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Cauliflower: More Than An Ear is the second book in the Max Fly Private I Series and the third book I have written.100% of the proceeds go to the non profit Mustang Rescue of GA




2nd March

I currently live in Roswell Georgia with my wife and dogs and horses where I am active in the preservation of America's Living Legends, the mustang horse. Beside the Max Fly Private I series, I have writtn an historical novel titled Wyoming Territory. It's about a Swedish immigrant being raised by a Lakota Sioux warrior. His parents are murdered and he spends his life seeking revenge on the men who killed them. Confuscius said: "If you seek revenge, you better dig two graves."

My free time is spent working with America's wild horses and my grandchildren

Books I've written

  • Cauliflower: More Than an Ear
    Cauliflower: More Than an Ear Fiction by David V. Hesse
    Cauliflower: More Than an Ear
    Cauliflower: More Than an Ear



    Jul 2013

    Max Fly is at it again. He is hired by the wealthy family of his former rodeo rival, Mike Scanlon, to help solve the brutal murder of Mike and his son, Little...

    Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle, TXT