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Many great prophets, mediums, and enlightened sages throughout history have brought forth their piece of the great puzzle of life. That mystery which dawned during the Piscean age is continuing into the Aquarian Age we now embrace.

We too shall then bring forth that knowledge that has been channeled through us by our spirit groups.

During the last age, that of the Piscean; the majority of mankind were and still are creatures of destruction. Mankind has perfected the art of war and subjugation to a very high degree. War is simply used in today‟s society as an economic tool by the elite of the current world order.

For example it was the drug companies who created the influenza A (H1N1) strain that affects humans. They unleashed it on society in order to create mass fear among the 6

populace. They created great wealth through the selling of their H1N1 vaccine against the deadly flu virus.

Manmade diseases have also been used throughout history to decrease certain populations around the world. The U.S. military gave smallpox infected blankets to Native American Indians to decimate their population. This made it easier to subdue them during the military campaigns launched to secure their lands.

The super elite prosper while using and discarding the life and liberty of those known as the „poor‟ or „inferior‟ of the world‟s population.

These they consider to be the lesser human beings, who have no voice, no influence, and/or of limited position in life. Those in the proverbial 'Ivory Tower' consider them mere drones to be manipulated without forethought.

The majority of mankind led by the top elite have been ravaging and destroying Mother Earth in search of wealth. They seek to bend her through force of will as they openly seek to totally consume her natural wealth and resources.

How foolish indeed mankind truly is, for only a fool would ignore the warnings of Mother Nature. Yet the world is full of dangerous egotistical minded individuals indeed.

They won‟t stop until Mother Earth has been raped to death. Their quest to increase their dominance over her natural wealth continues unabated.

Ignorance is not a defense for the destruction mankind has perpetuated upon this once beautiful planet of ours. Mankind has sown the seeds of destruction and that is what they shall reap in return. Through the form of intensified natural disasters, wars and mayhem many shall perish as foretold by the prophets.

They slapped her squarely in the face and threw down the gauntlet of war. Mother 7

Earth has finally had enough. She has stopped turning the other cheek and has taken up the challenge. Those who are against her shall feel the roar of battle as she unleashes her wrath.

She has joined forces with the 30 percent of the populace who are working to help her ascend in the new Aquarian Age. The other 70 percent who couldn‟t care less about her, themselves or their Creator are already seeing the beginnings of her resolve.

Her campaign to remove them from her path to enlightenment is accelerating. She shall not be denied her birthright of ascension.

This book is for those who would assist Mother Earth, humankind and/or themselves to evolve spiritually.

The following will lay out the causes of the coming disasters. Providing information on how to effectively help reverse the negative effects mankind has perpetrated against Mother Earth.

Most importantly, including information on how individuals can develop their own ability(s). Allowing them to ascend to the higher realms of enlightened consciousness, and how to help others who are lost and wandering in the darkness to find their path.

The dawn of a new human being is already upon our horizon. Join the 30 percent and Mother Earth and ascend. Those who remain with the 70 percent and the top elite will suffer the fate foretold by the prophets.

It‟s your decision, to follow the path of fear (death) or follow the path of love (life), which will you choose?