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Born in Scotland, lived and travelled the world, last 20 years an Aussie; first career was as analyst/programmer (on mainframes - remember them?); second career in banking and latterly as a qualified Homoeopathic Physician. Now studying Vedanta (the path of Vedic Knowledge/philosophy) in Chinmaya Mission Sandeepany Sadhanalaya (ashram) in Mumbai - - but I have a reading and writing 'vasana' (addiction) and it seems am unable to fight it!

Spiritual Growth; am a "Christian Hindu"; have investigated many forms of spiritual expression. apart from that... a keen space and astronomy hobbyist, a pretty good cook with an interest in nutrition, Nature is my 2nd nature - so it goes without saying I love animals, photography, music (I sing and have been known to 'tickle the ivories') - - am just one of those folk who has never had a minute to think about the meaning of being bored!