Opinions, Opinions… What’s Yours?

The secret to living a passion filled life? As my friend Alan Cohen shared it all comes down to how your make decisions in life. Alan introduced the idea that anytime you need to make a choice in life, to make sure you remain on the path that’s true to yourself, it all boils down to either a “Hell Yes!” or a “Hell No!”.

In other words when making any choice, from what to have for dinner to which city to live in, if your choice doesn’t totally light you on fire and make you excited then it’s

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Battle of the Sexes and their eReaders…

Battle of the Sexes and their eReaders...

While many male politicians have been noted in the news for their use of technology to distribute questionable pictures and having them spread everywhere from phones to Twitter women have been quietly using their technology, mainly eReaders, to silently devour provocative titles such as, “Maid for a Billionaire”, and “My Horizontal Life”.

Those titles are a glimpes of the lusty titles that are on the top of Amazon’s current bestsellers list. Its no secret that women like their romance novels, but while technology has been generally associated with the four eyed nerd types, those stereotypes are rapidly fading

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