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First Edition, 2007


There’s really nothing better than discovering the real results that real Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads produce in the real world. In this book, those real results are presented to you again and again.

Google AdWords is considered by many as the most powerful method of gaining business today. It’s an extremely powerful tool – that’s true.


But its inherent power leads many, many advertisers to great frustration.

That’s not the worst of it. A downward spiral of ad performance can lead you to throw more and more cash at Google (and they really don’t need more of it!) in a desperate attempt to get AdWords performing as well as you ‘know’ it should. Everyone else is doing so well with Google Pay-Per-Click….aren’t they?

Well, actually - they’re not. No way.


How can this be? A few advertisers discover the right mix of techniques and strategy to make AdWords work extremely well. Good for them.

But many more struggle and ultimately throw in the towel, vowing never to touch Google AdWords again. More than one business has gone bankrupt, after blowing massive amounts of cash on Google AdWords and giving up.

And that’s just beyond stupid. What’s more, it’s a real shame. Because Google AdWords truly can be one of today’s best methods to grow your business.


Is there a way out?


Yes. The trick to winning at Google PPC is to discover the mistakes of others, then applying lessons from in-depth, valid research. Plus testing, testing, testing.


We’ve done most of that for you. Now, you simply have to select the Secrets most helpful for you, and gradually start bringing them into your own Google AdWords campaigns.


You’ll notice the 37 Secrets are not grouped in any particular order. That’s intentional - for two reasons;


1. Google AdWords success is achieved by considering a wide variety of factors.

2. Presenting each Secret throughout the book in a varied manner makes it very readable, as it holds your interest. Let’s face it - it’s not easy to get excited about, say, keyword selection. But show us a single word change in our ads that boosts performance by over 100% - now we’re talking!
The Secrets contained in this book deliver an incredible Google AdWords edge to you - over and over. Even if you only apply a small fraction of these proven Secrets, you’ll be far, far ahead of your competitors.

With this in mind, let’s get started. Discover these 37 Secrets now - before your competitors do!



HowTo Stop Screwing Aroundwith Google AdWords Now and Actually Get GoogleSELLINGfor YOU.Quickly & Easily!