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The American-Spanish War : A History (1899)


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Published: 6 years ago

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Book Description

Introduction, by S.L. Woodford.- History of former Cuban wars, by Carlos Garcia.- Cuba against Spain, 1895-1898, by Carlos Garcia.- The destruction of the Maine, by G.F.W. Holman.- The naval battle of Manilla Bay, by C.G. Calkins.- Statement of the sinking of the Merrimac, by Francis Kelly.- The story of the Texas, by C.S. Radford and R.K. Crank.- The naval battle of Santiago, by R.D. Evans.- The voyage of the Oregon, by W.H. Allen.- The Santiago campaign, by W.R. Shafter.- Miles's campaign in Puerto Rico, by H.H. Whitney.- The blockade of Cuba, by H.C. Taylor.- The annexation of Hawaii, by S.M. Cullom.- The Manila campaign, by Wesley Merritt.- The work of the President, by P.S. Heath.- War legislation of the Senate, by J.W. Daniel.- Providing the "sinews of war," by Nelson Dingley.- Etc.

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