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The Glorious History of Kushana Empire


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Book Description

Gurjars ( also known as Yuezhi by Chinese ) were the Tocharian-speaking inhabitants of the Tarim Basin, making them the easternmost speakers of Indo-European languages in antiquity. They had known a different nomenclature at different places and different time lines. Due to their native places Tokhristan, they called Tocharian or Tokharian (Tushar in Indian – Sanskrit Litreture). This book mainly focused on Kushana Kingdom of Ancient Yuezhi tribe. In the later or previous events, these peoples spread in the whole of Central Asia and stablized many Kingdoms like Kushana, Huna, Gurjar Pratihar and Khazar. Until now, many researches published on the history of Great Yuezhi tribe’s Kushana empire but several links are still under dark. In this book, we are trying to compile all happenings.

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