The paper book kiosk vs the eBook virtual kiosk?

The New York Times has an article that I was reading today that states that the cheap paperback you used to be able to pickup from the drug store shelf or the airport kiosk is endangered and about to be extinct.

The article went on to say that readers are finding that eBooks cost much the same as a mass market paperback and is available the day the book itself launches… why then wait for the paperback when your Kindle (or Nook or whichever is your eReader of choice) can provide your reading pleasure immediately.

And that got

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How Do Authors Get Paid?

In the traditional publishing model authors can get paid in two ways, either a flat fee (a onetime lump sum) or on a percentage, or royalty, of each book sold. Then there is the increasing popularity of self-publishing. Here we’ll outline the differences.

When working with a publisher each contract will vary but there are common practices in the industry. Typically royalties for hardcover books are about 10% while 6%-8% can be expected for paperback. A new trend emerging is for publishers to pay authors based on net rather than the retail price of the book. A

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eBooks, The Media and You?

You’ve put in the time, energy and effort to write your book, eBook, or article now what? Not getting the overwhelming response you were looking for?

Once you’ve got your book, article, or website ready it’s time to put it to work. Building credibility and expertise in the vast amount of resources out there on the internet can be a bit tricky. How do you show that you are different from your competitors? How do you get your target market to stop and listen to you with all the noise out there?

One of the best ways

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