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My horror titles are: 1) The Wedding Feast 2) Tethered 3) Last of the Neanderthals 4) The Craving 5) Defunct {Memoirs of a Gentleman Zombie} And my fantasy titles are: 1) Slave-Girls and Amazons 2) Cave-Trolls and Amazons 3) The Halfshaft Games




Jonathan Pidduck lives in Ramsgate, England.

He has written 6 e-books:

1) Slave-Girls and Amazons in 2011 -
2) The Wedding Feast in March 2012 -
3) Tethered (the sequel to "The Wedding Feast") in August 2012 -
4) Cave-Trolls and Amazons (the sequel to Slave-Girls) in November 2012 -
5) The Last of the Neanderthals (the final book in the "Wedding Feast" series) in March 2013. -
6) The Halfshaft Games in September 2013

His next e-book (which will be another in the horror genre) is due out in May 2014.

Please feel free to send a friend request to the "Jonathan Pidduck - writer" Facebook page for free notifications of future publications.

My family, followed by writing, watching cricket and rugby union (not playing them, though, as I'm useless at both!) and beer festivals (which I'm much better at...!)

Books I've written

  • Defunct {Memoirs of a Gentleman Zombie}
    Defunct {Memoirs of a Gentleman Zombie} Horror-Gothic by Jonathan Pidduck
    Defunct {Memoirs of a Gentleman Zombie}
    Defunct {Memoirs of a Gentleman Zombie}



    Aug 2014

    George is a bewildered zombie. He "wakes" to find himself in a battened-down coffin. He isn't sure he likes it very much. These are the unintentionally humoro...

    Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle, TXT