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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

World of Ryyah: Birth of the Half Elves

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Published: 3 years ago

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When Donovan was twelve years old, his village was raided by barbarians; his father killed, his mother taken, and he and the other village boys nearly suffered the same fate. But the raiders made the mistake of taking their captives through the Elven woods. The Elves killed the slavers, but mysteriously decided to spare the boys; instead, the boys were trained in the ways of the Elven Rangers under the tutelage of the beautiful Alayna. Over the years, the boys proved to be a valuable asset to the Elven king, but never more so than when young princess Brandela is taken hostage by a different Barbarian tribe. Donovan sets out to bring back what he assumes will be a haughty princess, but he never expects to fall in love with her!

andre smaniotto

one of the best (story) books i've read besides battletech: exodus road... kinda remind me of each other alot in different ways... pick up both if you havent already. great story and detail, plus very nice balance between love and war, which is not always very easy to do. read it all in one night... had to...

Danton Kabuye

It was pleasantly written with a storyline that packs a fairly good punch!

Jan McClintock

Nothing like giving away the plot! Thanks a lot for spoiling it for the rest of us.


Really enjoyed this book, found it hard to put down


This was a fantastic book, i could stop reading, i dowloaded World-of-Ryyah-Kerala-and-Akenji-s-Adventure.


Loved this book. So many other plots in the back ground that could be developed later. Book is short but well thought out

Jane Hemeson

Very good. I couldn't stop reading till I was through and now I am eager for the book 2

Theuns Groenewald

Well written. Good plot and story. Liked it very much. Let them keep coming!!! Books still short, would like them longer!!!Theuns from South Africa.

Theuns Groenewald

Great!! I see the next David Gemmel exploding into existance. Keep them coming!! Would love to read the next book in the series?

Ossanna Kouyoumdjian

Loved it even though the author killed my favorite character.

Robert Powers

Loved this book, keep writing more!

Katie Bray

Good read I stayed up most of the night to get through it, thought the ending was unconventional however.

Therese Fairbrother

Quite a gory and disturbing start to the book, but it sets the characters up for what happens next. Not as predictable as some books, as the main characters don't necessarily survive. Having said all that, I enjoyed the story and went looking for other books by this author.The book is written in a way that vividly paints pictures throughout the story.


What a lovely, sad, imaginative book. I loved it! Thanks for persevering to finish it.


Avery good read,nicely paced and good story line. Looking forward to next book.

Ed Bleck

This is a well written good story. It flows well and the ending encourages you to look for book 2 of the series


I really enjoyed reading. The story is simple but you learned to love the characters and their adventures. It show somehow that love knows no boundaries, colors and cultures. Only it has a a sad ending, but maybe that is the twist of it..Cant wait for the book 2...Please hurry :-)

Rick Pettis

Excellent story telling, cannot wait for the next book.

Ada Mart

Love the book. Finished it in two days. The ending was very sad, was not happy about it but its different

Brom Undbintr

I've found that it is just a good portion of it is the hero and heroine end up spending most of their time making love when they aren't fighting, talking or traveling.

St. Lawrence

Enjoyed this book alot. Will keep my eye out for the next one in the serie. Thanks


Good story plot and character development. Looking forward the next half-elf continuation

thomas hinsley

i liked this story can't wait for sequel.thomaH


Great read but i hope the next book would have a happy ending :)

Rebecca terry

this was a fantastic read, very well written so that all could enjoy the saga and feel as if they were right there with them. Can't wait for the next one!!

JoAnne Wood

I really enjoyed this book. It is a great story line and keeps your interest right from the first page. Very well written.

OLubamise Olayisade

very immersive for its 171 pagesit is a little adult though in case a parent is considering giving this story to a child to read etc.


This was a very inviting story and i loved the characters can't wait for the next one.The author did a great job of setting up the place and character. Keep up the good work.

Debra Cecil

I was pleased by the story line and see the potential for the next book. I am afraid that the prospect of reading of the civil war is not as appealing.


The characters in this Elvish story are easy to care about. The internal and external conflicts of the characters are easy to identify with and pull you into their world. I was quickly drawn into the lives of the central characters and when this story ended, all too soon, I was left craving another adventure with them. I want to see what happens next.

Lounard Chio

Very entertaining, I really enjoyed reading the story from beginning to end… I’m looking forward for the second book.

Selena Hodge

I enjoyed this book very much.

Kelly Gee

Waiting for the next one to be released. Great read!


really enjoyed this book would love to read the next !

Nathan Koenig

This book is fantastic it would be great if you could email me a release date of the second book??


I loved this book, wish that the second was available to read too.

j handley

good read would like to read the rest of the series


enjoyed the story, a bit of light reading

Sherry Muncy

This book starts off very good but then ends with the typical man dies woman is carrying his child. Her father could have banished them both to form a kingdom of their own and other quests could follow. Because of the ending I do not want to read any sequels.

Gordon Long

This sounds like a possible prospect, but it needs a lot of polishing. A barbarian scout who knows how to write? The opening chapters contain far too much explanation, and need serious editing. The first chapter has good action, but the next part is far too long. The constant point of view switches, some in the middle of chapters, are a sure sign of a beginning author. "Unbeknownst to them…" is another. Good luck with your writing career.


H. L. Watson

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