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                               DARE TO BELIEVE



                                                Anthology by:



                                            Alexander Zielinski

                                                Michael Burke





















Copyright 2014









                          TABLE OF CONTENTS






Chapter One: Jesus: The Simple Truth

Chapter Two: Prophecy: 2012 and Beyond

Chapter Three: The Mayan’s and the Aquarian Age

Chapter Four: Mother Earth Fights Back  

Chapter Five: Enlightened Warriors

Chapter Six: Saint Cannabis

Chapter Seven: Karma & Akashic Records

Chapter Eight: Slaves of Misinformation

Chapter Nine: Free Will, Life Lessons & Soul Tests

Chapter Ten: Our Choice: Love or Fear

Chapter Eleven: Healing Ourselves

Chapter Twelve: Abortion, Crib Death & Suicide Revisited

Chapter Thirteen: Multi-Consciousness

Chapter Fourteen: Dynamics of Pure Thought

Chapter Fifteen: Removing Religion from the Equation

Chapter Sixteen: Capitalis: Sever the Head

Chapter Seventeen: Soul Ascension

Chapter Eighteen: No Heaven; Then Where’s Paradise

Chapter Nineteen: Pathway to Ascension

Chapter Twenty: Spirit Dimension

Chapter Twenty-One: Medium vs. Psychic

Chapter Twenty-Two: Life Readings: Past & Future

Chapter Twenty-Three: You Die

Chapter Twenty-Four: We Grieve

Chapter Twenty-Five: They Rejoice

Chapter Twenty-Six: Extraterrestrial Communication












     The information contained in this book was brought forth through the Art of Metaphysical Communication.  If you are not familiar with this term then now is the time to do some personal investigation and make yourself aware of its ‘true’ meaning.

     Skeptics and those in authority would have you believe it to be negative or something fake or foolish.  You are far more intelligent then they give you credit, so decide for yourself what to believe.  Do not allow others to tell ‘you’ what you can or cannot believe about Yourself, about the World, or about God.


     Be not fearful or afraid, seek the truth from within yourself, and find therein the real truth, ‘your’ truth.  Follow ‘your’ heart and mind in all things as you go forth to make the world a better place for ‘all’ peoples to live and prosper in peace and unconditional love.


     There will be a time when people need to know a more in-depth approach to bringing peace into their daily lives.  This will allow them to fully understand the plight of others and to understand that each is living a human experience; an energy being that will one day leave this world.


     There are many who are ready to walk a new path, but do not know how to break out of the knowledge shelter that has been created for them by society and their parents.  Those who have broken free from such control seek new material that is suitable to help guide them on their new spiritual journey, yet all they find is too many books today that are written with a few pages of true knowledge and a lot of so-called fluff or filler material added simply to drive up the cost for the author and publisher.  There is no need for extra wording or extra routine when simply the intention is what the new seekers truly desire.  The basic needs of humankind should come first, long before the need for power and wealth.


     Remember, “Treat others as you, yourself, wish to be treated.”  This was given to humankind long before Jesus walked the Earth.

Chapter 1








     Were you born in a manger?


     Mary and Joseph, my mother and father in that lifetime would be in today’s terminology viewed as being from the upper-class.  So I was not born in a manger surrounded by domesticated animals as is commonly depicted by the nativity scenes in your current time.

     Joseph and Mary were directed to a grotto operated by those who were called Essenes.  This was done more for their personal safety rather than for financial reasons or there being no available lodging.  I was born in the grotto without any complications.

     The grotto was located within the city of David which later many called Bethlehem.  Even though the term ‘grotto’ refers to a cave type dwelling, it was not a dark, damp place as some might think.  It was on the same standard of a well run Inn, such as those which catered to the middle and wealthier class of the time.  Comfortable, well lighted, clean and dry, and well furnished.  




     So you were not of the poorer class as the Holy Bible would have us believe?


