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Wolf Wood (Part One)

Wolf Wood
Part One
In 1436 a dispute arose between the people of Sherborne and their abbot
over the ownership of a baptismal font. Before it was settled, the abbey was
burnt down and a bishop murdered. Some saw the hand of evil at work and
blamed a newcomer to the town, accusing her of being a witch. Others saw
her as a saint. Wolf Wood is set in the turbulent years of the late middle
ages. The old feudal aristocracy is losing control, a new middle class is
flexing its muscles, the authority of the church is being questioned, law and
order have broken down and England is facing defeat in France. Wolf Wood
is a work of fiction based on actual events.
Chapter 1
Sherborne Abbey
Easter Sunday 1436
Alice walked up the cobbled path towards the abbey. The old building was
undergoing renovation and the scaffolding had recently been removed from the
south side of the tower. The work was being undertaken at huge expense to the
parish and was a major cause of friction between the abbot and the local people. On