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Wacera Kagunda was born and raised in Nairobi and still lives there today. She has legal and project management training with wide experience in office administration, general human resource management among other skills. She enjoys reading anything fascinating and interesting, particularly biographies, autobiographies, classic and modern fiction, historical books and anything in my professional fields or interests. She also loves travelling, nature and animals and, recently, writing. She now writes professionally, focusing her energies on SEO article writing and blogs for websites.

For the love of reading

Since I was a small child, I grew up surrounded by books. My parents inculcated the love of books in me because they both loved to read. My father, a career teacher has always had a personal book library and as a child, I would go there and pick up books I could hardly read, but was happy enough to “read” the pictures in them. He also bought us educational books where we learnt things we were not taught in school.

My mum always brought us children’s books. That is where I learnt many nursery rhymes and read