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Published: 2 years ago

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A 21st century guide on how women may successfully gain dominance in their personal lives first before collectively gaining dominance in the world. The evolution of woman is here. It is not an event, but a process. A must read for every woman everywhere. It's time to put the old woman out and bring the new one in. Jeremiah 31:22- "...God hath created a new thing in the earth, A woman shall compass a man."

DeVere Patton

This was amusing. Not Very good arguments though, pointing out only the bad and not the good. Fact is, Men have done more than Women in general, whether bad or good. Also, who was the one who ate of the fruit first, bringing sin and "bad" into the world? The devil came to the woman because he knew she would be the one to mess up everything.

Alicia Stephens

all in all i thought it was a rather entertaining good reading. not good evidence to support conclusions seeing how the philosophy obviously needs further development nevertheless i feel the author is off to a good start with presenting evidence we can see in front of our own eyes. I understand her point but, i think it's going to take more than a book to change a world dominated by men. on what level will women need to adopt the mind of men in order to gain equal opportunity???


Some good point along with bad ones.this is a chicken and egg situation when it comes to doing wrong thing and has nothing to do with men or women as history is replete seducing women whose progenies are alive a nutshell i think the respected author need to peruse THE HOLY QURAN and the HOLY SCRIPTURE before issuing such a verdict.

Janice Wong

Jumps to conclusions often. No clear reasoning.Even to a feminist (assuming that she - or he, as there are male feminists - is willing and able to use accurate logic), this would appear unconvincing.The biases in the language used are also ridiculously obvious. In order to make your point reach any audience with maximum effectiveness, at least a guise of objectivity would be useful.No, I am not impressed by emotive language.Unsupported claims - such as the idea that women are better-equipped to make decisions - occur too frequently. There are also frequent generalisations that are similarly unsupported and seem to make little mention of individual variation.Would it be that difficult to cite some statistics? Ah, wait, this person does not trust statistics. Instead, she trusts her own perception, without any mention of adjusting for confirmation bias or admitting that her sample may not be representative of the whole. Ah, and I was hoping to give a positive response to something today... That said, the point made here is not a bad one, although it does appear to be unnecessarily limited. To accept and control oneself would be very helpful to both women and men. There is no need for one party to exert any control over the other, really. This may, however, be done purely for practicality, in which case the role of leadership should go to the most capable individual, regardless of gender.


Hannah Faye

Hannah Faye is an international educator, upcoming author, director and artist. She was born on January 20, 1983 in Chicago Illinois.

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