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string; stretching it fast against the bow's grooves as he perfectly aligned his eyesight along the
arrow's shaft.
Very keenly, he „turned his aim' to follow the noise; eyes locking-on as he finally
released the perfectly straight arrow - which jetted through the air between the leaves and bushes,
right towards the neck of the sprinting antelope, which suddenly hoped over a small log as the
arrow fiercely flew under its belly - piercing a tree trunk as it hoped on.
Towards the tree trunk, the boy sprinted. Quickly and carefully pulling out the arrow after
which he continued pursuit of the antelope further into the forest; „snaking' through the trees side
to side, dodging thorny bushes and wet stems, sprinting.
Upon stepping into a part of the forest which had better tree spacing, the boy stopped;
looking around fast and re-tracing the antelope which was getting away up ahead. After the
animal, he ran. Accelerating and closing in as it slowed down while trying to force itself through
a thick bush crossed with a web of thick- leaved, climbing plants.
Taking advantage, he took position; placing the arrow's fletching against the bow's string
ones again, stretching it back, as the antelope forced itself out of the „trap' - hoping on as the boy
lowered the bow - removing the arrow with some anger and resuming pursuit.
Into a woody section of the very green forest, he kept chasing it; running for several
meters before stopping again and taking position - Fitting the arrow and raising the fully
stretched bow, ready to strike before the animal made it across the open area. And just as he
pulled back the string - SWOOSH! - his eye quickly caught the straight flying arrow jetting in
from the right; not touching a stem as it fiercely flew through - „intersecting' with the antelope
and piercing right through its heart - through and through - „pinning' the entire animal against a
In amazement, he lowered his bow and arrow while looking to his right; from where his
calm father, carrying his bow, came walking fast through the few bushes and the trees.
“You make the animal run into your arrow!” He reminded the boy as he walked towards
the kill.
“I was going to kill it!” the boy complained while still amazed, walking to meet up with
his father at the dead antelope.
“It was going to get away. If it went through those bushes, it would have made the task
twice as hard.” His father continued to explain as he got closer.