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Your Greatest You! Your Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Your Greatest Self

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Published: 1 year ago

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Author: Luc Despres

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Are you lacking motivation and passion in your life? Are you stuck in an endless cycle of bad luck? Are you attracting nothing but misery in your life? Are you feeling paralyzed in the pursuit of your fondest dreams? Imagine... getting up every morning with excitement and passion! Imagine... being caught in a cycle that brings you a steady flow of good fortune and new opportunities! Imagine... attracting all of the resources and support you need to be happy and live in abundance! Imagine... being able to, not only pursue, but accomplish every goal you set for yourself! There's no more need to imagine! This book will show you how to do this and much more.


Luc Despres

Luc is considered The Grind Expert He's the Head Coach and Founder of Mindshift Strategies a coaching site dedicated to helping you break free from the daily grind and into a life of passion purpose and fulfillment in all key areas of life Luc is a Moncton Life Coach is a certified self-esteem elevation coach and the author of the life-altering eBook - Your Greatest You Your Step-By-Step Guide To Becoming Your Greatest Self He's married to the most amazing woman ever and a father to three beautiful children He's been helping people break through their limiting beliefs for over a decade It's been his passion most of his life After years of studying people and how the mind works along with his own personal struggles he's been able to conquer obstacles and challenges that many would see as impossible Growing up he's had to deal with alcoholic parents a mother who has suffered from severe depression divorced parents personal drug and alcohol addictions gang related challenges attempted suicides friends and family trying to convince his mother to give him up and many of the other day-to-day struggles that had him feeling paralyzed After all of this and regardless of it he's been able to completely transform himself helped his mother combat her depression helped a number of friends and clients to overcome a variety of challenges and roadblocks and now shares what he's learned with the world by coaching people through his books courses workshops seminars and one-on-one coaching on how to overcome their own limiting beliefs and help them to finally achieve their own breakthrough for success in life He's developed a systematic way of moving people out of the daily grind and into a life of passion purpose and fulfillment in all key areas of life that

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