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Yellow on the outside, Shame on the Inside: Asian Culture Revealed

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Published: 4 years ago

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Author: Anson Chi

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Why do Asians really get straight A’s? Why do they really become doctors and lawyers? Many people believe that the reason has to do with the pressure to perform and conform. However, it goes much deeper than that—much, much deeper! This didactic novel reveals the truth about Asian culture, which will shock you to the marrow of your bones—and open a hidden world of long-guarded secrets. Download this FREE e-Book today!


On the contrary, it's readable and quite enjoyable. If you don't agree, Stephen, why don't you write a book like Anson? That way you can share your own version to the world - and we also have a chance to see if you can write better than him :) Note : I am an Indonesian born chinese, a Christian, and I migrated to Australia hopefully to escape from the money-worshipping culture of Asian people :)


Interesting inside in the real life of Chinese abroad.

Stephen Howe

Sorry Anson,this a poorly written book that needed editing. It is virtually unreadable.As an Aussie banana I would disagree with many of your generalisations.How about coming to Sydney and we can do yumcha & sort out a few issues that you have!(I am one of those doctors that you seem to hate)

Karen Ho Wee Thin

The Asian Pride Theorem accurately described the obsessions of most Asians. They subconsciously live their lives accordingly without realising the underlying objectives. However, I disagree the adage "money is the root of all evil" for money by itself cannot act. The root of all evil is human's greed. Thank you for putting in writing my thoughts of Asian culture. There is no shame in admitting our flaws.


I really enjoyed this book. It was very easy to read and thoroughly entertaining in spite of the heavy message it conveyed. I know many will view it as though he is bashing that culture but no, change can only take place if we learn to reveal the secret truths that many cultures tragically try to hide.

Brittany Sanderman

I'm from the midwest so I don't know much about asian culture. actually, i didn't know anything until i read this phenomenal book. this book really gives a lot of information on "real asian culture" and the truth that money, status and power conquers the minds of the people in our society. i hope to read more from anson chi...


My American friend sent me this book and told me that i have to read it...I did and I could not put the book down...I rarely finish books these days and I finish this book in one day...skipping breakfast, lunch and dinner! lol pleze eat b4 you read this need all the energy for the exciting ride


very good read. i am from Germany and even i relate to book.


This is by far the best ebook that I've ever read. I'm an Asian American here in LA and I now understand why my Korean heritage is the way that it is. I'm so glad I got a chance to download this, for free too! I've already shared it with all my friends and I hope they find it as enriching and enlightening as I have.


Anson Chi

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