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26th January 1989

I'm 25 years old, currently teaching English as a foreign language in Thailand, although I'm going back to England shortly to prepare for my teaching career, which starts in September. Before I was a TEFL teacher, I worked at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and before that, I did various odds and ends jobs in kitchens and libraries. I've got three brothers, two parents and one dog. And a cat. I like to go running and compete all over in various amateur races. I've always written stuff but it's only recently that I really felt the urge to get published, so all my writing isn't just sitting, untouched in a drawer somewhere. I write because what I really want to be is a superhero or adventurer or explorer but you can't have those careers in this day and age, so I pour all my energy and interest into creating adventures on the page. That and I also find it's a good substitute for just talking about myself and what I'm thinking, much like this paragraph.

Books I've written

  • Almost Dead
    Almost Dead Fiction by Anna O'Hare
    Almost Dead
    Almost Dead



    Feb 2014

    University. Murder. The Plymouth mob. A typical twenty year old student who fills his days by watching films, avoiding work and trying to achieve level 10 mem...

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