     As I just stated, my family in that lifetime was not of the poorer class.  Much later, when the religious authority decided to create the story of my life in written form, they decided it would be better for the poor, superstitious and illiterate masses to believe I came from their ranks, rather than from a position of wealth and privilege.

     Even in your world of today many of the wealthy and powerful elite are looked upon with distain and mistrust; even though all have their lessons to experience.




     Mary and Joseph came to the city of David because it was required due to the Roman census, is that correct?


     Yes, that is correct.




     If your parents were not from the city of David originally, where did they come from?


     Mary and Joseph came from Galilee.




     Wasn’t Galilee where the Gentiles lived, those who the Orthodox Jews referred too as ‘Heathens?’


     There was a time before my birth when the main populous in the city of Galilee was of those known as Gentiles, with smaller sections of the city inhabited by those of the Jewish persuasion and other lesser known groups.  Mary and Joseph were Gentile by birth, not Jewish, and had strong ties to those known as Essenes.

     For the most part the Gentiles and Jews maintained an uneasy truce between them, yet during Jewish holy days some vigilantly Gentiles would create chaos; sometimes leading to violence and even murder.

     Later, because of this harassment a large group of Jewish ‘men-at-arms’ moved into Galilee to stop all violence toward the Jewish inhabitants.  Once they had control over the Gentiles the Jews forced them to adopt their laws and religious customs.  Those who refused were forced to leave the area, and some were killed outright; which led those who stayed to succumb to the Jewish ways without further resistance.

     Mary and Joseph were therefore coerced into the Jewish ways of life.  Later, when I was born I was considered a Jew, born of Jewish parents, yet my parents in secret held to their Gentile ways and Essene beliefs.




     What role did the Essenes play in your early life?



     Most of my childhood educational training came by way of the Essenes at Mount Carmel.  They brought forth knowledge concerning the overall prophecies, the basic tenants of reincarnation, how star patterns influence and interact with human events and information concerning the significance of numbers as divined through the so-called occult forces.

     I was also instructed by other teachers and tutors in Jewish law and their corresponding customs in my adolescent years.  I had the ability to grasp complex ideas and assimilate vast amounts of knowledge in my early youth.




     When did you and your parents live in the city of Nazareth?


     We never lived in the so-called city of Nazareth.




     Were you not known as ‘Jesus of Nazareth?’


     It was common practice to be called by the city you were associated with or by the name of one’s father, such as; ‘Jesus of Galilee’ or ‘Jesus, son of Joseph.’  Yet being called ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ was never used during my lifetime.




     Were you not referred to as ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ in the old Roman Catholic Bible?


     There never was a city called ‘Nazareth’ during my lifetime.  The Orthodox Jews of the time used the word ‘Nazarene’ to group together all those who were of a different religious philosophy then their own, it had a negative connotation to it.

     Later, those in charge of translating the information that would be placed into this book would misinterpret many of the true meanings of words from one language to another.

     Many Jews did not like what I came to teach to the common people so they referred to me as a Nazarene; therefore the translators assumed incorrectly that I was from a city ‘called’ Nazareth, for they did not understand the true meaning of the word ‘Nazarene’ as used by the Jews.  When the mistake was later revealed to the church, a small town in the area was re-named Nazareth to cover up the original misunderstanding.




     I wish to return to your birth at the grotto, what effect did your birth generate?


     Word of the arrival of Mary and Joseph had already begun to spread through the community.  Joseph had a thriving specialized woodworking business among other ongoing interests that catered to and made him and his family a part of the wealthier Jewish community.  False rumors had been spread, which Joseph did not confirm nor deny for his family’s protection; saying his bloodline could be traced back to that of the royal house of David.  My parents were ‘not’ of the royal bloodline of David, but many in authority claimed it to be so in order to fulfill the prophetic legend of the so-called savior.

     My birth at the grotto therefore brought jubilation to many because the prophets of old had been foretelling of a child who would be born of parents containing the royal bloodline, and that child would be the king of the Jews who would grow to manhood and free them from Roman rule.

