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Volume 1

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Table of Contents

1. Nine No-noes of a Direct Mail Letter
2. Advertising and Fair Housing - Forget About Freedom of Speech
3. 5 Reasons Why Blogging is an Effective Marketing Tool
4. Advertising Works! (Part 01)

5. Advertising Works (Part 02)
6. Advertising Works! (Part 03)
7. The Secret Power of Testimonials

8. How to Write Headlines that Get Read
9. How to Mail Postcards for 12 Cents Each
10. Unlocking the Myth of Hypnotic Communication

Additional articles (online access only)
11. Good Marketing Pays for Itself
12. Why Conventional Ads Suck...
13. How To Write Killer Ad Copy That Attracts An Avalanche of Sellers
14. Why Pay for Advertising That Does Not Yield Sales, Increase Your Conversions
15. A Blazing Bee Line to Hot Headlines

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