Talisman Of Ictis
Talisman Of Ictis

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Author: Michael Moore, Narrator: Stan Pretty

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By the end of the twentieth century there was international concern at the rapid increase in global warming and speculation that this had already led to dramatic changes in the Earth's climate. Over the following decades the sea level rose and cities that once occupied important positions at the head of great rivers, estuaries or natural harbours, were inundated. In some parts of the globe the monsoon failed, in other places torrential rains and floods devastated both farming and industry. Many city cultures collapsed into anarchy when power systems crashed and distribution was disrupted due to the extreme weather conditions. Civil disorder followed and people fought among themselves until disease and starvation reduced their numbers. Those that remained were better fitted to survive in their new world. After The Fall-Talisman is set in this future and when the story begins a hundred years have passed since the catastrophic demise of worldwide industrial civilisation. In the Southlands, once known as Cornwall, the people thrive under the benevolent gaze of the Goddess Freya. The communities of the Southland are regulated by custom, each month with its Festival, each Guild with its rules, all knowing their name and station in life. The people are happy, taking what they need of nature's bounty and working together in harmony with the will of the Goddess. Yet even here, storm clouds gather on the horizon and all is not well. All venerate the fertility goddess Freya and her associated forms but there is tension between the Hexmen priests based in the towns and the Freysisters, who dominate the collective farms. These two groups share power but are political rivals. Even so, the land is well ordered and peaceful until sea-raiders, known as out-Freyin, begin to prey on towns and villages adjacent to the coastline

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