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You'll See!

You'll See!
An Almost-Contemporary Tale
by Dai Alanye
Edition 1.74, Copyright 2013 by Dai Alanye
You'll See! is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. It is offered free, but if you wish to
share the story with another person, please download an additional copy for each recipient.
Despite its being offered at no charge, all rights are reserved by the author. Please don't copy,
transfer or in any way alter the book beyond excerpting for purposes of published reviews.
You'll See! is an original work of fiction. All characters, locations and incidents are
creations of the writer's imagination. Any resemblances to actual happenings, or to persons
living or dead are strictly coincidental.
You’ll See!
Chapter 1 Town
day 1, Sat Aug 24, a score of years past
Light filtered through bedroom curtains and Charly woke, sensing something gone
wrong. Her eyes wandered over cracked ceiling plaster in their morning ritual, her ears
scanned the frequencies for early sounds—house noises, faint bird calls.
Nothing else, not even…
Yikes, no alarm! She panicked before remembering it was Saturday. Thank Heaven
the one day she could gain blesséd extra sleep.
Her eyes drifted shut once more.
…and she lay on the beach, her flowing golden hair melding with silver-white