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Adobe Photoshop for Intermediate Users

Adobe Photoshop for Intermediate Users

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Published: 3 years ago

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<li>About the Author <li>Introduction <li>Adobe Bridge and Mini Bridge <li>Camera Raw <li>Transformations <li>Smart Objects <li>Layer Styles <li>Vector Tools and the Paths Panel <li>The Brush Tool & Brush Panel <li>Layer Masks and Clipping Masks <li>The Cloning and Healing Tools <li>Selections <li>Image & Canvas Resizing <li>The Filter Gallery <li>More on Layers

Rahul kumar jha

amazing book for learners who wanna be a real photo designer


Steve Bark

After leaving school in Sheffield, UK, Steve worked in the print industry for 10 years before being made redundant. He decided to return to education and completed courses in many subjects including Information Technology, Business and Finance, Sound Engineering and Music Production, Science and a BSc. in Biomedical Science. After graduating, Steve had several jobs in various scientific fields including immunology and developmental genetics, during which time he developed a keen interest in digital imaging which progressed into an interest in creative Photography. After his current contract had expired, he undertook a course in Photoshop Artistry at the University of Sheffield. He soon realised that he had already amassed a great deal of knowledge in this field and knew more about image editing and processing than the lecturer. The lecturer asked if Steve would take over in teaching the course as he was leaving for another position. He contacted the University and was given a position as an associate lecturer teaching Photoshop Artistry, Computer Graphics and Advanced Digital Imaging. Steve taught at the University of Sheffield for three years and then decided to pursue a career in providing bespoke training and consultancy in Photoshop and Digital Photography. He has continued in this role for the past seven years. Steve remains an avid consumer of knowledge and education and has completed over thirty online courses and has become an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop and a respected Photographer in his own right.

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