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Your Life or Mine

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Your Life or Mine
There are worlds within our world if you know where to look. Some people are tuned into these other
worlds by the magic of their souls. Sometimes a ritual will open the door.The Indian used peyote.
Certain drugs break the walls separating the other universes though the effects of the drugs impair
the ability to interact with what you encounter there. Perhaps the best way is to travel with a guide.
How you say? Well let me show you, sit back, relax,turn the page and follow me. This is just one
world, the world of Macia. It's the combined creation of the Goddess and the Horned God. More
about them in a minute. This is a land of strange beings that war over domination.The Fae live
here,Demons,Witches,Humans,and a new breed;Vampyres. The vampyre was created by Demons,
but they lost control of them, and now the vampyre threatens to eclipse this world. Ah yes, I promised
to tell you more about the Goddess and Horned God. The Goddess and Horned God were once
lovers and created this world together to keep themselves amused. But as all lovers they have their
little spats, and the Goddess grew tired of the Horned God's incessant demands. They both took
lovers from their created world, but the Horned God became jealous and decided to wreck the
creation without letting the Goddess know what he was up, to so he told one of the Demon Lords
that ruled the Seven Hells how to create a creature that drinks blood and has the potential of being
immortal like the Goddess and Horned God. Which brings us to the adventures of Rem,created
from the combined souls of a wolf and a tiger and well loved by the Goddess.As we find him,he is a
bounty hunter and a sell sword working for his liege lord Azael.
Your Life Or Mine
The Horned God laughed out loud at the Goddess' anger."I told you
mixing the soul of a tiger, and the soul of a wolf made unpredictable mortals.If you want a good
mortal mix an owl and a dog,they're smart, and they are docile.Take my King for example.They mind
better too!"he taunted. The Goddess stamped her foot."He killed her!I can't believe he did that!" The
Horned God laughed again infuriating her more."For a man who made his living killing,I can't believe
that you would expect any less from him!"
"I warned him it was wrong,She hissed;he chose to defy me!" The Horned God shook his
head."Punish him,make him come back as a wolf again for a lifetime. Fleas and mange and a diet
of moose meat over a lifetime will make him more obedient!"
The Goddess thought,"Yes,and before I do I'll let Mael see him and let him
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know what he missed.If the damn fool had waited, I would have got him out of the castle.He didn't
have to kill Dayne.Now she's a deer for one lifetime until I can make her mortal again." The Horned
God yawned,"I know how fond you were of your little lover but in fairness, he didn't know she was
your pet.
" "It doesn't matter,she said,he didn't have to kill her and release half her soul, if he did or didn't
know!His time comes soon, and I'll make sure he doesn't defy me again." Her eyes flashed
The Horned God stayed silent.The Goddess was full mad now,lightning flashing from her golden
eyes.Best not to push her too far.She was unpredictable at best, and he had already goaded her as
much as he dared.She was Supreme after all,he was her lover and right hand, but she was the
Power. He smiled inwardly,that little wolf pup she had loved so much was going to get his
comeuppance.The Horned God was a jealous God.
The spell was cast. Too late to call it back now,it winged its way like an
arrow straight to the target and like a flare,the Kings Maester bursts into flames before the
astonished eyes of hundreds. Mael,the blond; short but well-proportioned witch issuing the
dart,slumped and eyes rolling white,collapsed into the grass. The spell drained all her physical
strength if not her psychic.
"Give her a minute, she'll be fine,"the old coven master grumbled as a half score witches ran to her.
It takes power he muttered with pride looking at his unconscious protege. That'll give them
something to remember us by! Safely stowing their sister in one of the ox drawn wagons,the small
caravan turned toward the mountain trail and moved on.
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