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परयम, धर आकद क सथ मद औ बध क पयग स उसक ल बढ़ जत ह।
इस तह हठयग म मखय 8 अग क र ककय गय ह तथ मद औ बध इ यग
कयओ क सहयक यग कय ह।
The description of fundamental of yogabhyas (yoga practice) has been done in
‘kathopnishad’, bhagvat geeta’, ‘yoga sutra’, ‘purano’, ‘upnidhado’, and ‘yoga
grantho. the saints did the practice of yoga activity to get the physically and
mentally health and spiritual knowledge. Yoga activity is generated to keep the
human healthy. First, yoga practice is accepted in Indian culture thereafter this
activity becomes famous in the world. this activity is using from beginning time
of the human to get the benefits of the spiritual, mind and body. According to
scientific recognition, yoga gyana is using from thousands years. yoga depends
on the fundamental, concepts methods, activities and rules. Its rules are known
by the name of shashtriya yoga or ashtanga yoga in his theoretical and
practical.the description of 8 parts or branches has been done in the yoga
grantho, which definitions has been found in ‘yoga sutra’ of patanjali in right
condition. These 8 parts of the yoga has been divided in 3 parts. which, yama
and niyama (rule) has been kept on the base of the yoga conduct policy. It has
been considered that asana, prayanama and pratyahara are external yoga
practice of the mind and body, and dharana, dyana (meditation) and samadhi
are internal yoga practice of the mind and body. there are also other activities
besides of 8 parts of the yoga in hathyoga, which practice is useful to purify the
internal body. It has been told that practice of patti activity is useful to purify the
internal body. practice of patti activity is done as postuer to make the body clean
and healthy because of that someone could get benefits soon in the meditation
activity. the work of the asana and patti activity is equal, which keeps the body
clean and healthy and mind happy. There are also other activities in the
hathyoga, which are called mudara and bandha. The description of the yoga and
mudrayo has been done in the yoga. hese mudraye and bandhe are used with
the other activities of the yoga. Using mudara and bandha with asana,
prayanama and dharana is useful to increase benefits of the mudara and
bandha. thus, the eight main parts of yoga has been divided in the hathyoga,
and mudara and bandha are helpful yoga activity of the yoga activities.
यग कय क अभयस म यम क पल क आशयक हत ह। यम क मखय
5 कयए आशयक हत ह तथ इ 5 कयओ क पल ककस दश, जभत ए
समय म ककय जए त महवत कहलत ह-