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The Challenge of Prosecuting Organised Crime in South Africa with Reference to Abalone (Haliotis Midae) Poaching


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This publication is the first of its kind, and the focus on how the South African criminal justice authorities come to grips with organised crime industry that has grown out of the poaching of abalone along most of the South African shoreline. Although abalone poaching resorts under treaty-based conventions regulating economic crimes, all of which South Africa has ratified and incorporated into national law, it is an issue which barely attracts the attention of criminal law writers. Most of the literature on this topic has been written by scholars from other disciplines. And the literature teaches universally that abalone poaching, like the illegal harvesting of all wildlife, ravages the economy and the country’s natural resources, not to mention the horrendous social problems it creates.


Ivy Chen

Editor & Researcher Ms Ivy Chen is PhD candidate of Law and public Policy with MBA in Bangkok and LLM in Cape Town . She holds high level of interpretation qualification and perform as high court sworn interpreter with the opportunity to experience at close range criminal trials involving organise crime as the primary sources of her research. Over previously worked at Western Cape Government Promotion Agency, She has long time provide consultation service for government, FDI and social community. She understand Law and public policy particular the working of the criminal justice systems in relation Organise crime Money Laundering and M&E Implementation these unlock her future career especially BRICS countries between Africa and Asia. Email: Tel:+27840383588 Wechat: 871987780

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