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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

Zero - Option

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Published: 4 years ago

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The war between the Federation and the Unity rages on, and far out beyond the Fringes Fleet's newest ship, the Niagara, has gone missing after her last jump. Admiralty assigns Commander Nathan Imbrahim the task of finding out what happened to her. To Imbrahim it seems a straightforward mission. But the only ship available to take him where he needs to go is the Connie--and there is nothing straightforward about Lhara Jordel, the woman who commands her. Captain Jhordel does as she pleases, as Commander Nathan Imbrahim soon finds out. And what she pleases will take them all into the heart of darkness.

Danton Kabuye

The end leaves one in suspense… a feeling of being left hanging after putting the eBook down. However, due credit should beaccorded to the narrative style which is admittedly an interesting one... and of a good story.


I found this a bit wordy. While I enjoyed the story, there was too much explaining every characters history. The author might consider the reader's imagination. I would like to see more but limited psychological explanations. The main character is worthy of more stories.


Nicely written.....needs a sequel.

Martin Shedon

It was going well until the line;“I can’t see the Red Catholic Church wasting precious resources that far beyond the Fringes.” after that, well, I'm still snorting to myself with thoughts of the 'Pope in space' and 'space cannon' and... the Baddie could be 'Cardinal Syn' or 'Archy Deacon' sorry! I'm going now I've got an idea for a story.

Lauren Baker

little action and way too much boring and while the end was ok it left too many unanswered questions.

robert r plotner

Well written short story in space-opera vain. Interesting to the end.

Stephen Higgins

This book is begging for a sequel.

Joseph Singh

Well written short story. Nice job, leaving me wanting more.

Bruce Barnich

A page turner if e readers had pages


Very nicely written... just the right amount of pages... a good read during a commute :-)


Awesome!!! Can't wait to read the sequel, "In Darkness Bounds."


quite the page turner.. just kept wondering whats going to happen next

Brian Gaucher

An action pack, short novel I'll look forward to Lindsy's other works. ~bri~

dick helander

short, but not bad.


This story left me shaken. I have re-read it twice.


Good book but missing the end :(

John Porter

I really liked this book it was a fun one to read if a bit sad at the end. For those of us that don't see so good you can get "NaturalReader" that will read the book for you or you can turn it in to a mp3 file and play it that way!!


Lindsay H.F. Brambles

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