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Thesis Report On

Genetic Study of Bhumij Tribe of Jharkhand using

mitochondrial and Y chromosomal DNA markers

A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree of

Masters of Science in Biotechnology

By: Smita Bernadet Kujur of Loyola College.

Work done at CCMB


I am heartily thankful to Dr. Ch Mohan Rao, Director of CCMB,

Hyderabad, India for granting me his kind permission to work in CCMB. I am

highly obliged to him for providing me with all the excellent facilities, rich

source of knowledge and a healthy competitive environment.

With a deep sense of veneration and obligation to Dr. K.Thangaraj, Scientist

, CCMB, Hyderabad, India, whose encouragement, guidance and support

from the initial to the final level enabled me to develop an understanding of

the subject.

I thank my co-guide Miss. Sakshi Singh [JRF], for her continuous support in

my dissertation program. She was always there to listen and to give advice.She

taught me how to express my ideas. She showed me different ways to

approach a research problem and the need to be persistent to accomplish any

goal. She guided me professionally as well as personally. She helped me day

and night with my thesis preparation.May God bless her n may she come out

with flying colours. I wish her all the success in her life ahead.Thank you


I owe my sincere thanks to my Head of Department of Plant Biology and

Biotechnology, Dr. Agastian. S. Theoder M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. ( Head of the

Department ), my department co-ordinator Mrs. Mary Dorothy Anitha

Sebastian(SET) M.Sc. , my guide Ms. D. Jacintha Jasmine, staff of my department Ms. P. Margaret Sangeetha M.Sc., M.Phil, Dr. (Ms). Shirly

George Panicker M.Sc. (Agri) Ph.D, Ms. Sally Gloriana M.Sc.,M.Phil, Ms.

D. Jacintha Jasmine, M.Sc., M.Phil, Mr. Preetam, Mr. Victor.I am greatly indebted to them for their encouragement.

I thank Mr. A.Govardhan Reddy [Technical officer], Mr. Surya Narayan

, Mr. Rakesh Tamang [Proj. Asstt], Aditya Nath Jha [JRF], Sharath Anugula [Proj. Asstt], Mr. Nizam , Mr. Haneef. They were always available listen and talk about my ideas, to provide understanding, provide reagents and

mark up my papers and chapters, and to ask me good questions to help me

think through my problems (whether philosophical, analytical or


Last but not the least, I owe special thanks to my respected father Mr.

Srimanim Belkhas Kujur, my mother Mrs. Susheela Kujur, Mrs. Goretti, Mrs. Milaani Kullu, , Mr. Ananta Lal Tudu, , Mr. N.P.C Sardar, , Dr.

Daisy , Mr. Surya Narayan , Mr. Kuldip Khalkho, Mrs. Bina, Mr.

Bhujang, they all helped me volunteerilly.

That’s not all. People with great personalities took out time from their busy

schedule and helped me in blood sample collection. I am immense pleased to

introduce to you a very honored person Shree. Dr Balram Singh Sardar

(BISM), (village – Tirildih , Dist West Singbhum, Jharkhand) is a renowned

and poplar doctor from the Bhumij Community. He is holding the post of

Secretary in the OYON AKHRA (in their language) which is the Central



Shri. Subodh Singh Sardar, (village – Bhatin, Dist West Singbhum,

Jharkhand) is popular Congress party leader. He contested the 2009

Assembly election of Jharkhand from Congress ticket. He is a Graduate.

Gunadhar Singh Sardar, (village – Gitilata, Dist West Singbhum,

Jharkhand) is renowned social worker and community leader. He is one of the


SAMITI and Ex-Secretary. Presently he is one of the Advisor to the Samiti.

He is a Graduate.

Niranjan Singh Sardar (village – Tirildih, Dist West Singbhum, Jharkhand)

is the NYA (in their language) that means Community Priest. He is also

PRADHAN (village Head Man) of Tirildih village.

Amulya Singh Sardar (village – Bunudih, Dist West Singbhum, Jharkhand)

is a renowned and veteran politician of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM).

He is Ex-MLA of Jharkhand Assembly. He is also the Secretary of Bunudih


Shatrudhan Singh Sardar (villge – Tentla, Dist West Singbhum,

Jharkhand) is prominent distinguished member of Bhumij community. He

holds the post of President of OYON AKHRA (in their language) which is

the Central Executive Body of AADIM BHUMIJ MUNDA SAMAJ

KALYAN SAMITI. He is just a matric but very active in social activities.

Miss. Mona Bhumij (village – Ghaghidih, Dist West Singbhum, Jharkhand)

is the daughter of a retired TISCO employee Mr. Ghasiram Bhumij. She has

all round qualitative skills. As a brilliant student she is doing her PG in

Economics from Women’s Collge Jamshedpur. She is a talented sports

woman and athlete participated at national level events of Hand Ball,

Kabbaddi and Javelin Throw and won Medals. Her social and community

life is also full of self service activities as she organizes classes for the

children as well as grown ups under SARVSHIKSHA ABHIYAN ( a

educational scheme of the govt.) from the Govt. Primary School, Ghaghidih

as the centre. Miss Mona is presently the treasurer of the local Committee of this educational scheme. Besides this, she imparts tuitions to the local

children free of cost. Last but not least, she is very much fond of gardening

flowers, singing and listening music as extra curricular activities. She took lot

of pain and cooperated to help me in collecting the blood samples by

arranging meetings and convincing people to come forward for giving blood


Mrs. Daisy is a local Senior Nurse working in the Govt. Health Centers

located in the village habitats of majority Bhumij tribe. She is well known

and gracefully respected in the Bhumij community. Another compounder,

Mr. Surya Narayan also cooperated along with Mrs. Daisy. They also

arranged the permission of the respected authorities an allowed to use the

room of health Centre for collection of Blood samples.

Collection of blood was a very tedious job . People of this community are

very superstitious and orthodox. The people named above helped me both

directly and in directly in convincing the villagers to co-operate and gather at

a arranged venue. All of them contributed in helping CCMB in there

population genetic research. Thank you a lot for supporting me.

I offer my regards and blessings to all my friends of those who supported me

in any respect during the completion of the project ,“ Joe Zacharias, Manju

Kashyap, Vinee Khanna, Sapna Narvariya, Dheepa Kaliyaperumal,

Devi.K ,Manimaran .M., Vidya, Anushah, Hema, Shobna, Pavitra,

Richa, Satrupa,Upasna Saranji, Gayitri. They all are a blessing in my life.

Their presence made the CCMB Lab a wonderful workplace and home for

the 6 months by

indulging my ever expanding bookshelf space and computer equipment

needs. Also thanks to the

folks at the CCMB Lab for interesting discussions and being fun to be with.


friends !

May God be there to support and guide you always in any form you as you

were there for me. I express my heartiest gratitude to all of them for being a

source of inexhaustible encouragement, unconditional love and inspiration to

build up my educational career. Their influence is all over these pages and

will stay all through my days to come.

Smita Bernadet Kujur