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Table of Contents


One Small Step Can Change Your Life

Stop Making Excuses

Setting Reasonable Goals

Making Routines

Accountability for your Step

Understanding the Mind-Body Connection

Improving Mind-Body Connection

The Connection Between Mind and Body

Nutrition and the Mind

Using Yoga and Meditation

Using Positivity

Eat Your Veggies and Get Some Sleep

Intuitive Eating

Learning to Know Your Internal Signals

Starting Intuitive Eating

The Importance of Sleep

Don’t Be Afraid to Face Your Demons

Understanding Where Inner Demons Come From

Responding to the Demons

Don’t Ignore the Demons

Concentrate on the Good

Always Cut Yourself Some Slack

Let Positive Emotions Take Control

Taming or Killing the Demons

Counseling and Therapy

Lean on Faith

Using Music

Talking to Other Believers

Setting Aside Your Emotions

Participate in Services


Listen to Podcasts

Habits are the Building Blocks of Life

Habits as the Keys to Health

The Power of Habits and Routines

Making Routines Centered Around a Goal

How to Choose Goals and Tasks

Establishing Habits and Routines

Analyzing Habits and Routines

Don’t Isolate Yourself

The Importance of Having People in Your Life

The Importance of Fellowship

Creating Boundaries

Sometimes It’s Okay to Be Alone

Rejoin Social Groups Often

Mastering Your Health is a Journey

Enjoying the Journey

Understanding Your Journey

Everything is Connected

Don’t Think About Failure

Keep Self Care Practices and Routines