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OZ 15 - Scarecrow of OZ

OZ 15 - Scarecrow of OZ

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Author: Frank Baum, Narrator: Margaret Wooster

Playtime: 6 hours 30 minutes

Book Description

The newcomers to Oz are Trot and Captain Bill (from Baum's non-Oz books The Sea Fairies and Sky Island). Their first trip to Oz is by way of a whirlpool that deposits them in a cavern deep under the sea. Strange flying creature called the Ork carries them to Jinxland. Along the way they have several adventures and are joined by Button-Bright. In Jinxland they engage in a dangerous and deadly encounter with a powerful witch who is helping the king in his cruel plan to marry his daughter to someone she does not love. Princess Gloria is really in love with the gardener's boy, Pon.

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