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Wominion by Hannah Faye
Look around you. The world is changing. With each new day, it changes
more and more. Depending on whom you ask you will get several
different opinions about this "change" and whether it is good or bad. A
few months ago news sources informed us of how the world's population
was changing. They informed us that it has now reached seven billion. I
am not going to bother commenting on the details of that number,
because I am partly a conspiracy theorist and I hardly believe the
number increase period, let alone any specific data which may
accompany it, especially when it comes to race and sex. However, if you
walk into any park district, stand on any street corner or go to any other
public place and observe the kind of people there long enough, it may
give you a general idea of the demographics for that particular region.
Personally, no matter where I go I see predominantly females in the area.
Now, think about what you've seen recently. Despite what our so called
"experts" on population may claim, I am in strong belief that there have
always been more women on the earth than men. And I believe what I
have experienced more so than what I have heard or read. If I
consistently see more women than men in any area over a certain period
of time, then I can conclude there are more women no matter what
people say. In order for me to believe men outnumbered women,
strong...very strong evidence would have to be presented, not just
percentages presented by male experts. For far too long, I believe male
experts have kept real population data from us...and if so, why? Could it
be because they know there is strength in numbers? Could it be because
they think if we (women) knew we outnumbered them, it may give us
ideas, like the ones I'm about to express in this book?
You won't have to look too far back in his-story to see that every since
men were able to physically record information they have repeatedly
placed Woman second to them. We have been their mothers, second to
their throne as queens, concubines, maidens, mistresses, prostitutes, and
even their slaves, etc. Today we continue to serve them in the most
popular positions as secretaries, assistants, counselors and advisers. But
very rarely have we risen to positions of authority that require a
secretary, assistant or adviser. What's going on here? Are men holding us