeing its patterns for personal and societal excellence.

The mechanism has its own energy and as we align our personal energy in linearity with this energy of the cosmic mechanism, we attain success and excellence. It is like, I do think that I am ideal for the position of being the President of USA but, it is not happening for me. So I say, it shall happen when god shall wish. Years pass and as I have this in my mind that I must be the president of USA, I am actually gradually moving towards this end with an evolution mechanism which even I cannot visualize as happening because, this energy, which is silently leading me to this probability is intangible and in my subconscious mind. In reality, I am actually inching slowly and unconsciously towards that end. And one day, I do become the president of USA and I thank god to make it possible for me.

It is interesting to decipher that in reality, it is my own potential that I unconsciously chased and it happened. What made it happen may be god’s will but, it is my intrinsic nature which worked for me in silence, in sub-conscious and in innate me. My personal energies subconsciously aligned with the patterns of the mechanism, which is already set up for being a president. Of course, the faith in the subconscious mind that God will is also with me, helped me in aligning with the patterned energy, which made the probability of being the president fall in my lap.

If it could not happen and if I die without being the president of USA, I would say, God ordained otherwise. It would happen otherwise as probably, I could not evolve myself to be my god. Or probably, my evolution process was right but physical circumstances had their own play, as it can happen to anyone. Probabilities are also dynamic and in constant evolution. Moreover, someone else too was evolving towards similar goal and probably, his evolution to his godliness was greater and better than mine. So, my god submits to his god’s wishes!

It really does not matter who wins and who not. However, it is crucial that our gods must be our evolved potential and it is truly infinite. Be assured, even if our own god fails to get what we wanted, it is sure the godliness shall be there for us. Even if I do not become the president of USA, it is for sure that I acquired all the goodness and qualities of a president. No god leaves us with empty hands. We just need to know our respective god and that will fill us with all goodness that we all need to be happy and satisfied. Therefore, even when I failed to be the president of USA, I stand at par with the benchmark. I am there within the threshold of excellence. I only missed the probability; however, the excellence falls in my lap.

Please do not wait for your external god to make things happen for you. You will get what god can give in seconds if you understand and accept that you, standing on the horizon of your true and ever-evolving potential is your god. God has created the mechanism of absolute excellence for all of us. We need to have our own evolution right to reach at the point, where our Gods and we stand side by side. We can make this happen, as it is our domain, not God’s.



Patterns Around Us

Everything around us, be it our little home or the colossal cosmos, has a mechanism and a process, which makes the mechanism work. As this mechanism and process works, perceptible and discernible patterns emerge, which we all can understand and accept. God is unraveled and His will is deciphered in the mechanism, processes and patterns around us. The wise have said it that ‘God is in details’. If we open ourselves to this consciousness, where we can understand and accept these mechanism, processes and patterns around us, we shall not need to delegate all happenings to God. Of course, still loads of probabilities shall be there for God to handle but we can make Him happy by picking up those for ourselves, which we can and should do.

As we do it, many of the probabilities of happenings, become replicable and doable by ourselves. There is no need to trouble God to make it happen. With our personal inputs and with some calculated design of destiny, we can make many of these probable events and things happen.

For example, an ocean is colossal mechanism. It has a process and patterns. There are trillions of living organisms and each one having its own destiny in the ocean. Each second, millions of organisms are killed and another millions are born and survive. There is a pattern of this killing and surviving in the oceanic food chain. God is not supervising all lives and each second of the lives of the trillions of organisms. We can say, God created a mechanism of oceans, infused Oxygen into it to energize the mechanism and created a process of working of the mechanism called ocean. This mechanism evolves and patterns are created, which we all can see. Scientists have now known the working of the oceanic life cycles up to its deepest bottom. They have given us a pattern of how life works in oceans.

Now, I can enter an ocean for fishing and someday I catch a big beautiful fish. I have a sumptuous dinner and I thank God for that. Another day at ocean, I catch a shark in my net and escape a certain death. I thank again the God for the escape, though with serious injuries. God is not interested either in my first thank nor in my second. He created a mechanism, which has all patterns and they stand in the ocean in neutral probability. It is destiny in my hand.

If I understand the pattern well, I shall go to ocean well prepared. I shall carefully select the fishing zones and timings. I shall first gather all possible information available to gear myself up for a safe and successful catch, avoiding probabilities of accidents. The mechanism of ocean has both probabilities of a good fish and a shark in equitable proportions. If I am not prepared, I shall meet with that destiny, which the mechanism’s own set of probabilities has there.

If I am prepared well, equipped with the knowledge of the mechanism of the oceans and its multidimensional probabilities, I shall have a destiny of happenings, very much skewed in my favor. This way, I shall have the larger input in the destiny, which God’s mechanism has in store for any person. God’s will has to be neutral and unbiased as His mechanism is also objective, neutral and equal for everyone.