     So when I was born, word quickly spread that the Messiah had arrived as foretold by the prophets.  There were those who celebrated in the streets under the watchful eyes of the small contingent of Roman soldiers stationed nearby.




     How did the soldiers react to all that was going on around them?


     They observed the joyous scene but made no attempt to intervene.  Not because they were afraid the crowd might turn ugly should they try to stop the festivities, even though some had those thoughts; it had more to do with that this wasn’t the first time the prophets had made similar claims in the past of a savior king being born and then being proved wrong, so the soldiers were not overly alarmed.




     Did the three Magi, the kings or wise men from other lands bearing gifts visit you and your family as stated in the bible?


     They were not Kings from distant lands; simply wealthy merchants seeking to pay homage to the birth of someone whose family they felt might be special or important in some way.  They used my birth as a means to meet and try to forge a connection with my father Joseph, thereby hoping to increase their wealth and standing in the community.  My father was very wise in the ways of commerce and human behavior, and did not align himself with these men for he saw through their false gesture and no further contact was forthcoming between them.




     What did you look like, your physical appearance?


     In my youth my hair was of a lighter shade of red.  In my late twenties it was closer to a deep auburn red.  It was kept short in my early youth but grown to shoulder length in adulthood, and as stated by other sources it was indeed curly at the ends.  I also sported a short thick beard and mustache which was slightly darker then my hair color.  My skin tone was medium brown and the more time I spent outside in the sunlight it became a few shades darker. 

     My eyes were light brown in my adolescence yet over time turned to a darker brown which gave me a more serious, intense look.  The reports of me having deep blue or gray eyes were simply false reporting.  At full growth I was just short of six feet, which for the time and region I was considered very tall.  I had a commanding presence you might say, yet my facial expression conveyed a simple humbleness many could identify with.  My weight fluctuated between one hundred and seventy to one hundred and eighty pounds depending on when we were traveling and when we were stationary in an area.

     I was not thin and weak looking as depicted in some of the pictures you have hanging in your churches and homes today.  I was more muscled and robust in my adult life.




     What was the time and date of your birth?


     Since a correct standard does not exist I shall, for your understanding, use the old Julian calendar system, which is only slightly different from the Gregorian calendar, which most countries use in your present time. Therefore I was born the 12th day of June, in the year 4 AD. 




     At what time of day were you born?


     The world in that time span did not contain ‘time zones’ as you now have.  Days were not broken into seconds, minutes, or hours.  But had that day been broken into such increments of time as you have now I was born at ‘10:32’in the morning.




     So you were not born at night on the 25th of December?


     No, this was more storytelling by the religious authority.  That date was used by the church because many people known to them as pagan’s worshiped the winter solstice as a time of rebirth and also many different faiths considered the month of December to be holy according to their beliefs.  Therefore the church chose that date because it believed it would be more acceptable to all the people that a divine birth would have occurred at such a time.




     So, were there Angels blowing trumpets to announce the birth of the ‘Son of God?’



     No, simply more embellishment from the storytellers.




    Is the story of the Immaculate Conception or what some call the ‘virgin birth’ true?


     No, this was simply put forth by the church to give the impression that I was the one and only ‘Son of God,’ therefore I was divine and holy and to be worshiped and obeyed accordingly.

     During that time period in that part of the world reincarnation was a commonly held belief by many faiths, sects, cults and religions.  I myself would learn about reincarnation from the Essenes and my travels through distant lands.  Holy men, philosophers and scholars would educate me in their differing views concerning many things; one being their understanding of reincarnation which was widely accepted.  I incorporated that wisdom into my teaching and would talk about reincarnation to those who followed my teachings as I journeyed forth.

     Therefore later when the various stories and writings concerning my life were gathered and placed in written form the church decided to omit anything I had to say concerning reincarnation.  They wanted the poor masses to believe they lived only one lifetime, as opposed to many.  Therefore the church felt it would be easier to maintain their control over the illiterate people if they thought they only had one chance to get to heaven, and that only by following the decrees and rules of the church could they do so. 