The simple idea is; we have patterns all around us and these patterns, emerge out of the processes of working of a mechanism, which has been created. This mechanism works equitably for all of us. We need to have our personal inputs to manage our own destinies of probabilities of the mechanism’s possibilities on us. We have so many examples in our daily lives, where we see that if we have prepared ourselves well for multiple factors and have anticipated rightly the dynamic interplay of these factors, which are there in a mechanism, we are successful in having a smooth and safe go.

For example, I am driving a car on the busy highway. Highway has its own mechanism and driving too has its own mechanism. Now, whether I meet with an accident or reach my destination safely depends very much on my own personal input – the knowledge of both mechanisms. Of course, the precarious probabilities of highway driving shall always be there. However, whatever shall be my destiny; it shall have larger inputs of my own preparedness and less of the probabilities of the mechanism of highway driving.

Driving itself is a multi-tasking skill. Those, who have better coordination of their eyes, hands and legs, shall be driver with lesser chances of accidents. This is however only one part of successful driving. You also need to have intuitive anticipation towards possible mistakes of not only your own driving, but also of others, who shall be ahead and behind you on the highway. You have to anticipate correctly and in time, if a driver ahead you does something silly. Accident happens not only when you do a wrong, but also when others do wrong with you. You are in trouble both ways.

Moreover, on the highway, you need to know, where those accident-prone zones are and where drivers usually make errors of judgment. There may be a signboards warning you but you must have this pre-knowledge, back in your subconscious. It means; you must be very aware of the entire stretch of the highway.

We can see, how a simple thing like driving a car opens up so many probabilities for us, which are always there for anyone driving. While driving, we have to master the inter-play of so many factors, which the mechanism has. Somehow, accidents can happen to anyone, even when he or she is best prepared. Still, for a driver, who understands the mechanism of highway driving better and is well aware of the patterns of highways as well as driving, has lesser probabilities of accidents. Knowing the mechanism and discerning its inherent patterns can mould the destiny in our favor. God’s probabilities for accidents or safety are neutral as it is part of the mechanism.

It is believed that some people are born with the quality of an ‘intuitive’ mind. There is a belief that they could predict events from past and future. There is a cult of ‘Tantricism’, an occult tradition as well as mainstream tradition of meditative powers to develop intuition, which was used to predict past and future.

The core idea behind all these was to have a mind consciousness, which could have the receptive brilliance of discerning the ambient patterns of life-living mechanisms. It is clear that the ability to predict right about past and future, which masses called magic, the artistry is essentially that of a mind consciousness, which has special abilities of deciphering the patterns, which are intangible but can be unraveled.

The aggrieved people would come to these ‘magicians’ and ‘tantric’ and tell them their problems. For example, a woman came and asked a tantric to trace his son, who had gone missing for last one year. The tantric listened to the woman and then closed his eyes. Minutes after, he said, he had the divine vision that her son is still alive and he left home on his own accord. Tantric asked the woman to search for the son in a place 500 kilometers east from the place he lived.

The woman found her son after a year in a city around the same vicinity the tantric had said. I sat with a tantric and talked about all this. My friendliness to him made him say things, which he would not reveal to others.

He said, “when a person is in trouble, especially for long period, his or her natural abilities for rational thinking is eclipsed. People who generally come to us have little education or unsound reasoning faculties. They tell us everything. We then ask for some specific information about their trouble and about the environment, where the trouble started. We then close our eyes, sit in a meditative consciousness of complete reception. All these information we leave with this meditative unconscious mind for churning. We have evolved this facility to switch off our conscious mind. The intuitive unconscious mind has a strange facility of doing its own strange mathematics and pattern building. It does its own interpolation and even extrapolation. It may take some minutes or few hours but the unconscious mind finally puts all these information into a template of sorts, where we can see pictures of past and future arranged in a particular order. We then use the faculty of the conscious mind to create a pattern or sequence of events. On this basis, we predict and it usually comes true.”

There are great similarities between what the tantric did and what doctors used to do 50 years back. Then, there were little specialist diagnostic tests of modern times available to the doctors. For diagnosis, they had to depend largely on the symptoms the patients described of his troubles or any external symptoms visible. The most popular doctor was one, who could diagnose the disease correctly.

Many of the doctors of old school used the power of ‘intuitive mind’ to diagnose the diseases correctly. Many of them practiced the art of meditation, worships and even playing musical instruments to attune and align the mind towards a state of high reception. They depended heavily on details and then used the intuitive minds to work out a pattern, which would then help them in predicting the right diagnosis.

Somehow, we all do it in one form of the other. Just visit a casino to see how the master gambler is the one who is sharp and prompt enough to predict a pattern in all games and make the right choices. It is our mind, which is constantly doing the calculations of the permutations and combinations, scattered all around us. The interpolative and extrapolative mind consciousness is a random facility of mind, which we all can master.

The mechanism and its pattern works on its own accord. The probabilities, which emerge out of the processes of the mechanism is what we can say as ‘common destiny’ for all, who are part of this mechanism. God is neutral as His mechanism is neutral. What falls in our laps as destiny of probability is a function of how much personalized input we can assign to the working processes of the mechanism. We cannot avoid the destiny, as we are part of it. However, we can alter the pr