     Joseph was my biological father, he impregnated Mary and I was conceived in the natural fashion.  There have been throughout mankind’s history many different religions and cults’ claiming their religious Icon or God or Goddess was of a divine ‘virgin birth,’ yet these are all false claims.  They were meant to be symbolic.

     Before you ask, at the time of my birth my mother was approaching her seventeenth birthday and my father was midway through his thirty-seventh year.





     Speaking of conception, what can you tell me about Abortion? 


     Abortion is not for humankind to fully understand.  It is a lesson for many to learn in order to understand this great choice.  There should be acceptance of this practice, though the goal should be to overcome the fear, worry and selfishness associated with it by those who are wishing to carry it out.

     God understands when and why some women choose abortion.  Through free will God allows them to exercise their decision as it pertains to their soul path.  God will not judge you for your decisions, only you will examine the decisions you made based on the lessons you chose to learn and experience.

     Those who are ‘pro-choice’ and those who are ‘pro-life’ are both correct in their decisions they make concerning abortion.  It is a learning experience no matter which path you choose.   




     If reincarnation is true then I can assume you have lived other lifetimes on earth?


     Yes I have.  Many beings incarnate here with the desire of advancing spiritually at an accelerated pace because of the ability it affords them to experience the negative aspect of physical life; whereas back in the spirit world the negative aspect can only be observed or studied, but not truly experienced first hand.  Some beings never incarnate into worlds like this one and desire to evolve at a slower rate.

     As a teaching, the culmination of all the past lifetimes you have lived and experienced have prepared you for the current life you are now living.  Some beings have lived many lifetimes while others have lived fewer; yet all are seeking to advance spiritually, and then there are those like me who come to give hope to those that are wandering aimlessly through their chosen lifetime, or to assist others in evolving spiritually higher.

     Many loving beings known to you from the spirit world have incarnated into the human form with you, and you have experienced them in many different ways.  Many have been parents, siblings, grand parents, aunts and uncles, close friends, co-workers, casual acquaintances who you have experienced either in a positive or negative fashion.

    Some come in order to teach you through adversity; such events as assault, pedophilia, rape, and murder to name a few.  These so-called negative events were experiences designed by you for your personal growth only; not as a form of punishment on any level.   Some of these loving beings had a great impact on your life; while others had very little contact with you based on what spiritual course you and they were following in that lifetime.

     In some of your previous lives you may have had a close knit family unit which assisted your learning and experiencing during that life, while in other lifetimes you did not require a close family structure to experience your chosen lessons.  That is why some families seem to break up and scatter to the winds and others remain close throughout the length of their lifespan.




     Who were the others like you who came to help mankind to evolve?


     Throughout the ages when there is greater suffering and strife in an area upon the earth, a higher evolved being will incarnate into that region to foster hope among the people there.  To teach and lead them out of the so-called darkness they now find themselves trapped in.  Showing them the way to grow and evolve spiritually.

     There have been many such teachers or prophets who have come; some well known while others were long ago forgotten; Muhammad, Buddha, Krishna, Confucius, Gandhi, Dr. King and many others who simply came to assist those who were in seemingly dire need at that point in time.




     In this spirit world you come from are you still called Jesus?


     No, Jesus was simply the name given to the human body I occupied at that point in time we’re now speaking of.



     So what are you called in the spirit world?


     In the world of spirit a beings name can be a combination of things, if so desired.  On earth you use your five senses to communicate with each other, here on this side of the unseen world we use, for a lack of a better word, ‘telepathy’ or direct thought to communicate.

     Communicating with spoken ‘words’ in your world can cause misunderstandings and even confusion as to what one person meant to say; which may not be what the other person understood to have been said.  Whereas in the world of spirit, using telepathy, where a being sends a pure thought to another being, there is no misunderstanding and the pure thought is communicated and understood co